Would You Invite These Guys to Your Party?


Snifter (Photo credit: fixedgear)

Professor Eric G.Wilson, author of the book “Against Happiness” theorizes that to foster a society of total happiness is to concoct a culture of fear; that mirth gives away our courage; that we relinquish our hearts for contentment; and our “blissed out culture”  ignores sadness and feelings.”

Methinks the prof is a little too tightly wound and would not be a great deal of fun at a party. In fact he would probably eschew partying for a little morose get together to talk politics and chew on his cigar.

I think the esteemed Ralph Waldo Emerson is a little more balanced in his assessment of finding bliss. He said,  “I compared notes with one of my friends who expects everything of the universe and is disappointed when anything is less than the best, and I found that I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing, and am always full of thanks for moderate goods…”

So while Ralph might not be the life of the party, he would at least participate, and would brandish his brandy snifter with aplomb.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “The thirsty man knows water more keenly than the sated one.” But once having known thirst, one has to admit that being sated is a much more blissful state.

Sam would be at the party too, but he would add a little scotch to his water, no rocks.

So, of these three, who would you invite to your party?


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  1. Ralph– definitely. But I would most certainly rather have you at my party than any of these three.

  2. Ralph strikes me as the one you want.
    Eric G. Wilson. The name says it all. It reeks of miserable bugger.
    Sammy is being a bit pretentious, but get a few beers dwon him and he’s a real party animal. Or opium. That would work

    • back in the day–I am sure a little opium was the party appetizer of choice

      • It’s not half bad actually. I tried it once in the spirit of scientific enquiry.

  3. Definitely NOT Eric!

  4. Ralph–I bet he has some stories!

  5. Eric sounds like a guy who needs to put his party face on. When someone invites you to a party, if you chose to attend it is your responsibility to bring your party face even if you are not feeling it. Ralph is on the guest list…..Eric, not so much.

    • so agree–like that–will have to remember my party face next time–good words to live by

  6. Actually, they can all come. Everyone has something to bring to the party, and once they’ve had a chance to chat with my other party guests, I’d like to think they will all take something away (as long as it’s not my whisky).

    • and if you sing, even Eric will enjoy himself– I like your inclusiveness

  7. I’m thinking we should invite Eric because he would be a challenge to convert over to a blissful way of thinking :).

    • hey, now there is another way to look at it–you could ply him with chocolate

      • Not the really good chocolate though, just in case he’s impossible to convert. I wouldn’t want to waste the good stuff :).

      • ha ha – always thinking!

      • Tee hee 🙂

      • just visited your pic–it was an easy one for me this week and you can hide the real answer all you want, but I know what it really is!

  8. Ralph-Yes
    Eric- No

  9. LouAnn,
    Ralph would be invited, and I would even let him babysit my kids while I take a 7-yr vacation.
    Le Clown

  10. I think…..that these three should have a party of their own…and we should have a party in the other room and watch them duke it out (in words)….on a big screen t.v. monitor…lol Diane

  11. Ralph Waldo Emerson, no competition. I love his writing, always have. I’d love to have a glass of Sav Blanc with him and asked him what space he goes to, to write such beauty.

  12. I would invite Emerson and the bottle of Laphroiag.

    Seriously, you included two of my favorite things in the world in this post.

    • sometimes I don’t strike out! Emerson and the bottle are definitely coming to the party!

  13. I would invite Ralph too. For one thing, I had a grandfather and a hamster named Ralph. Furthermore, if Ralph has absolutely no expectations of fun or mirth, he would be very hard to disappoint. I could probably hand him a deck of cards for solitaire and a glass of Tang and stick him in a corner and he’s still have a great time. My kind of guy.

    • ha ha ha – you are hilarious – I never thought of that–the best guest is one with no or low expectations!

  14. I’ve always been enamoured of STC…but, in truth, I’d rather like to chat with Mr. Emerson. 🙂

  15. Ralphie. For sure.

  16. I would have all 3 of them, I love a good “discussion” and could see that coming from the different views.

  17. Ralph is the guy for me 😉

  18. Probably Emerson since his advice appears as the most practical and the wisest.

  19. Yep. I think Ralph is the winner here. Although he probably wouldn’t bring a great hostess gift. ; )

  20. Hmmm…That’s kinda’ tricky.
    My initial thought is Ralph.
    But – how about all three & see how it goes?
    In a real life situation though – I know that I would not anyone that I wasn’t feelin’ it for. So – that would mean that Eric would not be invited.

    • I am sure after a glass of wine or two, Eric might find his bliss!

      • I think you’re right 😉

  21. Prolly Coleridge but I don’t know why! Hubs loves Laphroig, ha ha, he’d be there no matter who came!

    • yay a vote for Coleridge–another male was quite taken with the Laphroig too

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