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Love Stinks

Love Stinks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This fine day after Valentine’s Day is being celebrated in a questionable manner in some corners of the world. I join the legions who do not like the commercialization of love,  cheapening it by pressuring us into buying roses and diamonds and chocolates (seriously though how bad could a day be that supports chocolate?) But, are we so delicate that we cannot withstand this barrage?

Kudos for those of you who just ignore the hype. Equal kudos for those of you who enjoy it. No kudos for those of you who try to derail it by throwing anti-Valentine parties. The headline this morning in my local daily reads: “Kissers, Cuddlers Not Welcome”. A local bar is throwing an anti-Valentine’s Day party tonight and they have banned “public displays of affection” calling them “strictly taboo” at their annual event.

Most of us have loved and lost. Many of us are in wonderful relationships—but we remember when we weren’t. But is that any reason to be so anti-love? I am not really comfortable with public displays of affection at any time—but showing a little affection should not be eliminated for the sake of broken and jaded hearts. My favourite song was once the  J. Geils Band’s  “Love Stinks”. But it was a phase, and I did not resent those who had found love—in fact I found it heartening.

I say to those who are anti-Valentine—get over yourselves. There is no bliss in negativity. What do you think?

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  1. To show our love is always great… But do we need a special day for this. I know Valentine’s Day is so nice, but not for buying something, it is something to say something to the one who we love… Because people usually don’t say how much they love… or can’t show how much they love, it is a day for this opportunity, but commercial world besieged this meaningful touches…. so everything becomes jewelery, etc. Can you believe this, in my country the jewelery sector made the best sales on this day…. It is amazing. Love is not the money or material something… Thank you dear, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • I agree with you — we should always remember those we love–and we should be strong enough not to be strong-armed into “buying” love

  2. I’m not big into public displays of affection, but that’s just me. Not sure places should ban it just because they are bitter. I see the humor, but maybe one step too far. Who knows.

    • I was ready to see the humour but then it just sort of made me sad

      • They could have handled it better, have humor and make a point but not be haters.

      • they went a step or two too far

  3. Of course I’m in full agreement with you, even with my broken heart. I don’t care for any Hallmark holiday that forces people into false celebrations or makes people feel bad because they can’t share in the festivities, but on the flip side, I don’t care for negativity either. Live and let live. Love comes and goes, as I can attest to. I think staying open to the possibility is the most important thing.

    I don’t have great parents, so as you can imagine Mother’s day and Father’s day are not always the easiest. It’s hard to hide out on those days, but I’m certainly not going to have an anti-mother or anti-father party!

    PS – I actually had that J. Geils “Love Stinks” album!

    • I think we should take the power away from the Hallmark people and take it back. I agree with you–negativity does not make a broken heart any better (and who among us has not had a broken heart?)–I like your philosophy to stay open to the possibility.

  4. I don’t mind public displays of affection, LouAnn; it’s the public displays of unbridled passion that I find distasteful. While I prefer to celebrate love daily, for those who need a particular day to be prodded into remembrance, revel in it. For those who feel resentful by this reminder, ignore it. I agree with you: how can anyone object to a day when chocolate reigns supreme? xoxoM

    • you are a girl after my own heart – live and let live I say

      • Yeah, just like that! xoxoM

  5. I agree whole-heartedly! Well put.

  6. I enjoyed spending a day listening to love songs, making special treats, and giving my family a few extra hugs! We don’t “buy into” the commercialism of the holiday, but we do try to celebrate it in a low-key way. For those who do not want to celebrate the day, simply ignore it without forcing standards on others. Nice post!

  7. You said it well…covered all the bases..Accept it, Don’t accept it but for heaven’s sake don’t protest it in that negative a way…Diane

  8. Seems odd to protest the celebration of love, doesn’t it? I agree with you Lou, well said.

  9. I love holidays with tacky pink and red decorations. Valentine’s Day rocks!

    • we should have had a party!

      • Oh gosh! Yes! How did we not think of that?

      • let us not miss another opportunity–I have your lampshade at the ready

      • Oh yeah. We talked about a 4th of July party.

      • Yes we did — but we were going to throw Canada Day or July 1st in to0 – we will have to talk

  10. I don’t have a problem with tasteful public displays of affection. We have this elderly couple, have to be early 90s who take daily walks through town. They hold hands as they walk and occasionally will catch them stop (something said by one maybe) and gaze with such loving in their eyes and a quick kiss. I love it. I stopped to talk with them a couple of times and they told me they passed their 50 year anniversary years ago. To see such love last is a powerful reminder of what love really is. As for anti-anything parties, not something I would want to be a part of.

    • it is sour grapes at its worst – love your story of the older couple–I love seeing older couples walk hand in hand

  11. Too much emphasis is put on the commercial aspect.. men buy flowers and such one day out of the year when they should be buying some (or even one) when they notice their partner needs a little pick me up and vice versa for women. I am not anti-valentines day.. it’s cute, but would rather share throughout the year!

    • me too – and not be dictated to, but some people enjoy it, so that is good too

  12. Share the love everyday. Valentine’s day is a bit of fun though. One mum in my daughter’s class made the class love heart biscuits for morning tea. Very cute. This year I was more excited about it being International Book Giving Day and that Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees was visiting Redcliffe to unveil a statue and special walkway dedicated to him and his twin brothers!!

  13. Well I’ve never heard of anti-Valentine’s – how weird!

  14. I’m so glad you wrote about this because I’ve felt the same way about people bashing on Valentine’s Day for the longest time. I can understand if people are upset because it brings back sad memories but there’s no need to go around spreading negativity because as you said, where’s the bliss in that? The anti-Valentine’s deal is totally uncalled for in my opinion….

  15. I don’t bash Valentine’s Day, but after 20 years together I think my husband and I get that we are happy and Valentine’s Day is something that is observed in every day in small ways. On Valentine’s this year, my husband got up at 5am, drove in the dark to the middle of farm and attempted to fix the pump for the well so that we could have water in the house (the pump quit in the middle of the night). 🙂 I figure that must be love. It was -10 and the pumphouse is unheated.

    • that is true love, and you are right, for happily married couples Valentine’s Day is observed every day in small ways–you are very wise for a young’un

  16. Fair comment ‘there is no bliss in negativity’ – well said, actually. I’m a cynic in some ways but a cheerful one. As with V/Day, it’s wonderful if it’s “all happening” that year, but if it’s not, it’s dismal! OR NOT, I sayyyyyy. Not, for me. Single, fine for now, and bought myself some chocolates! 🙂

    A good post. Cheers.

  17. Neither for nor against. I’m a bit of a romantic, and used to buy flowers for me (ex) partners and my wife whenever it occurred to me, not just on one day of the year.

  18. Could not agree more! You can celebrate or not celebrate the holiday, but don’t try an ruin it for everyone!

  19. I agree, no bliss with any negativity but I do find concern, as others do, in the hallmark take over(The lack of capital letter is deliberate!) I don’t like how pressured some people feel.

    Love to you and yours 🙂

  20. I agree with you completely! I hadn’t heard of this, but in a favorite phrase of mine, “how does this help?” I get it if it is more of a spoof…but it sounds like some might be a little too serious for it to be just that. I am not a Valentine celebrator myself. When my kids were little we did Valentine treats and cards for them to give to all their little friends. But for me, personally, I do not want chocolate or gifts at Valentines. I want them on some random day of the year, for no reason at all, other than my husband wanted to do something for me. Or not…my relationship does not hinge on gifts! Having said that, I don’t see myself as “anti-V day.” Why spoil the fun for others who feel it’s an important day? ~ Sheila

    • My feelings about V-day are very similar to yours–though I will take chocolates any day! I enjoy it for kids–it is fun making the cards and celebrating with them

  21. Hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is a week later, and Vday just seems too commercialized.

  22. i still think its a sweet holiday – it’s what you make of it i guess. i do love the day after thought, all that candy for half price!

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