There Is a Reason I Have Not Been Freshly Pressed

Anniversary wine

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I have not been Freshly Pressed.  The Food and Wine Hedonist was Freshly Pressed for writing an article about the three things you can find in her refrigerator. Then she asked her readers what three things are always in their fridge. There were all manner of answers. Some were quite eloquent. Some were so good, I would like to get to know these people who always have sparkling wine, a good cheese and something exotic in their fridge. The Hedonist herself always has roasted walnut oil, a specialty hummus, and pecorino romano cheese.

My answer was: mold, mildew, and crumbs. She did not comment back.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that my answer was none too appetizing. Perhaps I was not supposed to be honest. Maybe my food hygiene came into question. So I think I may go back and reanswer her question, and see if she responds. What might be acceptable? Cheeze Whiz, cheese slices, and spray cheese? No, not sophisticated enough.

How about goose liver pâté, Freixenet, and caviar? (Do you keep caviar in the fridge–guess if I have to ask then I might not be too convincing.) I would love to always have Freixenet (Spanish sparking wine) in my fridge — I love this stuff.

Yogurt, soy milk, and celery? Nope, too boring.

Okay, I admit I was being tongue in cheek. Three things that are always in my fridge: mustard, mystery meat, and withered carrots. That is my answer and I am sticking to it. I have a feeling that Food and Wine Hedonist may not respond to that one either.

In keeping with the theme of bliss–what three things do you wish you always had in your fridge?

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  1. i haven’t been freshly pressed either. i do not understand why you or I haven’t been singled out because we are both awesome.

    • I could not agree more — it is a mystery (lol)

      • I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I might have to blog about it!

      • you should – I did I think last summer and it had one of my biggest readerships!

      • Will do and thank you! I’m gonna read yours. Oh and what do I wish I had always? Yogurt, sushi, wine.

      • three items I would like in my fridge too — but the sushi has to have the right dipping sauce

      • Ha! and you didn’t think I’d respond… Clarification, it was The Sicilian, my occasional contributor to my blog that got FP’d. I have a post coming shortly on why it’s a big deal – mainly because of pride in work and wanting recognition.

        But I agree the FP thing is very, very frustrating because there is some absolutely crap that gets FP’d. It seems like you have to have some heartstring-pulling post or be a professional photographer with pretty pictures. BUt a lot of times, there’s just crap. I think a big reason I haven’t been is that a lot of my posts aren’t vanilla enough. I tried making them more so, but it’s not as fun. Thankfully The Sicilian got FP’d so I don’t have to try any more!

        BTW – your comment was hilarious…

      • glad to hear from you — sorry it was not you who got fresh pressed – but you join a proud league of non pressed

        so, what do you keep in your fridge? love your blog name btw

      • here was my reply –
        1. Local, cured, hand-picked, organic, free-reange, sustainable, non-GHO modified, free-trade… darn, I forgot what it was.
        2. Body Parts
        3. Rottweiler Tenderloin, because it’s a lot more flavorful and earthy, than Poodle (aka the canine equivalent of boneless, skinless chicken breast)

        Seriously – tabasco, sparkling water, garlic. But the first list was wayyyyyy more interesting.

      • hey – I like your sense of humour – you are one funny hedonist!

  2. I’ve always known I’d never be freshly pressed – I’m too square – not hip, not swinging, not of any of those things that young people think are cool !!!
    What I wish was always in my fridge would be a fragrant Gewurtsheimer, a Boursin cheese, and freshly picked big fat purply red cherries
    And I know all about withered carrots and mouldy mysteries…

    • I love love love Boursin, and your wine of choice is one of my favourites, and who does not love cherries?
      As for FP, I do not usually think about it………much

      • Well, since I read Robin Coyle’s account of being Freshly Pressed, I’ve felt it might be a mixed blessing anyway!!!

        It sounds as though we could have a lovely party together… let me know when you’re in my neck of the woods!!!

      • I will–sounds like we would have a wonderful time

      • I should have spelt it Gewurtztraminer !!!

      • hey, it is not your first language (or at least not mine)

  3. Perhaps one of us should become members of the elite Freshly Pressed Pickers….. then we could pick ourselves! Ha we are all wonderful. One look in the mirror though, confirms that I have never been freshly pressed. I don’t even know where my iron is!
    Three things I want to have in my refrigerator: Milk, eggs, butter. Pretty boring, huh?

    • oh, but the things you can make with those three ingredients–you are not boring at all

  4. Now THIS is the kind of post that should be freshly pressed- much more interesting than roasted walnut oil!

    • aw thanks Julie–appreciate your backing, but I have given up — I have made so many good friends that I am happy I started blogging

      • Me too!

  5. Your answer to that question right there shows you ARE FP-worthy. Maybe she didn’t get that you were being funny? I personally would’ve loved your comment but I think we have similar senses of humor so that might be why.
    Three things I wish I always had in my fridge: strawberries, frozen meals (for those days I don’t want to cook), and peanut butter.

    • you know I almost chose strawberries — they make me happy
      I think we do have a similar sense of humour– that is what makes us such good blog friends

  6. Love this post -:)! I have been freshly pressed only some two months into my blogging venture, but I honestly think that luck has a lot to do with it!

    As for the fridge, in my case the simpler the better -:)!

    • it was good luck — you have a very thoughtful blog

      as for your fridge–I agree, simple is better

  7. LouAnn ~ I know another part of our connection ~ Freixenet! YUM! I just love the stuff ~ my bliss-filled refrig would also include brie and lots of chocolate! Want to come over? 🙂

  8. I’m sure that the only reason that I’m haven’t been freshly pressed is that I use Blogger. As for what I want in my refrigerator–cookie dough, orange juice, and cheddar cheese. That covers all of the food groups, doesn’t it?

  9. You are very funny….I love it….mystery meat.

  10. I think you haven’t been freshly pressed because you write well and thoughtful posts, I haven’t been freshly pressed either and don’t bother worrying about it. I’ve looked at some of what is picked and I wouldn’t take time to read most of it.

    As for what I would like in my fridge, well I guess I’d have to have one first. 🙂

    • haha, I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t say it out loud! Don’t you have a fridge really?

      • Long story but really I don’t have a fridge!

      • wow, awesome.

    • that is true – my question to you then is–what three things would you want in your pantry?

      • Variety of beans, rice, and my treat the fixings for hot chocolate!

      • hot chocolate -a wonderful winter treat

  11. I love this post. I laughed out loud. Never been freshly pressed either and probably won’t be, but it’s all good. I do this for myself, right? ha!ha! Always in my fridge ~ unsalted butter, bar syrup and those damn sauce packets from various restaurants I keep forgetting to throw away. They never get old though. 🙂

    • I have about a million of those sauce packets too–always think I am going to use them, but they just dilly dally among the crumbs

  12. What 3 things do I wish were in my fridge…. a very good wine…not just any wine that I usually buy….. some caviar…which I always think they make it look so good… probably wouldn’t even like it… and ummm what else …would I like…..a surprise…..!!!! Diane

    • you are an adventurer – I have never tried cavier either–I think we should give it a whirl Diane

  13. Chocolate cake, chocolate pie, and chocolate fudge!! Do you see a pattern here? Now that would be total bliss :). By the way, I have never been Freshly Pressed either :(.

    • then those WordPress people do not know what they are missing–so chocolate everything in your fridge — I will be up to visit as soon as you have it stocked!

  14. Lou Ann, you’re too funny. I, too, have questionable meat, crumbs, withered, uneaten veggies. I thought the same thing…I’ve never even seen walnut olive oil or whatever it was! Wow….

    • it does sound good though–but if one always has that in their fridge, they have one high class fridge!

  15. Not as easy as I thought.
    But – the 1st three things that come to mind are: Simply Cranberry, Paletas de Horchata ( & cheese 🙂

  16. When I looked this morning, I would have been happy to see just about anything given the dismal look of the pickings inside 🙂 — time for a grocery run! ~ Kat

    • my fridge sometimes looks like that — right now I have too much healthy food – must go out and buy some bad – we are getting a storm

  17. Fresh parsley, lemons and capers. You never know when you’re going to want to make a picatta sauce.

  18. Love your lists…all of them! I’ve been known to have a few shriveled carrots at the bottom of my veggie drawer too…

    I love good cheese…A great Brie, a sharp Dubliner, something smokey…roasted garlic mayonnaise…dense fudgey brownies…all good stuff!

    I would love to be Freshly Pressed, just for the fun of getting such a variety of comments. Sometimes I really enjoy reading the selected blogs…but I’ll admit, I don’t always agree with the choices. I tend to read that page very randomly…most of my blog reading time goes to authors I’ve discovered on my own. ~ Sheila

    • I find myself rarely going to the Freshly Pressed page as I have so many blogs I follow already — it is a great community

      Cheese is high on everyone’s list–mine too — roasted garlic mayo sounds delicious, and brownies are the best choice of all

  19. Vodka, vodka, and um, er, vodka.

    • You stole my answer. We must be kindred spirits.

    • my kind of fridge–get you through a snow storm with no problem–we are supposed to have one today

  20. freshly pressed, too much pressure, i’d rather not peak too early heh heh

    three things i wish i always have in my fridge ~ a wedge of triple cream camembert {with accompanying bread or cracker waiting on the counter} a good bar of milk chocolate {with accompanying peanut butter waiting on the counter} and yes definitely some bubbly

    three things in my fridge right now ~ sliced muenster, a decent bar of chocolate, worchestershire sauce {can stay in wish-list fridge as well} … no bubbly but cheap/decent shiraz on counter

    • a cheap decent shiraz is the milk of life–love your wish list — and the fact that you like milk chocolate–I try to like dark chocolate but it is awfully bitter and does not give me the taste I want when I want chocolate–the only time I like it is with rose–and those times are few and far between

  21. For what it’s worth, your answers are priceless and made me smile a big, giant, and knowing smile! Who needs sophistication when you have mustardy mystery meat with a side of wrinkly carrots??

  22. AND furthermore, who needs Freshly Pressing? I found you without you being pressed, because you rock some kind of casbah. You are your own freshly pressed. Only better. Because your fridge contents appeal to real folks.

  23. Yep, we’re both in the non-Freshly-Pressed gang and confused as to why! Although I think we are still the majority even though it can sometimes feel like EVERYONE else has been FP’d, often more than once. I definitely think there’s a certain amount of luck because there’s no way they read every post every day.

    Anyway, what three things do I wish were always in my fridge? I would have have to say champagne (or some other good sparkling alternative, I’m not a wine snob so it doesn’t have to be genuine champagne!), prosciutto (parma ham), and probably some good olives…or maybe a good cheese like stilton…hmmm, tricky. I generally have olives in my fridge, but other than that, my real contents are much more similar to yours!

    • I love olives and usually have some form of them in my fridge.

      Well, if you have not be FPd then I do not feel so bad–I love both of your blogs–it probably is the luck of the draw

  24. I had always wish I would get freshly pressed until I read a post by a fellow relating the horrors of getting freshly pressed. Imagine an inbox flooded with hundreds and hundreds of hits everyday for weeks. Then there is the matter or replying to everyone. Next comes thousands of obligatory courtesy visits and them to how many to you subscribe. It took him months to keep up and interfered with his ability to keep up with his regular post production wise and then there was that added amount of visits to answer. I hope I do not get freshly pressed and am quite happy with 400 followers and several dozen regular commenters.

    • a man who has found peace — you make me feel much better about it and put a different perspective on the whole thing for me

      • Yep, I reckon that it’s better to have a loyal band of followers than to be a mega blogger. I got quite nervous when my follower numbers edged over the 100 mark. I like to ‘know’ my fans and know a bit about them. I really am not aiming for a faceless horde.

      • I like the personal touch too

      • Hence my blogname. though it was a bit disheartening when it was true…..
        Bit of a cleft stick, eh?

      • so now that it is not true you can’t change it – I like the name–it got me reading you

      • I know it’s a really good name. I wouldn’t dream of changing it.
        I seem to remember you migrated over from Unfettered when she very kindly put up a post about a comment I’d made. That was when things started to take off. I’m indebted to her for that.

      • that is right–good memory!

      • Not going to forget that in a hurry. It was a really nice thing to do.

      • and it worked!

      • Oh yes indeedy

  25. Being FP is not as big a deal as people make it out to be.. I was FP and all the notifications had my email on overdrive and I was exhausted.. Hmm, 3 things always in my fridge are : butter (the real kind) cheese and ketchup.. i know, not very cool food like others 😉

    • I love real butter – most of the time we eat Becel, but on holidays we have real butter–ketchup is always in my fridge too, but I did not want to seem too condiment heavy–and when I don’t have cheese, I feel malnourished

  26. Funnily enough I haven’t been Pressed either. Maybe posts about polar bear liver are a minority interest.
    Three things I wish I had in the fridge at all times?
    Pickled gherkins (dill pickles I think in the US). I really hate running out of these
    Enough cold pizza for a decent if not very classy breakfast
    Non-wilted spring onions

    Oh yeah, roasted walnut oil of course. Mustn’t forget that. Disaster when that runs out.

    • okay, are you being tongue in cheek or are you really a roasted walnut oil freak — can never tell with you–you are a man of many colours
      I love cold pizza for breakfast too and cherry pie–gherkins here are sweet pickles, dill pickles are dill pickles in Canada–I love garlic dill pickles
      well if you have not be FPd then I am in good company!

      • Can’t tell you how pleased I am that you can’t always tell if I’m being serious. I take that as a very high compliment indeed.

        And if neither of us has been Pressed we’re obviously so good that others might feel inadequate.

        Musr dash off; run out of roasted walnut oil, and it’s half day closing here.

      • I will go with your theory – okay rush out and get your supply of roasted walnut oil – heaven forbid you should run out of it

      • Seriously what sort of poseur says that’s one of the three things she always has in her fridge.
        Speciality humous? Make your own, you idle cow.
        I don’t think I’d like her much. Is that coming across?

      • I guess you don’t want to admit that all you have is mustard and mystery meat (well I did, but no one sees me being Freshly Pressed – ha ha)

      • Love the concept of mystery meat.
        It wasn’t Martha Stewart being Pressed was it? Sounds like her.

      • it does — I think it was her clone

      • Bloody hell. Two Martha Stewarts? Just what the world needs.

  27. I’d like to always have prosecco, homemade pie and leftovers, but what I really have is an empty milk pitcher (darn kids), expired sour cream and a crusty ketchup bottle.. There is food in there too, but those three items are always there front and centre, mocking me.

    • I know, I know – my youngest son is home from college and he emptied one of the milk bags and then he put another one in the pitcher–I almost fell over–and after finishing a snack he wrapped the bag up and put it back in the cupboard–oh my mother’s heart–

      • So you’re saying that they can learn to do these things as they get older? There is hope yet..

      • One learned, the other one still is learning–but there is hope

  28. Three things I wish were always in my fridge – chocolate pudding, mozzarella cheese and pomegranate juice. I wouldn’t put regular chocolate in the fridge because nobody likes rock-hard chocolate. 😉

    Also, you’ve never been FPed? I find that difficult to believe! You of all people deserve to have your posts spotlighted.

    • you are so sweet – you remind me of me–putting chocolate in the fridge so it will be there for you
      Love your three things–and all three are pretty good for you too, especially the pomegranate juice – must consider that

  29. Blue Stilton cheese, cheap beer, and shoot that might be it. And I love Freixenet–visited the place when in Barcelona and fell in love with the stuff!

    • I love Coors light lime and Freixnet and Prosecco but have never been to Coors, Spain or Italy, you well-travelled girl!

      • I used to live in Colorado but never went to the brewery. What in the heck was I thinking!!!!

      • Well you can always come back this way

  30. Haha, I’m with you! That’s what my fridge most often looks like too. Although, for the sake of not grossing everyone out, I’d say the three things that are MOST often in my fridge on a regular basis are almond milk, apples, and some type of salsa. 🙂

    I can’t believe you haven’t been Freshly Pressed! Your day is coming, my friend.

    • Salsa–I love salsa–and thanks for your kind words–but I am the kind of person that gets overlooked by those who matter–but it no longer matters to me

      • I love that attitude! Keep on being yourself — you clearly have a legion of adoring fans 🙂

      • you are sweet 🙂

  31. You SHOULD be Freshly Pressed, I don’t care what’s in or not in your fridge. I usually always have Seriously Sharp Cheddar, iced tea and yogurt. 😉

    • love sharp cheddar — and Activia yogurt — ice tea I love in the summer but for some reason do not drink it in the winter

      so my lack of fridge sophistication should not matter?

      • Of course not! My needs cleaning but I keep putting that off…

      • I cleaned mine once – and it stopped working from the shock

  32. Half & half for my coffee, eggs for daughter’s breakfast, some kind of grated cheese for sweet husband’s spaghetti. There, we’re covered! 😉

    I’ve decided I’ll most likely never be Freshly Pressed, although I can be fresh and pressed on occasion, and I’m fine with that. I don’t need to be a legend in anyone’s mind but mine! lol xoxoM

    • well you are a legend in my mind! three very practical things in your fridge that makes you all happy!

      • Thanks, LouAnn! xoxoM

  33. LouAnn you crack me up every day…I left you a little ‘gift’ on my blog today 🙂 I tried to make it appear here, but alas, my tech skills will not permit.

    Freshly pressed seems like one of those ‘in club’ things to me, and not for nothing but I’ve spent the better part of 49 years contentedly ensconced in the out club so why kill a great record ?

    Three things I always have in my fridge: 1-cream for coffee, 2-carrots in varying stages of usefullness, 3- a lightbulb…which helps to distinguish between the ewww those are for the chickens carrots and aha, those are for the chicken soup carrots 😉

    • let us make our own “in” club–then no one can leave us out—-love your two kind of carrots!

  34. […] Well, my skills at making you a Not Freshly Pressed logo are pretty lame, I’ll admit, but the sentiment is much more robust! xo LouAnn. […]

  35. Oh, these freshly pressed blogs! How do they choose them? How do they miss yours? How do they miss mine?!
    What I would always want in my fridge – ripe Cornish Brie, oranges ready to be squeezed (by the lovely Mr S, not by me!) and some lovely chilled Chardonnay.
    What there is in my fridge _ tired carrots, going mouldy cheese and courgettes with dimples!
    All the best to you!

    • I love your choices — better than crumbs and mold and mildew – a little Chardonnay would be good soon

      • I’ve just had time to read all the above comments and have come to the conclusion that I don’t fancy being fp’d any more! I like being able to make relationships and to reply and I would get in a right old tizzy if I had all those to reply to! I’ll stay happy with my trusty followers! All the best in your fp quest if you still want it…….:)

      • I am with you–I am not that fussy any more about be FPd as I am very happy with the friends I have made and the blog world as it is

  36. I got freshly pressed not long after I wrote a post about how I would never be freshly pressed. Ya never know!

  37. Holy crap! I am never going to get Freshly Pressed with this answer. What I WISH I had was three little men in my fridge–one to clean it, one to prepare meals, and one to make the mouldy objects disappear. Now, the three items that my fridge always has in it are: avocados that refuse to ripen, a massive chunk of marble cheese, and French’s mustard. Nothing exciting or avant garde at all.

    • Take your avocado out to ripen — that is one thing I have learned–I would like the same three little men or women as you–I would like a fourth–one to do the dishes

      • Oh. I’d like one of those too! And one big guy to do the vacuum duties.

      • Yes, I want him too!

  38. this was awesome LouAnn. You really got the convo going 🙂

    • whether it be FP or what is in your fridge it seems to have caught the imagination of a few folks

      • I think it is the frig 🙂 a common link

  39. we have the same fridge…what i’d like is a bottle of my daughters wine, a good piece of chocolate and a pound of fresh asparagus

    • thanks for reminding me, I have aspargus that I want to roast and I almost forgot I had it–does you daughter make wine? and chocolate, well that needs no comment–it is after all, chocolate

  40. That made me smile, I always have milk, some sort of cheese (mostly cheddar or edam, nothing exotic) and a leftover dinner (often from a few nights ago and therefore no longer safe for consumption). Probably not cool enough for freshly pressed either – ah well 🙂

    • I love having leftovers in my fridge, but I hate forgetting about them until they are too old–but I do it all the time

  41. Funny that I’ve just read this post after giving my fridge a quick clean tonight. Could not stand the crumbs, spilt tomato sauce and blob of butter on the fridge floor any longer!!
    Definitely have to have chocolate in my fridge. It’s freddo frogs at the moment.

  42. I have taken a new approach to Freshly Pressed. Well, new to me anyway. I sort of forgot about it for awhile but when you reminded me I decided to skim through it and look to see if any of the bloggers I follow were pressed-because that would be awesome (affirming my good taste) I don’t even look at the blog titles anymore. That’s how my Reader got all clogged up in the first place. I think I will stick to the bloggers I already know and appreciate. 🙂

    • that is basically what I do now too–check out to see if my friends have been FPd–occasionally I will check out something that sounds uber-interesting, but I find a lot of what gets FPd not to my taste

  43. A good dry white wine, a good fizzy wine and a good rose – soemthing for every occiasion 🙂 Brilliant post and loved the comments!
    Oh and as to FP, it’s been a VERY long time since I bothered to look – too american, too young, too full of themselves. Maybe I should give it another go…..

    • I like the contents of your fridge, no red wine–which gives me a headache–I love all your choices
      I tend to not check out FP much anymore–but every once in a while I get curious

  44. […] On the Homefront and Beyond asked this week why she  hadn’t been Freshly Pressed. I don’t worry about being Freshly Pressed and I don’t want to try to figure out what it would take. […]

  45. I’ll wish you the best on the Freshly Pressed thing. Does it count as a printed article for a resume? What I would like in my fridge is fresh crab, excellent cheese, avocados. What I always do have is eggs, lettuce, and lemons. I like to think of them as basics.

    • I would think that it would–but I am giving up on it — I like your basics but love your likes.

  46. Half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and some cheese. Almost any cheese but not blue. Crackers with seeds in and I could die happy.

    • your taste is impeccable — I too love crackers with seeds in them, all cheeses (even blue in dressing) and a little wine is what makes life that little bit sweeter

  47. You make me smile so BIG Lou! I adore your honesty and love your sense of humor.
    Let me what do I wish I had, a king crab from Alaska off the fishing Vessel The Time Bandit to be exact, a bottle of Hinnman’s Winery Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley here in Oregon, fresh red pears from Washington state,
    Guess I don’t meet the localvore criteria, but my refrigerator would sure be happy

    Fun post!

    • I love your choices — once you locate these delicacies, let me know–I will be there with my bib and wine glass!

  48. OMG this made me laugh – fantastic! 😛

  49. Who wants to be freshly pressed anyway? I’d much rather have good word of mouth through people linking my blogs.

    What I wish was in my fridge: Various delicious cheeses, a nice dry white wine, gourmet chocolate.

    What is actually in my fridge: various less-than-fresh-but-still-edible veges, leftover sausages, fruit juice.

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