Bliss Returns ~ Day 8

Sudden Loud Noises

Sudden Loud Noises (Photo credit: STML)

In the last twenty years I have probably seen about five movies at a theatre that were not animated. Yes, I have kids. And for a while I saw every animated movie there was. And then I just lost interest in going to the movies—you can rent, buy, or see most stuff on television if you wait long enough or have the desire.

On Sunday, I went to the movies with my husband, and we saw “Guilt Trip” with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. We were given passes to a movie with two drinks and regular popcorn for Christmas, so we thought we would make use of them. We scoured the paper to see what movies were being offered, and it being just past the holiday season, there were lots to choose from.  But I did not want to see an adventure movie, or the Hobbit movie (sorry Cindy), or a sad movie….I wanted to see something light that would not break my resolution of finding my bliss.

So, we settled on “Guilt Trip”. Or actually my husband settled. I was quite happy to find a movie that was not shoot ‘em up, depressing, or a fantasy.

Well I just loved it. It was in a word: charming. The humour was gentle, the story heart-warming, and the ending happy. Smultzy? Not really. It was pleasant; indeed, it was storytelling at its best. There was conflict, but it was resolved. There were laughs, but also some serious everyday stuff that happens in all of our lives. It was just a good movie. A son and his mother on a road trip. But the son had an agenda, and that is what the whole movie was about. In the end. It was a worthwhile trip for the movie goer.

The only unblissful part of the movie date was the trailers that came on before the movie. We were inundated with probably about eight trailers—and the cacophony of noise blast at us and around us was an assault to the senses. It was too loud—so loud that it reverberated thunderously through the body almost to the point of shutting down. Bliss came when the trailers ended and the movie we had signed on to see came on the screen.

Sometimes bliss is relief in disguise.

Have you ever found bliss when something stopped?

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  1. Would it be horrible to say I found bliss after my divorce? Because it’s true.

    • something finally stopped and you had bliss–what is horrible about that?

      • Very good point….thank you for making me feel better about that comment!

  2. I heard it is a cute movie. The other one I want to see is Parental Guidance. My friend loved it.

    Bliss when something is over? Yes. When my husband turns off the football game on TV.

    • I understand–football is not bliss for me either

      PG is the other movie I wanted to see–but I think we could not use passes for it

      • I love Billy Crystal. He doesn’t have to say a word and I laugh.

      • I know what you mean – lol

  3. Sorry to say it, but I feel total bliss when my hubby turns off the oldies country music show on the radio. I can’t stand that old twangy “I lost my dog and my wife left me” crap. LOL!! And I guess you’d better not go to the movies with me. It wouldn’t be very blissful because I love the loud, action packed movies that assault your senses :).

  4. Yes, today I found bliss when the lab tech stopped drawing the nine vacutainers of blood from me.
    Nice movie review without giving anything away. Going to the movie theater stopped being something I do several years ago. Why? Several reasons. One of which is the trailers. Too bad the “CALM” Act doesn’t apply to them! HA!

    • maybe I should go late to the movies and avoid the trailers
      why did you have blood taken–tests?

      • routine maintenance, nothing to worry about. It’s not that having blood draw scares me. I’m just always happy when it’s over and I discover they left enough for me to live on.

      • I had to go through that last fall–it is a pain, but at least we are being proactive

  5. Those trailers before movies seem to go forever – I don’t know why they do it, it’s not ‘blissful’ at all!

    I find my bliss every morning when I watch the sun rise – it’s my favorite part of the day 😉

  6. Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie and had some delicious popcorn! I usually like the trailers as long as they’re not loud and obnoxious. I know what you mean, by the time your movie starts it’s a welcome relief. On your recommendation I just might go out and see Guilt trip! 🙂

    • I like to see what is coming up but some of the trailers were crazy loud–hope you will not be disappointed — I really liked the movie–usually don’t get the pop and popcorn so this was a treat

      • Don’t worry. I recommend movies all the time and then I get uncomfortable thinking I might have talked it up too much. Anyway, I go primarily for the popcorn! haha! And as we both know, that never disappoints!

      • so true–we can at least depend on the popcorn

  7. Bliss when the phones stop ringing at work. There are a lot of agressive people out there!! Happy to get home for some peace after a days work! 😉

  8. Hi,
    Sounds like a wonderful movie. I do see a lot of movies, and most times unfortunately I am disappointed, but then again when you see a movie you really like it makes up for it all. 🙂

    • I was not disappointed at all — but that does not mean other people would not be

  9. That sounds like my kind of movie. I also don’t enjoy the crazy trailers they have to show at full blast. One of the reasons I rarely go to the movies. Glad you had a blissful evening. 🙂

  10. I wondered if this would be a good flick — the previews look hilarious and I love Babs and Seth Rogen. I also love a movie that has a moral to the story other than all those exploding things. You’ve made me want to go see it! Although hubby and I did go see Zero Dark Forty which had loud noises in it, but it was good if you’re in the mood for a serious movie. I did like Argo better though. I’m rambling, but movies and popcorn — that IS bliss.

  11. Bliss for me today was working from home and able to wear my eons-old hospital scrub pants (I think my Mom swiped these for me at some point). yes, today was blissfull 🙂

    • sometimes I get so much done in my pajamas that I hate to change–I imagine scrubs would be just as comfortable and blissful

  12. Bliss for me was sleeping in past 7am……wonderful!

    • And I slept past 6 – maybe we are getting our sleeping patterns back to normal

  13. bliss is complete silence after working with the public all day. Stop the chatter 🙂

    • I bet that it is bliss not to have to deal with all that stuff

      • home is where the bliss is 🙂 ( I love my job but my ears hurt sometimes after work)

  14. Niiice – A date with your hubby 🙂
    I find bliss every day when sleep ends & I find that I’m alive & well to live another day!

  15. Hope your hearing is still intact from the blasting noise of the trailers Glad you found bliss again.

  16. At the risk of sounding like a grouch, sometimes bliss comes at the end of the day when people stop talking to me. I love interacting with others but I’m one of those people that need to recharge at the end of the day or else I get out of sorts. So when I’m back home away from everyone else, that to me is bliss.

    • we have to refuel don’t we–I don’t think you are a grouch at all–we get bombarded all day and need some respite and that is our bliss

  17. I’d been wondering about that movie–thanks for filling me in!

  18. I guess my husband and I are like you…we find the noise factor in movie theatres really disturbing and like you the ‘trailers’ which is advertising any way you look at it…and I cannot for the life of me take the 2-3 hours sitting in those seats…

    On a regular basis I think when we turn off the t.v. the silence is bliss…Diane

    • I so agree–while television has its place it is nice to have silence especially to read–I like to read in silence so that is the only thing I am paying attention to–that to me is bliss

  19. I found bliss this morning when I actually had time after getting myself ready for the day to paint my nails!!!! I haven’t done that in forever!PURE BLISS

    • so what colour?

      • Actually a nice coral color I normally do darker colors but decided to change it up a bit and am very glad I did!

  20. I never get to the cinema anymore and I miss it. I think the last thing I saw on the big screen was The Hunger Games. But I must admit, that I am an animated film junkie and often wish that I had kids to drag along with me. lol. At least it would give me a reason to see Monsters Inc in 3D!!

    • I am not complaining about the animated movies – most of them are better than the other offerings

      • Monsters Inc, Wall.E, and Toy Story 3 are among my favs. Oh yeah, and Up! Do you have any favs?

      • Loved Up and Toy Story 1 and 2 and 3 – my son saw Toy Story 3 and it made him cry and he is very sensitive about that–my all time favourite is Beauty and the Beast–we played it so much at home it broke

      • When I was a kid, I LOVED Lady and the Tramp, but the thing that always made me cry was Snoopy Come Home. It’s the first book I ever cried to too. Pathetic, eh? Ooops, sorry. You can never talk too long to a Canadian without an “eh” surfacing. lol.

      • Not pathetic at all – and roll out the eh whenever you want–it is a wonderful term we Canadians cannot resist or get rid of (not that I would want to)

  21. But then again, you’re Canadian too, so I’m okay.

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  23. […] Bliss Returns ~ Day 8 ( […]

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