Day 4 ~ Today is Tomorrow 1/4/13

think snow

think snow (Photo credit: patiencehouse)

“Enjoy the good things in life ~ you can always clean tomorrow!” ~        Kat B., Travel. Garden. Eat. blog travelgardeneat

Love this quote, but in my effort to find my bliss, today is tomorrow. I love to enjoy the good things in life, but in order to do so I must get my house in order. I have trouble doing this by myself so I have enlisted my husband in this de-chaosing and since he has a few days off, I am thinking we can do wonders.

My sister is coming to visit mid-month and yesterday my husband asked me what I wanted to get done before she and my favourite brother-in-law (and only but he would still be my favourite) come. He knows that because I am a journalist I work to deadline so I think he thought the date of the visit would work as a deadline.  The good thing is he is willing to help.

I am so not a domestic diva, but I do like things to be in order and clean. Now you would never know it from the state of my house, but since I live in my imagination a great deal of the time, I  imagine a clean and orderly house. Now I have to imagine myself into activity. I always keep a part of the house clean, and when I have company I steer them to those parts of the house exclusively. There are a lot of closed doors at my house.

Yesterday I managed to get my Christmas decorations packed up, and today we are going to pack them away in storage. I did leave the snowmen out–I usually put them away the last day of February. They are cheery, but I figure by March, I am ready for spring even if the weather does not coöperate.

Clean House In Your Tool Box - NARA - 533971

Clean House In Your Tool Box – NARA – 533971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So in finding my bliss today, I am going to start getting my house in order. In fact I have already started–I cleaned out two drawers in the kitchen yesterday, and I keep going out and looking in them with great satisfaction. And I found all kinds of things I forgot I had but are really quite handy–some birthday candles for those times I forget to buy them, some twist ties which for some reason are very important in my life, and a whole package of matches.

My bliss today is to uncover more treasures, and get some of the chaos out of my life.

What are you going to do today to add to your bliss?

Note to readers: Yes you are probably denoting a theme here–I am going to try to write about bliss and all its relatives for the next little while–hope you will not get bored. Some days I will be serious, some days silly–but we will see just how far this can take us.

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