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English: Marshmallows

English: Marshmallows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In honour of the fact that emerald green is the colour of 2013 according to those in the know, I am presenting you with a recipe I call “Green Stuff”. It probably has a proper name, but I rather like its non-descriptive descriptive name.

This was given to me by a friend who says that her significant other, Dave can make it, so I can make it. And Dave goes along with this—though come to find out—Dave is a bit of a cook himself, having taught cooking at school. So he is way ahead of me when it comes to cooking, but that is alright. It encourages me to try new recipes so I am the better for it.

So, in case you were looking for something green for your St. Patrick’s Day feast (I know I am a bit ahead of time here, but this will give you time to plan), here is my recipe for

Green Stuff

19 oz. can of crushed pineapple with juice

1 small pkg. pistachio pudding (99 grams)

1 pkg. of coconut (200 grams)

Large thing of Cool Whip (as opposed to a small thing of Cool Whip)

About ½ pkg. of little marshmallows

Pour pineapple into big bowl. Sprinkle pudding on top and let soak in for a minute. Stir in and mix. Add coconut. Stir. Add slightly softened cool whip. Stir. Add marshmallows. Stir. Make sure it is all green when you are done mixing. Voila, green stuff!

I tend to leave out the coconut, but my family loves it either way.

Do you have a blissful recipe with a weird name?

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  1. Nice recipe. Wish I could eat sugar but that is probably a good thing.

  2. We do! One is Different-every-time pudding which is a very delicious rhubarb and butterscotch pud. You can find the recipe here:

    The other one would do for St Patrick’s Day. It’s called Leprechaun Salad and I don’t know where my Mum found this or if she made it up but it became a family favourite.
    One lime jelly made to 1/4 pint water instead of the whole pint. Add 8ozs cottage cheese, 1/2 can chopped pineapple, some glace cherries, some halved walnuts. Stir it all up and leave to set in a flat wide dish. Surprisingly, it goes well with cold meats!

    Try it! 🙂

    • both sound wonderful and with great names–will have to give them a try – my mom made a salad very much like your mom’s Leprechaun Salad

      • That’s good to hear! 🙂

  3. PS Drain the pineapple well or it stops the jelly setting! 🙂

  4. I used to make this when I worked in a deli in high school. I like this and a tropical blend we used to make that had pineapple, coconut, cherries, mandarin oranges, can’t remember off the top of my head what else was in it. Then it was all mixed together with dream whip.

  5. That sounds great! I love coconut so I’ll probably keep it in there – not that I need any of this, mind you! haha!

    • none of us do – but sometimes you get a hankering for something sweet and green

  6. Ooooh I love the colour emerald green so this bliss and recipe is extra awesome 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. This is one of my favorite recipes! I think we just called it “that pistachio stuff.” 🙂

  8. I’ve always been partial to Shit on a Stick! LOL :). It’s rice krispie square mixture molded around a popsicle stick and them dipped in chocolate. How’s that for an unusual recipe name?

  9. This sounds very similar to a dessert my mom used to make called “ambrosia”. (I think that’s how it’s spelled.)
    Also a funny name but a delicious treat. 🙂

    • that is a lovely name–thanks Jackie – certainly more poetic than green stuff

  10. Green is my favorite color so this would be perfect for me. 🙂 Also, maybe this makes me look totally lame but I had no idea there was such a thing as pistachio pudding!

    • me either, until I was given the recipe — so that makes two of us and I am a lot older than you

  11. Your green stuff sounds good Lou. I make a dessert called Dump cake….seriously all you do is dump a yellow cake mix, a can of pineapple, cherry pie filling, butter and toasted almonds together and pop it in the oven, and voila, a tasty dessert comes out 35 minutes later.

    • I promise I am going to make that–maybe for John’s birthday – he loves both cherries and pineapple

  12. This would be tricky to make over here because we don’t have pudding – we do have Angel Delight which is pretty similar, but it doesn’t come in pistachio flavour (I could probably order actual pudding from somewhere though). Also we don’t have Cool Whip, but we have dream whip which is similar but it comes in powder form and you have to mix it up yourself. Maybe I should try and come up with a UK version of this for Sugarness!

    • good idea — not sure dream whip would work because the thing has to set and dream whip might be too fluffy–but you never know–funny how we are so similar but not quite

  13. this is one of my favorite desserts.. oh goodness it’s only 6am but now I want a big bowl..

  14. I did not know there was an official colour. I feel so out of the loop. Thank you for putting me back into it.

    • last year it was orange –

      • I’m glad I missed that one. Orange makes me look dead.

      • aren’t you glad it was last year’s colour?

      • It’s a great relief. I’m much better in green.

      • Green is also one of my favourite colours

  15. I don’t know if you could call this a blissful recipe but it does have a strange name. When I was wee my mum used to make what she called “sheeps’ eyes” for birthday parties and other celebratory occasions. They also go by the name of “top hats”, I think. You put a bit of melted chocolate into a petite four case, pop a big marshmallow on top of that, squishing it into the chocolate broad side down, then a blob of melted chocolate on top of the marshmallow and a Smartie on top of that and let the chocolate harden. It never occurred to me to question the name until we had a small Spanish boy staying with us and when he heard we were to be eating sheeps’ eyes he looked queasy and distressed.

    • barring the name — they sound like a wonderful kid treat — I asked for unusual and you gave me unusual – thank you

  16. My weird named recipe is called “Knuckles.” It’s a name my brother and I gave to a kind of Hungarian dumpling. Love this Green Stuff thing – horrible to look at and delicious to eat. 🙂

  17. I’m not typically a Jello fan, but this does sound tasty!

  18. One of my favorite things at a church dinner!

  19. I don’t know what that’s called either – but – that’s some gooooood sweet green stuff!
    I have a fave recipe. It doesn’t have a weird name though.
    I love my rum cake! I got the recipe online – tried it & loved it!
    Cheers to that – huh 😉

    • I have a friend who makes a rum cake to die for, so I understand your love of it

  20. my mother made us all cookbooks one christmas with our favorite recipes from childhood. she called it “I’ll have some more of that suff, please”.

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