A Rose by any other name…..

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Homefront- (Photo credit: THQ Deutschland)

 Prompt for the day: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. ~ Michelle

Michelle from WordPress is certainly a curious girl. Okay Michelle, this one is for you.

1. I chose “On The Homefront and Beyond” for my blog because it is the name of the weekly column I write for my hometown newspaper.


rose (Photo credit: alice_ling)

2. To be honest, I did not choose the name totally by myself. When I started writing the newspaper column in 1998 I had a partner—she would write the column one week and I would write it the next. She chose the “On the Homefront” part which she said she stole from a friend. Since her friend lived nowhere near us and was unlikely to ever find out, we absconded with the name. I added “….and beyond” because I did not want to limit us to just topics having to do with “on the homefront”. My partner moved away and I have had the column solely to myself since 1999.

3. It has the word “home” in it, and that is one of my favourite words.

4. I am lazy and did not take the time to find another name for this blog.

5. I hope to publish a wildly popular and successful book called Tales from “On The Homefront and Beyond”. I hope to make millions. When this book is published I plan to put it on my bookshelf beside my book of poetry (which is still in my imagination) called “Poems” from a Poet of Little Merit.

6. I enjoy spellcheck continually trying to make me spell “homefront” as two words: home front.

Are you happy with the title of your blog? If you do not have a blog yet—what title would give you bliss? If you do have a blog—does the name of your blog give you bliss? (I have to stay with the program here: bliss is the topic of the year.)

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  1. I don’t know why but an image of a well-kept beautiful yard comes across my eyes whenever I read “on the homefront and beyond”. I know it is of no relevance here but I just wanted to share.
    I hope you are doing well.

  2. I too gave my blog the Every Day Another Story title with little rhyme or reason. However, the expectation of a new post every day that is suggested by the title has proven a bit wearisome. I post every other day or so. No one has noticed or held me to my word (title). I only post my own material. No U Tubes. No quotes from other authors. For what it’s worth.

  3. My blog name, Pandora’s Box, is because I knew enough to know that I didn’t know what I was getting into.

  4. I love learning about why you made your blog the name you did! It makes perfect sense to me. As for my blog name, I did the daily prompt as well ~ and yes, the name makes me blissful too! 🙂 xo

    • I read yours and liked it very much – loved your explanation and the attitude that goes along with the name

  5. I love the name of your blog 🙂

    Mine….as a child I would often sit and watch what is going on outside through the window, and here I am, sitting at my desk doing exactly the same thing 35 years later! Lol…. I have a novel planned that will hopefully ha e the same title 😉


  6. Well that’s as good a reason as any. It’s a great name too, and I wish you lots of luck with your dream books. Have you started writing them yet?

  7. My title .. hometogo232 is indicative of how my favourite place to be is ‘home’ I guess the ‘togo’ was kind of going into ‘blogging’ and the 232 was the number of my house at the time…and home does indeed bring me bliss…. Diane

  8. I do love the name of your blog.. makes me feel welcome LouAnn.
    and truth be told..
    I kinda sorta really dig my name too cause I am full of BS 🙂 but not at this moment. I speak only the truth

    • I love the feel of your blog – and your attitude

      • oh I hope that is not bad?

      • no, you attitude is very good and smart and clever

      • smile.. thanks lady. ( I wasn’t fishing)

      • I just did not want their to be any misunderstanding

  9. Though the title of my blog, Following Augustine, might seem odd to many, it is very meaningful to me and yes, I could probably say that it gives me bliss especially right now as I once again prepare to settle on the far side of the sea. Here’s why I chose the title: http://edebock.wordpress.com/about-the-title/. I actually had it in mind long before I started blogging but at that time I thought it might actually be a book title!

    • what a wonderful tradition you are upholding – wish I had something that substantial for my blog name

  10. I wrote a lengthy response earlier only to accidentally delete it. I had to let a little time pass before I sat back down.
    My blog name comes from the movie, “Brigitte Jones Diary.” Two of the characters that dislike each other immensely, find themselves staying at the same hotel over the weekend. When they run into each other in the lobby, Hugh Grant asks Colin Firth, what brings him there? Colin firth states he’s there on business and shares bits of his tedious agenda, to which Hugh Grant sarcastically replies, “My what a gripping life you do lead.” I don’t know why but it makes me laugh every time.

    I had no idea when I came up with this blog name just how gripping my life would become. Now I wish I had called it “A Problem Free life.” LOL!

    “On the Homefront,” suits you. It’s solid. Because it has the word “Home” in it, I always imagine you at home with a cup of coffee. Isn’t that funny. We probably all write from home but you’re the only one I conjure up a picture of home for. 🙂

    • I do write from a corner of my office-which doubles as my dining room–and first thing in the morning I do have my coffee as I write.
      I love your name the reason for it–and along with you–if it would make a difference I would call mine A Problem Free Life II!
      Btw–I hate it when I lose a comment; thanks for coming back 🙂

  11. I love the name of my blog because it epitomizes my crazy life :).

  12. I always am surprised when spellcheck doesn’t like ‘homefront.” Why the heck not?

    My tag line is “Ink of Me” because it made me smile when I thunk it up.

    • ha ha – clever just like you

      • Yup. That is me. Clever. Or a cleaver. Not sure which.

  13. I always think of WWII when I hear the word homefront…. I picture mothers and daughters and fathers and wives all waiting for the loved ones to return from the war….I know that has nothing to do with your blog… but hey…. its all I could think of! LOL I like the word “beyond,” obviously, since its part of my blog title, too because I didnt want to be limited to the 50’s….

    • I often wonder if people will make that connection which is one of the original meanings
      we both are a little beyond sometimes–and that is a good thing

  14. My title (and blog site) was given to me (and named) by my daughter for Mothers Day last year. She knew I was thinking of starting a blog, and I was dubious about my ability to create it. It was a lovely surprise. She did well naming it, not knowing what I was going to write about, which has turned out to be just perfect because I write about different things on different days. Magnificent Mondays are generally a poster or encouragement to start the week, Writing Wednesdays are all things writing, and Family Fridays I share my life stories.

    • I like the way you have lined up your topics — I remember when I was young my mom had days for her housework – Monday was washday, Tuesday ironing day, Friday-cleaning day — your subjects are much more interesting

  15. No matter how the name came about, adding “and beyond” was brilliant. I have little time today. Lots of errands, MD appt.etc. NOt much time to cmment. I like the titile and I think it ftis you well.

  16. Some funny reasons there. So, what are you doing about making that book a reality?

    • I am starting to put columns and poems together and find a backer to self-publish my poems, and a publisher to publish my book — I can use all my blog friends as proof that somebody reads me

      • For a small fee, I will consider vouching for you.

      • the backer I need provides the $, not the other way around – lol

      • Well, if you want me to vouch, you know where I am. LOL.
        Good luck.

      • will keep you in mind

  17. And you’re doing very well, staying with the bliss theme! I’m filled with admiration, especially as I can’t seem to have two consecutive posts with a running theme, much less what you’ve done, and we’re halfway through February! I chose the name of my blog from something I said about my son when he and I were having some issues…I needed to extend some grace (graciousness was probably more correct) to him, and he needed to give me some space! Or was it the other way around? Anyway, grace and space is now my shorthand for any situation that needs a little extra patience, wisdom, or breathing room. And I like it that so many of the values that I try to live have a component of grace…giving, or receiving. ~ Sheila

    • so, in essence your theme lies in your blog name

      I think I am stretching the bliss thing a little thin on occasion, but so far it is working – thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  18. PS…forgot to comment on the upcoming book…hope it really comes to fruition. And me too! I would love to use the book-worthy posts…assuming there are some…from my blog to create a book and become an overnight successful writer…what am I waiting for? Oh yes, have to create those book-worthy posts! ~ Sheila

    • Sheila – we are going to do it and become so rich that we can fly to some exotic locale and toast each other with champagne–is it a deal?
      love your sense of humour btw

  19. I chose nobodysreadingme because I was new to the game and it pretty much described what I felt would happen to what I wrote.
    Just shows how wrong you can be.
    I still like the name though. I’ve grown rather attached to it. Even if it is a bit of a swine to type.

  20. It’s nice to read how people came up with their blog titles.
    Although the one I have is not my 1st choice (My 1st choice was taken) I do like the title of my blog. It says what I share & that’s me, myself & I 😉
    & I do go with the flow…

  21. i love the title of your blog. we all are searching for and intrigued by something beyond our homes.

  22. I like your title too, especially the … and beyond which allows you to go anywhere.

    I chose mybeautfulthings after losing my best friend of 30+ years and needing to look for the good things. She would have loved the way my blog has developed. We had so many laughs together and were always positive with each other and I miss her.

    Through my blogging I have made lots of ‘friends’ whom I would just love to meet in the real world as well as the blogging world 🙂

    • what a lovely dedication to the memory of your friend – she would be proud of your beautiful blog
      I would like to meet some of the people I have met in this lovely community –maybe some day I will make a trip across the pond as they say

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