The Reality of Bliss

Month of the Oscars

(Photo credit: Trev Grant)

It is February. I thought I would state that unequivocally and upfront so that I do not lose my status as one for the obvious. I have decided this year to just settle on the fact that though this is the shortest month of the year, it really is the longest. It is midwinter, it is going to be cold, and so I am just not going to fight it. I am going to go with it. And you have to admit, that the snow of the last few days has been beautiful.

Even though I do not have a meteorological degree, I do not depend on a little furry creature to predict when spring will come. Face it, spring is six weeks away, or winter will be at least six weeks longer. It is a great tradition to have the little guy poke his head out and either see his shadow or not, but seriously folk, he is not fooling us.

Bliss is sometimes facing reality and making the best of it. Do you agree?

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