~ Bliss in Hiding ~

Trio of Butter

Trio of Butter (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)

It was a simple dribble of butter. But it was the straw. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

The day did not start off too famously. A number of unpleasant matters needed to be dealt with in a delicate manner. So my mood was none too frothy.

Took a break at around 10 a.m. to have some breakfast, as business had taken over the breakfast hour and things needed to be attended to.

Lacking any better option I made a piece of toast and poured myself a glass of orange juice. I carried them into the living room for a moment of relaxation. I settled into my chair and took my first bite of toast. That is when the eye of the perfect storm shattered. Butter dripped on to my favourite red turtleneck.

I put the plate down. I had had enough and it was only  midmorning. Because I have the luxury(?) of conducting business from home, I made my way to my bedroom, a place of refuge. I pulled the covers back, climbed in, and stayed there. For a while. Then I donned a clean turtleneck (I have  collection), and came downstairs to re-face the day.

It really has not gotten any better. But who said life was either easy or fair? Bliss seems to be eluding me, hiding away in some illusive corner, hopefully soon to be discovered.

Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

Have you ever had a day when bliss will not come out of hiding?

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  1. Funny, I was just going to write a post about the possibilities of conducting life from bed, under the covers. Why can’t we? I’d love to just stay in there all day – command central, in my pajamas! ha!
    Sorry to hear about your turtle neck 😦
    I hope the day gets better for you. When your Bliss eludes you, you can always find it in bed. Your instincts were good. (In my opinion!)

    • I agree – I needed the refuge, the quiet, the dark–and you are right–why cannot it become command central? Thanks for understanding

  2. Often and so often it is a collection of minutiae reflecting whatever’s going on inside that causes it 🙂

  3. It’s rainy, gray, cold and foggy where I am. I did get out and go to the gym although it wasn’t my best effort. Still looking for that bliss…

  4. I completely love this post. Maybe we really are the same person?

  5. Ugh, I hate those days.

  6. Ahh Lou, been there. A moment under the covers is what we all need to set the upside down day, right side up.

  7. Those days my friend, they are unavoidable!
    Chin up!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Have you heard my story of my fridge yesterday? Definitely not a moment of bliss.

  9. Bliss: The moment when everything is done, in order, and to perfection; and therefore unattainable except as an illusion. Am I not profound?

    • profound and so truthful –there is never a time when everything is done, in order or perfect is there?–though the illusion is lovely

  10. You must stand away from coffee and try the English cup of tea,, yar should fine. and yes have had many of these days of late,, so lots of cups of tea..;)

    • ah, tea, so civilized–I think a better idea–as I really only like one cup of coffee a day–excellent suggestion from a good friend 🙂

  11. Bliss. Sometimes you just can’t find it. And then well meaning people say things like, “It could be worse. Be thankful you have a job/home/family…” I am! Is it too much to ask that everything go strictly according to the script I have going in my head???? I don’t think so, anyway.

    • I know, someone did not read the script did they? And those people who try and give you perspective–annoying aren’t they? (lol)

      • Yeah, except I do it to other people all the time. Eek.

  12. What to find your bliss? Go shopping! It is on the sale rack and I believe there is a red turtleneck marked half-price with your name on it.

    • no money right now honey–hope that changes soon–I put dishwashing liquid on it–that usually gets greasy stains out

  13. Hope your day got better!!

  14. Oh, I’ve had that sort of day many times, LouAnn. The other day I made a cup of coffee, and I knocked it over as I reached for it. So I made another cup and promptly spilled it on myself. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Or hide under the covers.

    • I choose hide under the covers–at least for today–bliss took my sense of humour with her

  15. LouAnn,
    I’m glad you took an “under the covers” break. Sometimes, bliss just has to take a break, too…sortof a contrast so we can appreciate the bliss more when it reappears – which I know will be soon…

    • I know you appreciate something more after you have missed it–that is so true–

  16. Dude. Yes! Sometimes bliss is nowhere to be found and you’re out there looking for this bitch. Ahhhhhh at times like this ice cream or chocolate is the way to go, followed by a comedy that always makes you laugh. Hope the you have a better one next time

  17. I am King Klutz. I cannot eat oatmeal without spilling it on myself. This usually happens when I’m at work. And wearing black pants. If only I could learn to be a neater eater…

    • I know, me too. I don’t need an apron to cook, but should wear one to eat! I am Queen Klutz. Wear beige pants when you eat oatmeal.

      • I just always seem to spill on myself when I’m wearing dark pants. What am I? 6? Ugh!

      • wear jeans, they hide almost everything

      • My jeans would excite the crime lab. So many samples of food stains. 🙂

      • ha ha

  18. that’s too bad, i love butter and was hoping to hear it had made your morning better ~ i’m all for getting back under the covers!

  19. I have those kinds of days all the time. Blissless is the name of the game. I hope the butter washes out of your sweater.

  20. Oh sure have…as most of us have….Hope tomorrow’s better for you …Diane

  21. I feel you here.. I actually tripped myself this morning while unloading groceries from my trunk.. been downhill ever since. heading to sleep soon and tomorrow has to be better 😉

    • I hope so for both of us–some days just do not get better–we need a night’s sleep

  22. I was so busy at work today that I am only getting to my emails now at 9pm at night. Yikes!! I’m really sorry to hear that your bliss went into hiding today, but you have it remember that not every day can be totally blissful. I think that the occasional unblissful day actually makes us appreciate the blissful days more. Just remember that you are very lucky to be able to take refuge in your bed in the middle of a work day :). There’s nowhere to hide at my work, although there are many days when I suggest a rotating “put your head down on your desk and have a wee nap” schedule just so that we can each find some bliss for a few minutes in the middle of chaos. I think it’s a great idea, but nobody has agreed to implement it yet LOL!!

    • I think it is a great plan–I remember work days when there was no escape so maybe my bliss yesterday was the opportunity to escape for a few minutes

  23. We all have those days. One thing leads to another and then we find ourselves curled in a ball somewhere, hoping that it gets better sooner or later. Luckily, tomorrow is always another day.

  24. Today has been a bliss in hiding day for me, as well — so I am drawing a bath and soaking so that bliss can emerge again as I finish reading “The Life of Pi” (which I am finding to be a wonderful read that is coming to a close all too quickly) ~ Kat

  25. One day where bliss is hiding is one day to many. I don’t ask for re-do – just end soon & bring on the next day.

  26. Blues can quickly turn to bliss … and you need the one to appreciate the other … wishing you a good one x

  27. It seems like this whole week has been one difficulty after another. I hate these weeks and I’m really looking forward to Friday. I’m sorry about your turtleneck. I hate when I get things on my faves–but I do it a lot so you’d think I was used to it. Hopefully you’ll find bliss today.

    • my sister is coming from Ottawa this weekend to visit–it is an 8 hour trip so does not happen often–so that will be my weekend bliss
      as for my turtleneck–I am soaking it in dish detergent–that usually gets greasy stains out

  28. I have had weeks in bed when bliss was nowhere to be found, of course that was an extreme situation. But there are those days when you simply must take to your bed. I love my bed.
    And good to know about the dish detergent.
    Tomorrow’s Friday…Blissday?

    • when you are forced to be in bed it is a bit different than doing it because you want to–Friday my sis is coming to visit and have not seen her for over a year–we email everyday though–so yes it will be Blissday

  29. […] ~ Bliss in Hiding ~ (onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com) […]

  30. Maybe turtlenecks are bad luck for you. Perhaps, you should have switched necklines.

    • I don’t know why I wear turtlenecks–probably because my neck is very long and they go with everything–scarves, jewelry, the jeans I always wear unless I go to a wedding or a funeral

      • Now, I have a stubby neck, so turtle necks make me look like a don’t have a neck. LOL.

      • so you must wear V-necks–they make you look like you have a long neck

      • Well, I don’t think anything short of being hung from a medieval rack for a few months could accomplish that, but v-necks and scoop necks are my usual fare.

      • I wear those in warm weather

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