Unusual Bliss

As good as Soup Nazi's Soup

As good as Soup Nazi’s Soup (Photo credit: naokomc)

Feature blogger of the day: the usual bliss.

Why? First and foremost because of the name of her blog, but today she featured a most delicious soup recipe and she also has not taken her tree down, which will make anyone who has not taken their tree down yet happy. Blissful even. Her excuse is that she is sick, but personally I do not think she needs one. Many years I do not have my tree down by this date. I consider this year a fluke.

Unusual blisses:

1. A chili dog on a hamburger bun. The hotdog buns were gone, but I still had hamburger buns and the makings of two chili dogs. It tastes just as good on a hamburger bun as a hot dog bun. My recipe for a chili dog: hot dog, fried; top it with chili, mustard, and onions. Bliss.

2. When something broken gets fixed. My furnace was broken and it is fixed now. No more expensive electrical heaters (which did the trick but did not add much to my Christmas decor). Bliss.

3. A new handle on my back screen door. Now it does not open at random. Bliss.

4. A flu shot given by my favourite nurse who knows how to give shots that do not hurt. She did not even have to ask me what flavour I wanted (a trick my doctor used when I was little). Bliss.

5. Finding a blog called the usual bliss. How fortuitous is that. Kismet. And again, bliss.

What are some of your unusual blisses?

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  1. I experienced bliss a few days ago…finding a forgotten $20 bill deep in a pocket.

  2. An unusual bliss…..waking up at 6:30 or 7am, knowing I slept at least 7 hrs. without waking.

  3. Getting a smile from a stranger at the store.

  4. I watched “The Shift” by Dr. Wayne Dyer ~ just wrote about it on my blog as well…that was amazing….and gave me such bliss! Check it out! xo

  5. I also have the unusual bliss of a flu jab, but it is so small I dont even notice. normal needles make me faint,, a toss up between them and dentists oohh that hurt just writing it.. 🙂

    • I hate going to the dentist–I was so brave when my kids were little and they have no fear of the dentist–I still do and no longer have to hide it–my kids are in their twenties now

  6. Finding something easily that you thought you would have to spend ages hunting for.

  7. I love the bliss that come from broken things getting fixed. It makes you wonder why you put up with it for so long.
    Checking anything off my to do list always provides some level of bliss.

    • I know–you wonder why it was not done sooner–do you sometimes put things on your to do list you have already done so you can cross it off? I do….

  8. I wish I knew your nurse. I used to have to have blood tests every six weeks. My nurse was horrible and left me bruised until my next appointment.

    • there are just some people who should not be in the medical profession – I am so sorry for you

      • Tell me about it. My whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth. Especially the doctor who almost killed me. Idiot! He didn’t want to listen to me and just gave me medicine to shut me up

      • you should sue–what an idiot!

      • I was too sick at the time. Now I’m over it. And I’ve been in remission for almost ten years. Nothing too serious, Graves disease–thyroid. However, it you don’t treat it, it will kill you.

      • I am so glad you are in remission–stay there my friend.

  9. Drinking a cup of good coffee when it’s cold outside but the sun IS shining. Spring is only 9 weeks away. (p.s. thanks for the new blog to check out — it looks lovely).

    • I like that positive attitude – only nine weeks until spring–only nine months until fall

      • Well I love Fall too, so anyway…

      • my favourite time of year–though I like winter cause I like to read and sip tea, while the wind is blowing outside and the snow is piling up

  10. Ok, first of all I have a blog post idea for you. I think you should do one about surprise bliss, you know like finding a chocolate bar that you forgot you had hidden :). Now, as for unusual bliss, the first one that came to mind was getting a new chair at work so that you actually stay level with the desk all day instead of slowly sinking towards the floor because the gas cylinder is shot!! LOL How’s that for unusual? 🙂

    • Unusual for sure–but what a needed surprise–and funny. I like your idea for a post–will have to use it –thanks so much –(not that I would EVER forget where I had put a chocolate bar)

      • I know you are going to be ashamed of me (LOL!!), but I did one time forget that I had hidden some chocolate. I bought a box of those individual packages of chocolate covered fruit pieces (like blueberry, pomegranate, acai) from Costco. I love them and like to keep them on hand for an occasional treat, but I knew that my husband would eat the whole box in a couple of days, so I hid it under the bed. Well, the joke ended up being on me because my hubby found the box and was secretly eating them anyway. When I finally remembered about them, the box was almost empty, and he thought it was absolutely hilarious!!

      • husbands – what can you do with them–and you are still married to him after he ate your chocolates–he is one lucky man!

  11. Ha! Love that tree part 😉 One year my inlaws kept the Christmas tree up til EASTER (!) instead of feeling bad about it they took the Christmas ornaments off and decorated it with eggs.

    • I have given that a serious thought or two – my husband and his roommates decorated their tree with whiskey bottles and old running shoes one year and vowed not to take it down until the American hostages were released in Iran (in 1980)–we are Cdn but we care about our American friends–they took it down in the spring – could not hold out until the fall when the hostages did come home

  12. My unusual bliss would have to be (and I don’t do this very often), riding in the passenger seat with a police officer puppet on my hand, looking out the open window. I like to just sit facing straight ahead, like I am unaware that there is a puppet in the car. People wave, laugh, and some honk. It seems to make people’s day. lol.

    • I love it! Does it save you from getting speeding tickets?

      • Hm. Well, it makes my hubby drive a little slower, so he can see people’s reactions. So, in a way, it does.

      • ha ha

  13. Pulling out all the seed catalogs that have been piling up for the past month and fantasizing about all the veggies coming my way in August…

  14. Great post topic!! My unusual blisses: when I get to the subway station and the train is just pulling in as I get there. When the cup of coffee is Just Right. It’s always good but sometimes it’s Just Right, you know? When I’m in a store and they’re playing music and a song I love comes on. It really is the little things. Thanks for this post, LouAnn!!

    • it is the little things–my husband can make my coffee just right and I don’t know what he does that I don’t
      I have not taken a subway for over 30 years so I do not get to enjoy that bliss
      music always salves the savage beast if it is the right tune doesn’t it (not that you are a savage beast–I was thinking of me)

  15. my unusual bliss: Volume 6 of my favorite graphic novel series arrived –crisp and unread just waiting for me 🙂 AND I am sharing a day off midweek with the hubs.

    • I love that everyone has different things that make them blissful–and uncracked copy of something new to read it always on my bliss list–as is a day off

  16. Thanks for mentioning my blog today as your inspiration! When you find bliss in something every day, it becomes the usual- in a good way! Side story: I have such a bad track record with getting rid of my tree that we actually used to have a “holiday” called Marchimus where we had a Christmas tree bonfire in the front yard. In March. Sigh…

    • I love it — that you are infamous because of your tree and you created a whole holiday–now that is cool

      • Someday I’ll dig up photos. The fire department only came twice.

      • ha ha ha (I think)

      • I’m writing about it now! Hilarious memories. And scary.

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  18. The feel of the hot shower after being out in the cold shoveling snow.

  19. Actually, I just got an ‘unusual bliss’…an actual real hand-written letter from a sweet lady who we used to live next to a few years ago. We have tried to keep in touch with Christmas cards and she was so tickled to get one again this year..even though we’ve moved…she wrote a beautiful little letter. I will of course reciprocate with one to her…Diane

    • I get pretty excited about real letters too–and the fact that you are going to reciprocate will give her some bliss too

  20. When a complicated task suddenly isn’t so complicated….Bliss!

  21. Waking up naturally on a weekend and realizing I can go back to sleep without fear of my alarm clock. Total bliss in my book.

  22. Gee- how lucky can one be? You are so blessed with bliss. Consider yourself fortunate. I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic.

    • we are all blessed with bliss–we just have to recognize it and get it out of the mess that is life

      • Good advice. I see work on that.

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  24. The first cup of tea in the morning ~ or ~ for you LouAnn, the first coffee 🙂

    • I used to be a dedicated tea drinker, now I love both–at least I do not have to put mounds of sugar in my tea to make it palatable

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  26. Saturday morning no need for the alarm clock. Bliss.

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