Three Years Ago Today

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Snow Day: One Tree Hill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three years ago today: It was a Monday. There was a rain snow mix, and the roads were bad so no buses were running. How do I know this? Just ran across my daybook/calendar for 2010, and from the notes I made that day I am getting a sense that time moves on in some ways, and not in others.

It moves on in that in 2013 the fact that whether or not the buses are running for school is no longer an immediate issue in my life as both of my sons are now out of high school. One is at college, the other is in a rock band just waiting for his big break.

I had a council meeting penned in for that Monday night, February 22nd, 2010. Things have stayed the same on that front as I have a council meeting on the Monday coming up.I noted that the meeting was only an hour and a half long. That no longer happens, as the municipality has eliminated one meeting a month, so now the two meetings on the second and fourth Mondays run at least three hours. That is a lot of doodling!

I was working for a magazine at the time, as I notice a reminder telling me to write up the articles due for Our Homes. I no longer work at the magazine. It is a choice I made that I sometimes regret (miss the money) but mostly do not.

For some reason I did not make a note to write my column and write up council news for the newspaper. Maybe for once I did it ahead of time. But that is doubtful—I usually work to deadline and that means writing my heart out on Monday morning.

I made note of where my husband was working that day (as a contractor he works at a variety of places) and that my eldest son was at work. At the time he worked in the printing press of the newspaper that I write for. (Yeah, yeah, I know I am not supposed to end a sentence like this—don’t bug me Robin!) Times change–as he no longer works there.

I am supposed to call Salisbury—but I think that is a note for my husband as I do not remember who Salisbury is. I also have a note to  email Charlene. Charlene is in my Writers’ Group so I was probably supposed to tell her when the next meeting was, or the prompt we were supposed use for our writing for the meeting. Hard to say three years down the road.

So that was my day three years ago—which proves that some things change and some things stay the same. The weather today is very much like it was three years ago, except we are getting inundated with snow right now, and the mix is coming this afternoon.

And since I have to work in BLISS, as it is the topic of the year—I find it very blissful that I do not have a council meeting tonight—as the weather looks foreboding. The good thing is–I no longer have to worry about whether the buses are running or not.

So what are you finding blissful today?

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  1. Oh, I like the look back by checking your calendar! So fun! I have saved many of my calendars, too. I’ll have to see what they show.

    I am thankful that I will start a new job this coming Wednesday, that there was a job to get (job hunting for six months is soul-crushing), that my children, who have had a stay-at-home mom (well, I freelanced from home) for 12 years are excited about YMCA camp this summer instead of dreading it. It’s a good feeling.

    • good luck with you new job–how exciting and to have your kids happy too is a bonus!

  2. At the moment it’s bliss just to sit for a few minutes with my feet up on the couch, with a glass of carrot juice and a handful of almonds, before carrying on with all the household chores that need doing after having the family staying for a week. 🙂

    • ah, bliss, even it it is only momentary is a good thing–I am surrounded with a mess, and have a mess of bookwork to do, but here I am, replying to you

  3. I have been a diary/journal keeper since I could write a sentence.. I have over 100 journals in many boxes and love to just grab one and see where/what/how my life was at that date.. Very interesting indeed..

  4. I am in bliss because I finally have all my receipts filed from January 1 2013 to the present…. this is the least favorite job of everything I do… I would rather clean toilets.
    (I like to look back at old calendars, too!)

    • I am still working on last year’s and just see what I am not doing right now — I need some discipline

  5. I am in bliss, enjoying a quiet day at home, having chosen to scrap going to the gym to work out this morning and forgoing an afternoon appointment that was easliy postponed. All this due to snowy slippery road conditions and the promise of freezing rain anytime soon. I love retirement and having such options.

    • you are usually so busy that this is a nice respite for you — it is bliss not having to drive on bad roads.

  6. Hi Lou,   I very much  enjoy reading your blogs (and I  comment once in awhile)   Hugs, joanielane, aka Joan C.   Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 11:24:06 AM Subject: [New post] Three Years Ago Today on thehomefrontandbeyond posted: ” Snow Day: One Tree Hill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Three years ago today: It was a Monday. There was a rain snow mix, and the roads were bad so no buses were running. How do I know this? Just ran “

    • glad you have found a new way of communicating–going to check out your blog and see if you have ventured a post yet.

  7. It is almost like a time capsule of sorts my friend, this sounds so cool 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. It’s fun to look back like that, but it can be annoying if you can’t remember what something means! I sometimes find old notes I’ve scribbled on a bit of paper somewhere, and I know I wrote them because they’re in my handwriting, but I don’t have a clue what theyre about – some random words, or some numbers!

    • I know what you mean – I am still trying to figure out who Salisbury is!

  9. Today, sweet husband and I decided to catch up on our reading together. That was fun! 😉 xoxoM

  10. I like doing that too – and now my blog is also a point of reference – very interesting 🙂

  11. I recently ran across my calendar from when all three girls were in grammar school. GOD LORD were we a busy family! It was fun to look back at our busy as a beehive household.

    Bliss today? It’s Friday!

    • I have kept all my calendars–I remember the days filled with basketball and baseball and skating and math tutors (my kids take after me and my talent for math) and Beavers and Scouts and pizza day and……those were the days, and I sure did not appreciate them enough…

  12. What an interesting exercise!

    • sometimes you have to look behind you to see where you are going

      • That’s profound! Have you found out who Sal is yet?

      • I think it was one of the people my husband put a kitchen in for – oh now I remember just as I am writing this – I met the Salisburys–they were really nice people–they live on Lake Erie and John did a white kitchen for them and they introduced us to the best hot dogs in the land – now if hot dogs were only not so bad for you

  13. I typically shred my planners once I’m done using them (because they were all filled with things like homework assignments, school obligations, etc.). I do keep my journals though and it’s always funny to go back and read. Things that mattered so much or fears/worries I had then usually ended up working out which just goes to show that life does go on, no matter how bad it might seem. My bliss today? Eating out for dinner tonight! 🙂

    • I love eating out–or ordering in, or anything that takes me away from cooking
      I understand shredding school planners if all they reminded you of was homework, but I am glad your journals are still a part of you – sometimes you look back and wonder what all the fuss was about–but living through stuff is not always easy

  14. You are so clever to create a post “looking back” at your calendar three years ago. I have saved wall calendars for ten years because I love the photos. Wonder what secrets they would reveal. 🙂

    • should prove to be interesting – I found that in just three years many things change, but some stay the same

  15. This is yesterday’s post. So I am an hour/day late and a dollar short. Oh yes. Bliss- well I got my shaggy sheep dog hair cut and colored/dyed which ever you prefer to call it. No I don’t dye it black or blonde. Just a nice ashy blonde that is pretty much what the color of my hair was when I was younger. I do not look good with gray hair and it would make me look dead. I am not ready to look or be dead so I suppose Friday was a day of bliss since I forced myself to move ffrom this funk that I have been in or in which I have been. Is that better? 🙂

    Three years ago, at this time- I was still activley workking 5 days a week under very stressful conditions.I kept at it until I had almost 35 years which has given me a decent retirement per the US government. Was it worth all the stress? Yes!!!! But I;m not exactly in bliss evey day due to other stressors. We simply can not have it all. But I see people that seem to have it all.

    • even those that seem to have it all, underneath do not — I do not look good in gray either so I colour my hair–and when it is freshly back to “normal” I have a few minutes of bliss

  16. I don’t keep journals. I kept a day planner for 20+ years, and last year converted myself to digital. It was hard to give up my Frankin-Covey planner! But most of what I log are appointments or to-dos…my dad was a faithful journal keeper…he called it his diary…and he sometimes reviewed past entries and shared stories about where he was, or from many years ago, where our family was and what was happening. I tend to reflect on the past based on where we lived at the time, or in relation to the ages of my kids…always my grounding point! Fun to do..most of the time! ~ Sheila

    • we all need a point of reference and I use my kids too – though some years are a blur

  17. Today was a no plans – do nothing kinda’ day. Stayed home with the family & just took it easy. Was a nice day.
    Hope you had a nice day too 🙂

    • I like no plans days – have not had a real one in awhile–must plan to have a no plan day (lol)

      • LOL 😀

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