~ Making Bliss from the Unblissful ~

English: Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) with vari...

English: Swiss chard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This next recipe is for those who do not eat meat, but still eat eggs and cheese. Yes, I actually did make this recipe once. It is so unlike me, but we had an attack of Swiss chard in our little family garden, so it was in response to the abundance of green stuff that I actually turned the oven on.

Swiss chard is really good for you. Having said that, I have to admit that it is not my favourite leafy green, but it is nicely disguised in this recipe.

So, without further ado (drum roll please) here is some Swiss Chard Bliss (isn’t it amazing how I can work that word into anything?):

Baked Swiss Chard

1 lb. Swiss chard

¼ cup of butter (I probably used Becel, as that is what I usually have on hand unless it is a holiday)

1 large onion, sliced

2 eggs

Salt and pepper (to taste)

¾ cup grated cheddar cheese

Cut stems from chard, then cut into ¼ inch pieces and leaves into 1 inch strips. (Let’s be honest here, I threw out the stems). Melt butter, add onion and stems and cook until onion is transparent. Add leaves and cook for three minutes. Place in greased two quart baking dish.

Beat eggs; add salt and pepper, then pour over chard. Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Serves 2-4  (Recipe taken from Country Cooking, by readers of Harrowsmith Magazine, attributed to Sandra Lintz ~ p. 163)

A wedge of Unpasteurised West Country Cheddar ...

Everything thing is better with cheese!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are not a big fan of Swiss chard you will like this recipe. If you are a big fan of Swiss chard, you will love this recipe.

So what recipe do you use to turn a vegetable which is not on your bliss list, into something that resembles bliss? And do you agree that if you add cheese to something, it automatically becomes blissful?

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  1. I’m not real good in the kitchen … but the cheese trick with anything works for me!

    • me too — makes the difference between food and good food unless of course it is chocolate cake which can stand alone with a tall glass of cold milk (which I guess means it is not standing alone!)

  2. Ooooh, I have to save this recipe for hubby because we always have tons of swiss chard in our garden in the summer, and my hubby LOVES swiss chard! Thanks LouAnn :).

  3. sounds great ~ yes i’d eat cardboard if it had cheese melted on it!

  4. Would you believe that I’ve never grown or tried swisschard? It’s on the list..

    I’m still sad that Harrowsmith magazine closed down. I found a bunch of second hand copies last year and have been retreading them. The magazine office and bookstore is actually pretty close to us (or was).

    • I loved that publication – I have a few of the books that they put out–swiss chard is so easy to grow–in fact I still have some frozen in the garden (must get that cleaned out)

  5. How could even the much maligned Swiss chard not be delicious when its coated in butter and cheese. I say bring on that bliss!

  6. Yummmm….cheese.

    Here’s my transformation recipe: Salsa

    Tomatoes=nasty (I know, I know, you disagree…)

    One can whole peeled tomatoes
    One bunch cilantro
    One Serrano pepper–unless you are brave
    One teaspoon ground cumin
    One half teaspoon garlic salt
    One good blend in the blender
    One can of nasty tomatoes is transformed!

  7. Your recipe sounds delicious….and I love Swiss chard. However cauliflower not so much, but when you roast it at 400 degrees for 25 minutes in olive oil, salt and pepper, it is transformed.

    • I am definitely going to try that – I love raw cauliflower dipped in ranch sauce

  8. Yum, thanks! I love Swiss chard!

  9. How did you know I bought Swiss chard yesterday and have no idea what to do with it? It looked so pretty. It gave me hope. Now I have a recipe, too. Thanks!

    • glad to be of service–it is an easy and good recipe – maybe even Piper and Sissy will like it

  10. I love your attitude! To make bliss from something unblissful is a gift. Now am longing for some swiss chard.

    • is it on your cleansing diet? I thought of you when I posted– maybe it is but not all the recipe’s ingredients

      • Yes, I can eat it this week. Just not some of the other ingredients until after the cleanse.

  11. I have a huge weakness for Swiss my friend 😀
    Bliss indeed!

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. I love chard, but usually I just sauté it. I’ll have to give this a try.

    • do you saute it with garlic?

      • Yes, and sometimes also chickpeas.

      • anything with garlic, like cheese is good. chickpeas are a bonus

  13. Yes maam. Good ole Swiss chard. I grow this just about year round. Give it some shade in the summer and it will keep on keeping on. It is so much easier to grow in warm weather. and I think it is about as high in iron as spinach. I coud be wrong about that. I just boil mine with some onion and garlic until barely tender. This is a good receipe- I just cook it is easily and quickly as I can.

  14. YUM! Anything with cheese melted on it is wonderful! My hubby would love this (I hope I can cook it without ruining it) 😦

    • I did — so it must be foolproof (I am not really calling myself a fool but…)

  15. We grew Swiss Chard one year because it was so pretty! We discovered that neither of us liked it but if we’d had this recipe we might have done! 🙂

  16. You shouldn’t throw out the stalks, that’s what makes pretty coloured bits to the chard and they don’t taste bad either. Next time keep them in, and cook the stems first then add the leaves. I agree cheese makes everything delicious.

  17. I find Kale to be highly unblissful. But apparently it’s good for you, so I cook it with quinoa in a rice cooker and then add black beans to mask the taste of the Kale! Pretty good!

    And yes, I agree, cheese is heavenly!!

    • I bought kale once–it is certainly nice to look at–but I never got around to using it – will try again – maybe I will have to mask it too

  18. Lovely concept! I agree that with some creativity, anything can become blissful!
    You are creative! 🙂

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