Capturing Weekend Bliss

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Weekend? What is a weekend?”~  Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) from Downton Abbey

I heard the traffic girl on tv call today Friday Eve. I remember the days when that would have meant something to me. When Friday Eve would produce some excitement—the weekend was almost here, so adventure was surely around the bend.

I do not know when I lost my excitement for weekends. I would like to get it back in this year of finding my bliss.

The Dowager Countess was completely mystified when she came across the word “weekend’. It was obviously a foreign concept if you were not among the working class.

I would like “weekend” to no longer be a foreign concept for me. I think part of the problem is that I work at home, at a desk in the corner of my dining room, so I never really get to leave my work behind. Weekend used to mean a break from school or work—not so much anymore.

Any suggestions about how to make my weekends more blissful?

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  1. I just realized that the weekend has less meaning for me as well. It is just two more days, unless of course I am doing something with me girls, and then it is the weekend.

  2. My girlfriend looks forward to a date night with her husband every Friday night. He always plans it. It could be a movie, dinner, drinks at a bar, a walk by the river, anything. She doesn’t care what they do only that he has put some thought into it. She spends her week looking forward to date night and discovering what Paul has planned.

  3. Do your work then put your feet up! Simples 🙂

  4. Ahhh, the weekend!! I think it’s almost unhealthy how much I live for the weekend :). Starting every Monday morning at 9am when I get to work, I am already dreaming of the following weekend LOL! You definitely need to find your weekend bliss!!

  5. Maybe it’s about placing boundaries around your work time? Working from home, it’s very difficult to do that when you have it staring you in the face all the time. So, perhaps, weekend could mean designating a no working time? For myself, I like not having the weekend boundaries. I do work from home, as well as out. I like feeling that each day is special and I’m free (kinda, sorta) to decide how I use my time right now in whatever way is meaningful to me, work included! xoxoM

    • I think I should incorporate this attitude — I like that–making every day special

  6. The weekend doesn’t mean much to me any more now that I have more freedom and the ability to make any day feel more like a weekend.

  7. I would love weekends to, once in a while, not mean ‘Time to frantically dash to get ready for the following week.’

    And, yes, I definitely remember when all those things had substance – like “hump day.” Ironically, if you have time to go out for “hump day” you’re not busy enough to need to go out for “hump day.”

    Best way I can think of to make weekends more relaxed is cut the power in your neighborhood. Only so much you can do without power. Of course, people might start to get angry after a few weekends.

  8. Take your camera and go out for a walking and exploring a new places outside there… 🙂 photography when it is outside makes me much more excited… weekend means photography for me. 🙂

  9. Husband and I just started watching Downton Abbey – a great show! I have a love/hate thing going on with weekends. I love the weekends we get to spend doing fun family things but more often than not we end up trying to catch up on chores around the house. We always do a Friday night pizza and movie night at our house, throwing down a blanket in the living room, eating pizza, and watching a kid friendly movie together. Everyone looks forward to it (and I don’t have to cook dinner!!)

    Maybe you could come up with a new weekend routine, some sort of fun activity you could do every weekend, like going to a coffee shop for a bit or taking a drive to explore some small towns or local museums. Any way you could block off your home office from sight with a decorative screen so you don’t see it on weekends?

    • you have come up with some great ideas — maybe make Friday night movie night and Saturday explore day and Sunday–well we will have to work on it — thanks for the ideas–just have to put a little tiny bit of imagination into it and I may get my weekends back
      I have thought of the screen idea before — and I actually have a wooden screen–so I may just do a little rearranging

  10. If you’re talking about bliss, if bliss is what you’re aiming for, then it should be an every day bliss. Not just waiting for the weekend like a working stiff (the rest of us). Anyhow, Friday Eve seems to me one of those silly British expressions. As a proud American, once I get past hump day….

    • actually the traffic girl that used the expression was from Detroit and she looks like a girl who knows how to party
      -you are right about finding bliss everyday– but some of us are working stiffs from our homes–that is where I do my writingI

      • Sorry about bashing the Brits. I should have been bashing Detroit! Does Detroit need any more bashing?
        Definitely not!

      • leave that to Jon Stewart and Colbert

      • Ah, you’re a fan too? I love ’em!

      • they are clever in their own ways – Colbert is my favourite but Stewart is no slouch

  11. I’ve started (with the new year) doing at least one thing each weekend day just for me can be something as simple as running to the store, by myself, a haircut. take a short drive and now I drag the camera along.. It’s nice to do things for ourselves that don’t have to cost anything either 🙂

    • I think you are right – just find something a little special that I don’t take the time for the rest of the week–and dragging a camera along sounds like a good idea

  12. When I gave up my day job to write full time I realised my weekends were ‘just normal days’ 😦 Hubby would come home on a Friday afternoon and do the big ‘yippeee’ thing and I didn’t know what he was on about until he told me it was Friday! LOL 😀 So we’ve made Friday night ‘go out to dinner night’ and that heralds a real weekend for me now 😉

  13. If only Downton Abbey was year round on Sunday nights, it would give you something to look forward to on the weekend.

    Failing that – start working for the govt. I love my weekends and truly dislike Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Downton Abbey – I have enjoyed it for the last few weeks, now it is over again.
      Very few government jobs in my neck of the woods–I worked at a law office for several years–and my weekends were precious then. When you work full-time for a newspaper you have no weekends–now that I am freelance I make my own hours as long as I make deadline.

  14. When you are seniors you also don’t appreciate ‘weekends’ …I remember so looking forward to them when I worked…I wish I knew how to make them something to look forward to being something different again…Diane

  15. How about if you call it “weekstart”? It sounds much more up beat.

  16. I like simple on the weekends, making a leisurely breakfast for my husband and I, reading the Saturday paper, Sunday meals with the whole family….and sometimes going to the cottage and watching the deer outside, and tramping around the trails in the snow. C’mon up Lou, and we’ll do simple on the weekend.

  17. Tidy up the workspace. Put papers away. Don’t go back to that area til Monday. ..

    • thank you for your suggestions–that may just delineate my week from my weekend

  18. Maybe just plan something completely different for the weekend?

    • I think I have to make a more conscious effort as you suggest and not just expect it to happen as it did “back in the day”

  19. I’;m seventy five and still love weekends… Friday night still gives me a buzz… I can be lazy, I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty that I should be doing something more constructive, I’m not available to anyone unless I choose, only friends and family – no workmen, cleaning ladies, shopping, chauffeuring, doctors appointment for husband etc etc.
    I can stay in bed late and go to bed late, … all good!!!

  20. I love the idea for this post, LouAnn! I’m like you, I’d like to get the excitement back in my life when contemplating the weekend. I feel like I’ve been living in a never ending loop of limbo! ha! Everyday just feels like the next. If anything, I hide out on the weekend to avoid crowds. I do like to take in a movie and popcorn when there’s something to see… too bad lately, there never is 😦
    Here’s to us finding weekend excitement and bliss!!

    • I am thinking that Quartet looks like a good movie bet–it has Maggie Smith in it, so what could you ask for? Too bad you don’t live closer–we could celebrate the weekend together.

      • Oh! I wish we did! How fun. Well, you just gave me something to look up. Maggie Smith is worth seeing no matter what film she’s in. Quartet sounds delightful. I’ll find it and report back to you. 🙂
        Thanks, LouAnn!

      • here is hoping we both get to see it 🙂

  21. Ah, the downside of working at home! I haven’t done that enough to really experience this first hand, but I can understand how it could become an issue. Good luck with being intentional about carving out time for weekend living, and finding / creating margins in your life. I’m always trying to do that for myself…not easy! ~ Sheila

    • It is not easy–you have to compartmentalize more because you do not have the usual perimeters or parametres

  22. I think that bliss involves “working to live” and not “living to work.” But, then again, I’m naturally lazy. Hehe.

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