Day 4 ~ Today is Tomorrow 1/4/13

think snow

think snow (Photo credit: patiencehouse)

“Enjoy the good things in life ~ you can always clean tomorrow!” ~        Kat B., Travel. Garden. Eat. blog travelgardeneat

Love this quote, but in my effort to find my bliss, today is tomorrow. I love to enjoy the good things in life, but in order to do so I must get my house in order. I have trouble doing this by myself so I have enlisted my husband in this de-chaosing and since he has a few days off, I am thinking we can do wonders.

My sister is coming to visit mid-month and yesterday my husband asked me what I wanted to get done before she and my favourite brother-in-law (and only but he would still be my favourite) come. He knows that because I am a journalist I work to deadline so I think he thought the date of the visit would work as a deadline.  The good thing is he is willing to help.

I am so not a domestic diva, but I do like things to be in order and clean. Now you would never know it from the state of my house, but since I live in my imagination a great deal of the time, I  imagine a clean and orderly house. Now I have to imagine myself into activity. I always keep a part of the house clean, and when I have company I steer them to those parts of the house exclusively. There are a lot of closed doors at my house.

Yesterday I managed to get my Christmas decorations packed up, and today we are going to pack them away in storage. I did leave the snowmen out–I usually put them away the last day of February. They are cheery, but I figure by March, I am ready for spring even if the weather does not coöperate.

Clean House In Your Tool Box - NARA - 533971

Clean House In Your Tool Box – NARA – 533971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So in finding my bliss today, I am going to start getting my house in order. In fact I have already started–I cleaned out two drawers in the kitchen yesterday, and I keep going out and looking in them with great satisfaction. And I found all kinds of things I forgot I had but are really quite handy–some birthday candles for those times I forget to buy them, some twist ties which for some reason are very important in my life, and a whole package of matches.

My bliss today is to uncover more treasures, and get some of the chaos out of my life.

What are you going to do today to add to your bliss?

Note to readers: Yes you are probably denoting a theme here–I am going to try to write about bliss and all its relatives for the next little while–hope you will not get bored. Some days I will be serious, some days silly–but we will see just how far this can take us.

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  1. Love the snowman photo. I’m working on my bliss — there’s a lot to do cleaning-wise!

    • This is hilarious–I just visited your site and made a comment–happy blogoversary! And keep working on your bliss–the cleaning will get done,…

  2. You are doing better than I am!

  3. I’m like you, not a domestic diva, but I have this need for things to be organized, neat and tidy. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get things back to normal anc catch up on all that cleaning. Sigh!

    • Be nice when it is done–but then you have to keep it up–just like making your bed everyday–you have to do it over and over–I hate repetition unless it is eating

  4. I need to be organized in my surroundings because my mind is too messy and chaotic. It’s one or the other! Too much chaos and I fear I’d be lost forever. So I share this with you.
    My bliss today will be doing some form of exercise, of course the bliss will come AFTER, not before or during the exercise! Lol!
    Good luck with those treasures!!!

    • I don’t even want to think about the mess that is my mind–but I agree with you–getting rid of chaos of some kind is important and I like you method–maybe I will not avoid my walking partner today – ha ha

  5. How can you go wrong with writing about bliss? What a lovely post! I am with you ~ decluttering my home as well ~ and I always leave the snowmen up until March as well!

  6. As my move looms near, it’s time I get myself in gear and start deciding what is going and what is not.. ugh!! I’ll try to find some bliss in that but may just have to rely on your posts for that 😉

  7. LouAnn,
    Bliss is 5 cups of coffee before I read you… Bliss is a coffee rush. I should have another one. You should see me clean after 6 cups of coffee…
    Le Clown

    • Really-I should give that a try–motivation comes in a cup–whodda thought?

  8. Well, it seems you and I are on the same track when it comes to bliss this week. Now that our company is gone (phew!), we took down our Christmas tree and put away all of the decorations yesterday, and I started my major yearly cleaning. After the tree comes down, I always use that occasion to do a full cleaning of our basement, which is really the only time in the year any thorough cleaning is done down there LOL! I tend to ignore the basement most of the time. I got about half of the basement done yesterday and will try to finish it off today. Thank goodness I took this extra week off from work :). It’s a lot of work, but there is a real sense of satisfaction (and bliss) when it is done! Good luck with your cleaning :).

    • thanks you – so cool that we are on the same page–my basement is a bit of a dungeon–it is my upstairs that I rarely get to–happy cleaning

      • Great day – basement totally done! Wahooo!! Now we are going to visit my mother-in-law who we never saw at Christmas because she wasn’t well and wanted to wait and then spend our last evening with Bryan before he goes back to school :(. Tomorrow I will tackle the main floor! How did your day go?

      • got most of the main floor done–at least Bryan is still home–tuckered out now

  9. Can’t think of anything more blissful than a clean house and organized drawers. You have a great husband if he is helping you. He deserves a a gold star.

  10. I went cycling. Fitness is bliss. For the cleaning, employ a cleaner. Life’s too short to hoover.

  11. Recently my bliss is my jewelry drawer. Until I organized it all in one place, I was running from spot to spot trying to find earrings that would coordinate with a bracelet. Now I open a drawer and it is all organized in one place, makes me happy. I know it is a small bliss, but a lot of small blisses make one big bliss. Btw, I love finding little treasures tucked away in the corner of a junk drawer.

    • and you life is so much easier now–junk drawers are the best for treasure aren’t they?

  12. Bliss is found in all things great and small – including this post. In my head, I am incredibly organized and figure that one of these days that talent will make its way into my closet..

    • see, me too, I am organized in my head–just has to make it out of my head!

      • Exactly..and you are already way ahead of me!!;-)

  13. my bliss today is having breakfast out with a friend and NO WORK– a day off! I too need to clean but I am sitting here reading my wonderful blogger friends 🙂

    • much more fun than cleaning–I am taking a short break–have a good breakfast of champions!

  14. My Bliss today is going for a walk outside now that I’m feeling better!

    • I am glad you are feeling better–did you have that stupid flu?

      • Yes. for about a week. On the mend, now, but it really put a damper on the New Year’s weekend!

      • I’ll bet it did–glad you are on the mend (hugs)

  15. Organization = good, chaos = not so good. Sounds as if you’re doing a great job with that bliss thing. ;).

  16. My hubby jokes that the house is always spotless when people are coming to stay. But I do go through it like a tornado before guests arrive, it’s a great incentive 😉

    I’m loving the bliss theme 😀

    • I need to have a deadline,so surely we are worthy of a clean house–sometimes I get tired of cleaning

  17. One of the best things my Mum (always a housework whizz) ever said to me was ‘You’re creative – you can’t be tidy, too!’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that excuse since 🙂

    • what a good mom–my mom told me something like that too–and she kept the cleanest house ever–I think they appreciate(d) our creativity

  18. Not spotless – but – clean makes me feel less stressed & irritated. My house looks lived in & comfy. As the kids get older – it’s getting easier though.
    Today & this weekend – hubby & I will finish season 1 of Homeland on Netflix!
    Happy Friday & Happy Weekend Lou Ann 🙂

    • Spotless means you are not living in it–but clean is another thing isn’t it? Homeland, sounds interesting…

      • For sure.

        Interesting indeed. We have to wait for the kids to go to bed though. A lot of the scenes are not kid appropriate.

  19. My bliss today will be getting into bed for a good nights sleep. I have been watching my grand daughter for the last two days, who is sick, I can’t believe at one time I had the energy for this.

  20. I don’t thrive in chaos either. Hope the tidying and cleaning went well. I once saw a poster on FaceBook that said, “A clean house is a sign of a broken computer. ” 😀

    • ha ha ha ha — so true — love that and certainly describes me but if I had a broken computer I would be in trouble as I work from home and send my stuff into the paper

  21. Having some part of your house clean is always such a nice feeling. Unfortunately, I also often need to push myself into action instead of just imagining a clean space. My bliss today is simple…. take out the overflowing bag of recyclables and also clean my desk.

    • sometimes just getting rid of the clutter works for me–I have a pretty clean desk right now compared to what it looks like most of the time, and I must say it gives me better clarity of thought (ha ha)

  22. My bliss is my seashells. I really do love them! And i love things nice and orderly. love the snowman!

    • It is funny that we all have things that give us comfort and pleasure–I understand your love of seashells though, each different and beautiful in its own way

      • Yes you are so right! I can’t choose which I love more cos I love them all! I even glue broken ones cos I feel they should be whole…I don’t know, I’m crazy, but it’s a gentle crazy.

      • Gentle crazy is actually very healthy

        by Judy- when I saw this I thought of you

      • Hi, I couldn’t get the seashell link to work, darn, it sounds awesome!

      • I will try to find it again–I am obviously not very good at this

      • No worries, I get Jody’s blog, I’ll search!

      • it is today’s

      • Thank you! I’ve got to bake some bread, make cookies and granola for the hubs, and clean the house. One day I’ll finish my post about OCD!

      • well they say keeping busy keeps us out of trouble

  23. You must be a kindred spirit! I love clean and orderly, and there have definitely been times that it was more a state of my imagination than the state of my house. That was often the case when my kids were at home…hard to keep up with their ability to mess up! But these days, with just me and my husband to ride herd on, I’m much more successful! And I must agree…a tidy home is often the foundation layer of my bliss…if my house is “done” I can enjoy much more freely than if I have the nagging feeling of chores left undone to spoil my fun! ~ Sheila

    • And I can more happily do the other things I need to do when my house is orderly

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