Aggie Knew How to Party Hardy

English: Agatha Christie blue plague. No.58 Sh...

Agatha Christie blue plaque. No.58 Sheffield Terrace, Kensington & Chelsea, London, U.k. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Trust me it gets more interesting near the end.)

Yesterday was supposed to be Writing Wednesday, and I forgot, as I was so inspired by a post by Kathy of Lake Superior Spirit about owning our imperfect selves. I think it is quite fitting that my imperfect self forgot that it was Writing Wednesday.

So, today is going to be Writing Thursday. And for that, I will turn to Amy Peters’ book, The Writer’s Devotional. She provides a short biography of Agatha Christie who once stated: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  She obviously knew what she was talking about; she started and finished over 100 pieces of literature, which takes in her 80 crime novels and the play, Mousetrap, which is the longest running play in theatrical history.

But the thing I found most interesting in Peters’ short biography of Ms. Christie is the fact that she disappeared for eleven days after finding out that her low down good for nothing cheating husband had left her for another woman.

There was a nationwide (wo)manhunt for her. She was found in a Yorkshire Hotel, “claiming that she’d lost her memory.” Now I would like to explore what may have happened in those eleven days. I do not believe that she really lost her memory—I think at first she was probably shocked, then angry, then revengeful. And then she decided to party hardy. She spent one day of despair over the lout who left her and then, swearing the manager of the hotel to secrecy, she took over a whole floor of the hotel, invited all her friends, and partied like it was 1999 (even though it was 1926).

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie: Is this not the face of someone who knows how to “party hardy”?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little known fact is that when she was found, her room was littered with champagne bottles, a cabana boy had been imported from wherever cabana boys reside, and she was ready for a divorce.

Ah, the mind and its imaginings.

It is the epitome of bliss to let our imaginations roam sometimes. So what do you think Agatha was doing for those eleven days?

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  1. Go Agatha!

  2. Being a crime novelist, I think Agatha was plotting revenge. This woman was brilliant and her speciality was murder, therefore, her revenge would have been so clever that no one would ever suspect her, even though she was the natural number one suspect. She did come up with something wonderfully deserving for the louse, but then she took the remaining ten days and eleven hours struggling with herself, whether to put her perfect plan into effect. She never admitted to any of this – leaving the plan open to be served cold at a later date.

    • this is much better than mine and off the top of your head no less, as you had very little time to compose this–yes, yes, yes, she would think of the perfect way to get rid of him – brilliant!

  3. Intriguing!

  4. Ha! LOVE your story of Agatha and it seems reasonable to me, Lou Ann. You should WRITE a story about this. I especially like the cabana boy touch. I’m not sure I can top that other than her taking all her husband’s money and moving everything, (cabana boy included) to some exotic destination and become even more wildly famous.

    • I like the take all the money and move to the exotic location with the cabana boy (ha ha) I like being silly sometimes

  5. Oh to be a fly on those walls!

  6. She was ghost-writing my blog while in the Yorkshire Hotel for 11 days.

  7. Oh wow my friend, you look at Agatha in a whole new light 😀


  8. Yes, I knew about her disappearance, and I hope she was having a ball with the champagne and her cabana boy. 🙂

  9. She probably found someone to have a short fling with BEFORE she started partying. And then once the alcohol kicked in, her mind automatically decided to forget what happened, hence the losing memory part. 😉

  10. Do we know if anything befell her ex husband after her disappearance? To disappear like that would be perfect after learning your husband left you. Just think no one to tell you how sorry they are and no need to dwell on the louse.

    • I can imagine that would be a relief not to have to talk about it–I do not know if anything happened to him — I hope so — just a little something–nothing big

      • If something did happen to him, or maybe his new love, I would bet Agatha had something to do with it.

      • well, she had all kinds of knowledge at her fingertips!

  11. Oooh, I have such a new-found respect for Agatha, a truly different respect than I had before LOL!!

  12. Now that piques my curiosity! I love mysteries, and Agatha Christie knew her craft! Guess she decided she needed a little mystery of her own! ~ Sheila

  13. You know I have never read any of her books but this makes me want to delve into one 🙂

    • I have read a lot of her mysteries, but not for years–I used to enjoy them immensely.

      • I used to watch the TV show with Angela Lansbury.. I really liked that 🙂

      • me too–have you seen Angela lately – she is so thin!

  14. LOL! A likely story but I like this version of her reaction to the lout departing. Why not party anyway? In reality she probably just hid out with the cabana boy for 11 days.

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