Crazy Cracker Candy – And You Thought I Forgot That Today was Recipe Saturday

English: Six saltines and a fork on a large plate

Turn these into candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going to provide you with a bit of an eccentric recipe but one I made a lot when my kids were little. It uses saltines as the base and is super easy. It is a fun recipe to do with kids, because they love to line up the crackers on a cookie sheet and try to leave no gaps.

I was given this recipe during a phone conversation with a friend. I had tried the candy at her house and just loved it. As such, this is a rather “loose” recipe, but it works with just a few ingredients and is super fast to make.

Crazy Cracker Candy


Saltine crackers; 1/2 cup butter or margarine; 1/2 cup brown sugar; chocolate chips; nuts if you desire


Line a cookie sheet with tin foil. Line up saltine crackers so there are no gaps or overlapping. Boil 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup butter or margarine. Spoon over the crackers covering them with the liquid “gold”. Put them in the oven for about a minute in a preheated 350 degree oven.

Take them out of the oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips and then put back in the oven until the chips melt and spread. When they come out you can sprinkle them with nuts (I never do this). Put them in the fridge for 1/2 hour to cool. Score bars and remove them from cookie sheet. (I usually just break them up).

Seriously, these are so good–and your kids will love them. You will love them. And most of us have these ingredients hanging around our pantry and fridge.

Do you have a recipe that is blissfully easy, but good, and uses really accessible ingredients?

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  1. Delish! My family loves these!

  2. I can imagine these would be delicious – the salty, butter and sweet! I kept thinking as I read this how it would taste with Ritz Crackers. Granted, they’re round, but the flavor might be awesome!

  3. We love these too! The foil is the most important ingredient. Don’t ask how I found that out! 😉

    • I can guess – you didn’t lick the pan did you? lol

      • hahaha We tried prying the good stuff out with a knife but it was too stuck! I guess licking would have probably been the only way…

      • sorry I wasn’t there to give you advice (lol)

  4. That sounds so good. I like the fact it’s easy to make. I’m not the best cook.

    • I cook because I have to not because I want to most of the time–I think this would change if someone cleaned up after me–then I would cook my heart out

  5. My neighbour used to make those and they are delicious Lou. I make this simple but yummy appetizer called Potted Cheese: Gather all your bits of cheese you’ve been collecting in the refrigerator. Trim if necessary. Grate medium finely. Moisten with brandy, sherry or port. Add chili sauce, or chutney. Spread on a cracker. Tasty!

    • sounds good – will have to give it a try when I have brandy sherry or port – I do have chili sauce

  6. Mmmm, looking good, LouAnn. I read that you described this recipe as “eccentric” rather than weird. The recipe probably appreciates the distinction! lol…sorry, I have just responded to too many weird comments on my blog.

  7. I think my kids would love to make these too! Not sure I can get saltines over here, but I’m sure I’ll find a similar cracker!

  8. These sound like fun but we don’t have saltines. I’ll try to find something similar having seen your photos 🙂

  9. I saw some thing like this recently – it would be so good, with the sweet and salty. Definitely on my to-do list.

    • it is good and your kids will probably love helping–my son used to line up the crackers very precisely–in fact he has reading week next week – so maybe we will make them for old times sake

  10. I think this sounds perfect. Something salty with something chocolate.

    • I love salty and chocolate — used to love potato chips and Joe Louis (not sure of the spelling now)

  11. I love your recipes and wait for them on saturday (well my sunday :P)
    This proves why!


    • this is so much less sophistocated than your fare but I am glad you enjoy it all the same 🙂

  12. I’ve had these…and now I’m hungry. Excuse me while I go check the pantry for saltines…

    • ha ha – they are good aren’t they — sometimes when I watch food shows I have to turn them off as they make me too hungry

  13. OK, I know you’re mad at me about the mystery photo, but did you have to show a recipe for something so yummy with brown sugar and chocolate when I’m on a diet?!?! LOL!! I’m going to go and chew on my fingers now :).

    • I am sorry – I will come up with a recipe that is not bad for you for next week–and I could never be mad at you 🙂

      • Yayyyy, LouAnn still loves me!! Now my Sunday will be perfect :). That recipe did sound yummylicious though :).

  14. My mother-in-law has made these before. There’s no way I’d have known they were from crackers!

  15. Cool.. never heard of this before.. reminds me of the desert we ate as kids when there was nothing sweet in the house (which was alot of the time).. slice of white bread, butter, cinnamon & sugar then toasted in the oven. Yummy, sugar bread 🙂

    • We used to have something like that too — but we would toast the bread first then spread the brown sugar and cinnamon on top and they would meld into the melted butter

  16. I made a similar recipe, although instead of saltines, the base was graham crackers…saw one of the comments suggesting ritz crackers…bet that would be good too! I’ll have to try these again…haven’t made them in a hundred years! ~ Sheila

    • the only thing about using Ritz is that they are not square and will not abut each other

  17. Will have to try this!

  18. You got me here LouAnn, I read this in my email Sat am and then mentioned out loud to the fam that words crazy cracker candy and they were ALL IN!! One small problem, the only cracker we had in the house are garlic rosemary ones…to which dd replied, so what, just put some extra chocolate on them. Am I too foodie to buy saltines?? nope, just picky about the fat used in baked goods. Now the hunt begins for a cracker made w/out hydrogenated oils…. I’ll keep ya posted 😉

    • let me know what you find and we can post a refined version of this

      • will do!

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