My bliss

My big bliss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Big dreams create the magic that stir (wo)men’s souls to greatness.” – Bill McCartney

It seems to me I have talked ad nauseam about capturing the moments of bliss—those little moments when we realize that life has something to offer, but on a rather limited basis. Are we too complacent in our misery, in our lack of hope for anything more than moments? Of course we should enjoy these moments, but I ask you ~ what is wrong with BIG BLISS? BIG DREAMS? HAVING IT ALL?

Are we so ensnared in the philosophy that we have to snatch those moments of bliss, that we are ignoring the bigger picture? Maybe we do not try hard enough to capture a life filled with bliss. Hours of bliss, not moments. Days, weeks, months, years of bliss. Should that not be our goal?

Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple (Photo credit: Edgars Jekabsons)

I understand that life hands us a lot of rotten apples, and you cannot make apple sauce out of rotten apples, you have to throw them out. Maybe we should just throw out the rotten apples in our life and bite into a nice crispy unblemished one.

In this my proclaimed year of finding my bliss, I want to find my big bliss and not be happy with a few dregs of joy, shots of happiness, or teaspoons of laughter. I want a whole barrel of joy, more than a 26-er of happiness, and a belly full of laughs.

I am missing something here not shooting for the moon. Why can’t my big dreams come true? (And to be honest some have.) Why can’t I have it all, or at least most of it?  Today I am going don my Nikes and “do it”. They are actually pink and silver Champions, but you know what I mean.

From the words to the song “Have It All” by Jeerem Kay, and the soundtrack to the television show, Scrubs, this is my new mantra:

“Maybe it’s too soon to be sure but I really do believe that someday we’re gonna have it all.”

Are you ready for some big bliss? Admit it, some of your big dreams have come true, but you have forgotten them in all the turmoil of everyday problems.

Yesterday I told you my sob story—but today I will tell you some of my big blisses: I went to university and loved every moment of it; I married the boy I had a crush on in high school and it seems to have lasted—this year we celebrate 31 years;  I have worked for radio, newspapers, and magazines and I am going to get a book published by hook or by crook; I owned a bookstore; I had two (very) premature sons who have grown into healthy big guys; I have discovered blogging and a wonder community of bloggers who have become my friends; I belong to a Writers’ Group which has been running for 15 years; I have great friends who I walk with; talk with; write with; lunch with; and just visit. I count my sister as my best friend, and my brothers as my closest allies–something not all people can claim. And .…I am not done yet.

What big dreams of yours have come true that led you to some big bliss?

House of Joy

House of Joy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Never be done. Sometimes I rationalize not achieving my dreams yet why shouldn’t I achieve them. I’m with you!

  2. you can ferment a form of gin from rotten apples

  3. I BELIEVE, Lou Ann that great bliss can happen and it does and it will. I’m with you — this has inspired me. One of my big blisses — a hot bath. I know it’s not a big deal, but when the power was out and I couldn’t take one, only cold showers, that bath was BLISS — a big, huge, warm sudsy bliss. Of course, there’s hubby, pups, travel, writing and all sorts of things I’ve done that have brought me here. But baths, that’s a big bliss I can have any time I want it. I’ll keep you posted on the others ones that are just waiting to happen. 😉

    • this was a wonderful response–I did not have a water heater for several days last fall–and yes a hot bath is a big bliss–waiting for more of your big blisses

  4. To answer your question about big bliss- nothing! 🙂 You did not expect an answer that brief did you?

  5. Big Bliss should be the name of a candy bar.

  6. I haven’t achieved my dreams yet but so much time ahead to do so! Your great big bliss is wonderful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Well my dream from as far back as I remember was to marry someone…stay married and have children…I have 3 children,8 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter and this July we will celebrate our 50th anniversary…so while there is a lot of living and challenges within that dream….I did achieve it….Diane

    • a good dream indeed — marriage is a lot of work so congrats – I am looking at 31 years this year

  8. Really enjoying your Bliss posts 🙂 One of my favourite quotes: For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? James Allen

  9. I’ve always loved to write.. 2 years ago i had the idea for a non-profit org where poets/artists/photographers could share their work, magazines would be printed and we give them away for free.. Little did I realize all of the other doors that would open, the people that would enter my life.. It’s trully been a blessing..

  10. I take things as they come and I honestly try not to dream. I know that sounds probably sad but it is not. I take life as it comes and count my blessings every single day. I am overall a pretty happy gal with plenty of bliss. I am happy to just have a cup of coffee in the morning,heated seats in my car, healthy/happy daughters, paying job and a pretty damn good husband.

    • those sound like big blisses to me

      • they are 🙂 and thankfully so

  11. Never stop dreaming! 🙂

  12. What a buoyant post – fantastic!

  13. I’m not done yet, either! In fact, I think I’m just getting started….

    Big Bliss for me is knowing people care, whether it be friends, family, coworkers, blogging friends, etc. and this has been even more important to me since I’ve moved away from my home country. It’s good to know that there aren’t any boundaries when it comes to caring about one another. 🙂

  14. Your life has been full of bliss already, but there is nothing wrong with wanting and striving for more :).

  15. Big bliss today is getting into a comfy cozy bed, after a particularly tiring day. Of course my family brings me the most bliss, I love being a Grandma, that is a special kind if bliss.

    • It is the biggest of blisses! Keep chocolate bars in your desk, coke your fridge, and keep the cheetos away from the moth balls?

      • Yep, just like our grandparents, think I will forgo the mothballs!

      • ha ha

  16. First of all, I love that you put the “wo” in front of the Bill McCartney quote. That’s awesome.

    Secondly, right on for looking toward the future and to all the things you both appreciate and have yet to do.

    • wo is as imporant as man isn’t it? Go for the gusto–or is that a beer? Either way it is good.

  17. I loved every moment of university too – and it was friends from high school and university that helped us move this past month. We put out a call for help and 20 of them showed up – you can’t ask for better friends than that. They came from every corner of the province. Taking a lot of the load off was blissful.

    I married the boy I had a crush on in high school too – though we didn’t get together until after I was done university. We’ve been married for 18 years and it looks like it might stick.

    • We did not get together until after university too–I met him again at 27 and married him at 29. 18 years is a pretty good indication that you have something there.
      I am not surprised that your call for help brought a lot of people together to help you – you have such a wonderful blog presence and one I look forward to, that you must be just that great in real life–you come across as very real, authentic and funny

      • Thank you, you just made my whole day. I got an email from one of the friends yesterday, saying that she loves staying with us because its so real. I think she meant that I’m not afraid to yell at the kids in front of her. 🙂

      • see, it is just so natural for you to be witty 🙂 ha ha–not ha ha that you are witty–ha ha that you yell at the kids in front of friends–that is a good thing–as long as you do not chase them with the broom!

      • I have considered it, but so far have been able to restrain myself.

      • I have two boys – I used to have a set of knives out in a butcher block – I put the knives in a drawer and the butcher block is languishing away somewhere — the boys laugh at me–they have never cut one another but they do pick up the canoe paddles hanging on one of our walls and go after each other

  18. Oh – so much to be thankful for & so much BIG bliss has come my way.
    BUT – I’m not done yet either. And – I hope & would like to think that everyone still living feels the same way. As long as we are alive & well – there is room for more bliss & BIG bliss!

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