Sometimes Giving In Is Bliss

English: Various remote controls fot TV-set, D...

English: Various remote controls for TV-set, DVD and VHS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love my husband. I do. But he has some annoying habits.

First of all, he thinks that the remote control for the television is his. He really does. It kills him when someone else has control of it. Perhaps he feels the world is out of control, so at least he can control something.

Second, he hardly ever watches one program at a time. Even if he likes a program, during the commercial he will turn the station to something else, and forget to turn it back, until I quite sweetly and politely ask him to. (Okay, maybe not so sweetly and nowhere near politely.)

And then he has a habit which drives me even more crazy than I already am. If he cannot find a program he likes, he just keeps hitting the remote and changing the channel until I get up and leave the room. I am pretty sure he does not do this on purpose. All the time. But once in a while, he does do it on purpose even though he says he doesn’t.

Why he thinks the television is his domain is anyone’s guess – but I am guessing that he is not the only husband who has these tendencies.

Sure, he is wonderful on so many levels that I let this one go (most of the time). But really, how funny are wonderful things?

Sometimes bliss is leaving the room and reading a book. Does your significant other have a funny annoying bad habit?


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  1. My dear husband leaves cupboard doors, drawers, closet doors, open. Drives me nuts. Btw, most women do suffer from remote envy.

    • I knew it — the men in my life leave the kitchen cupboards open all the time–particularly the ones over the sink that are at just the right level to hit your head on

  2. Oh, my hubby has many annoying habits that I bitch about all the time, but I love him so much that I keep him around anyway LOL!! As for doors and drawers, mine likes to leave them open like an inch, and he does that not because he forgets but because he knows it drives me absolutely crazy!! As for the TV, he is famous for watching part of a show and then switching to another one just when I’m getting into the first one. Thankfully, we have a big TV in the bedroom too, so he usually watches TV in bed at night after about 8pm, and then I have the TV in the living room all to myself :). Can’t live with them and can’t live without them right?? By the way, why do you think I’m always up so early in the morning on weekends? Because he’s still in bed and I enjoy the bliss of absolute peace and quiet LOL!!!

  3. Are you sure we’re not married to the same man? πŸ™‚

  4. Ditto… to the remote. It must be a huge issue with men..He’s definitely not in his comfort zone without the remote beside him….Diane

  5. He’s 200 miles away the majority of the time which makes it easier to ignore his more annoying habits. He checks his phone obsessively which drives me insane. No remote envy, he has no TV and mine is rarely on.

  6. In our partnership, I confess, I’m the remote controller. He, on the other hand, makes me crazy by handing me his dirty dish as soon as he’s done using it, regardless of what I may be doing (or eating) at that same time. Infuriating! Otherwise, he’s perfect πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

  7. My husband has programmed our TV system so that one needs a Ph.D. just to turn the darned thing on. So he has control by default. But he’s not much of a channel surfer, fortunately. I think that would be justifiable homicide…

    • I know, sometimes I just leave the TV on rather than try to figure out which buttons to push–I am glad he is not a channel surfer on top of programming the TV–remember the days we just turned the darn thing on?

      • I do! Even back to one that had a dial that clicked when turned clockwise.

      • I remember dials and having to ask permission to turn the tv on, and roof antennas

  8. You have described my husband perfectly! πŸ™‚

    • so sorry — but like mine, he probably has a few good habits too

      • Yes he does. Let me give that some thought (hehe). πŸ™‚

      • ha ha

  9. My husband does the exact same thing as yours with the remote. Personal property. I seem to remember my father having the same problem. To my horror…my son takes after them! Maybe that’s why I read so much!

    • passed from generation to generation — at least reading is good compensation

  10. You described to a ‘t’ what my husband Jim used to do. It drove me crazy too, just as you depicted.

  11. My hub’s habits seem to be the same as your hub’s …

  12. Your husband is a bigamist, or a trigamist, or a quintamist… he is married to every woman I know.
    The remote, leaving the doors open… does he also turn on every light in the house, then leave…. and does he also turn the radio on full blast when I am sleeping in and then leave… and does he…..oh never mind.

  13. Haha that is exactly like my bro – if he does not control the tv no one will πŸ˜›
    But there is bliss in letting little hitngs go πŸ™‚

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Hmmmmm…..are you sure you weren’t talking about MY husband? πŸ˜‰

  15. I swear my husband does the same thing! He also will start watching a movie that is already half way over – I hate this! I leave the room. I have my own tv now. And let me tell you , it is pure Heavenly Blisssssss

  16. Oh dear. People who do that frustrate me to no end! I actually don’t mind the commercials and leave them on while I go get a snack or take care of something. I’d rather leave them on than miss a part of the show.
    My fiance does have some things that peeve me, and vice versa. We’ve learned to put up with each other. πŸ˜‰

  17. I can be flipper to. However after a while it gives me a headache and I just turn it off.
    I do prefer to have the remote in my hands. Doesn’t everyone? That’s not a man thing – is it?

    • Well — if you read the rest of the comments — you will find that only one woman thus far has control of the remote–

      • Again, I think everyone wants control even if they don’t get it.In my house, my wife is the bigger tv watcher and therefore often has the remote.

      • I agree with you – totally or I would not have had a blog post πŸ˜‰

      • Good point.

  18. I think I read once that you should never blog about your husband. I have tried to follow that advice for the most part but there is just so much good material!!!!!

    • I had my husband read it and he encouraged me to use it for my weekly newspaper column–so I don’t think he disapproves–if I did not write about my husband (you are right there is a lot of good material there) and my kids, I would have had a hard time writing my column for the last 15 years! (lol)

  19. My husband doesn’t annoy me much at all. He watches television in the den while I watch television in my office (the old dining room). We occasionally discuss what were watching when we meet up in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s the same show. πŸ™‚

  20. LOL – That remote issue is a guy thing I’m sure. My husband is the same way. He’s a channel surfer between commercials & it drives me nuts! When we are watching shows – I have to remind him to flip it back sometimes – especially towards the end. I don’t wanna’ miss the end…Ugh!
    Still – can’t help but love him πŸ˜‰

    • We will keep them anyway, won’t we?

      • Yep πŸ™‚

  21. Wow, is this an epidemic? Yep…suspect it’s the last bastion of control for men – and many defend it to the nth!

  22. I control the remote in our house since the better half is not good with technology. Seriously, not good at all. As for annoying habits–that would take an entire post.

    • but we do not have any–if they had blogs they would have nothing to say about our bad habits (ha ha)

  23. This made me laugh so much. I am almost to the point of being grateful that my husband loves his TV (except that he sometimes requires company at the same time – I really don’t get that – please be with me while I ignore you :).

    When we met I had been living without TV for 5 years and thought that was it, but he had studied film at university so could not be deprived. Not only do I dislike the TV, but he often watches it in Arabic, listening to another language without subtitles is as annoying as constant channel surfing and when I leave the room, he does offer to change, but really – I know I would rather be reading anyway. It’s not me he has to contend with, it’s the children! I try not to get involved πŸ™‚

    • I too have tried to have a distain for tv, but as I took communication studies in university, which involves TV and film and radio–I cannot detach myself from it. My husband will sometimes just leave it on a French or Spanish station because he is thinking of something else–and that is annoying

  24. Definitely a guy thing epidemic! My son does all the same things, even when he is visiting us. But husband and I have solved it by having two separate viewing areas. He has his t.v. and I have mine. Ha! It works until son comes to visit and takes over mine. πŸ™‚

    • and you wonder why it is yours he takes over and not your husband’s–but you know they have a very tight grip on the stupid remote

  25. Love this post, remote control control issues! Our biggest problem at our house is finding the remote!

  26. It must be a guy thing! My husband does the same thing with the remote but since I hardly ever watch TV it doesn’t usually bother me. When I am watching a show, though, it drives me crazy!

  27. Oh yes, I think it’s definitely a man thing in the main! An ex boyfriend of mine used to be constantly adjusting the TV with the remote. I wouldn’t notice he had the control, but suddenly the picture would start getting brighter, and then duller, and then sharper, and the volume would go up and down, it used to drive me nuts! He would also channel hop during the breaks. Once we were watching a film and during the break he hopped around, he thought he’d returned it to the right channel, but it was a different film, and we watched about half an hour of this different film in complete confusion before realising!

    • I can understand how that can happen — must be a nervous thing that they cannot settle on one program–if I leave the room long I come back and it is like watching a program through a fog, as my husband likes to lighten up the picture — I personally find dark and dank my go-to for colour but not programming (never realized there were so many programs about war)

  28. Oh yeah, he loves that remote control so much. I hardly ever get to have it. Other annoying habits, leaving his shoes in the hallway so I can trip over them. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor. Leaving food in the sink (or trash) Between him and the kids, all I do is pick stuff up.

  29. When we go on long trips in the car my husband usually does all the driving and therefore he must think he has control over the radio stations, chopping and changing stations willy-nilly right when I’m listening to an interesting/ funny conversation or a good song. Clothes on the floor (centimetres away from the dirty clothes bin),and shoes left here, there and everywhere. Here’s my favourite – have just finished tidying away everything off the benches and table and hubby comes home and instantly covers the bench and table again with books, wallet, bags, etc. It’s like he has to have something sitting on every inch of spare space in the house.

    • okay–we are married to the same man — I just clear off the surfaces and my husband comes home and covers them–it drives me crazy–and the car is the same thing–in fact he will not let me drive –though I do have my own foibles in the car–turning the heat up and down–but that is normal isn’t it?

  30. I smile and applaud your married life. I choose to be singe. πŸ˜‰

  31. Oops, SINGLE!

  32. […] Sometimes Giving In Is Bliss ( […]

  33. My dearly beloved’s most annoying habit is getting the kids all riled up right before bedtime. I don’t usually call him on it, though, since I’m sure I have more than one – er – quirk of my own πŸ˜‰

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