Finding My Bliss ~ Day 2 ~ January 2, 2013

Hungry Calico kitty named Calleigh

Not Kitty Bob–but close.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cats do not like ketchup. You may wonder how I know this, but I am really quite certain. At least my cat, Kitty Bob, does not like ketchup.

Yesterday, while searching for my bliss, I forgot to buy cat food. I had Kitty Bob’s usual dry food, but I always put a dollop of cat food pâté on top to make it more palatable. I learned this little trick from my neighbours, whose cats I took care of when they went on vacation. At the time I started taking care of their cats, I did not have one of my own. But they gave their cats dry food with a dollop of the pâté. So when Kitty Bob adopted us one November morning about seven years ago, I used this method of feeding.  Kitty Bob has never complained so I must be doing something right.

On occasion I run out of the pâté, and give Kitty Bob some cut up beef or chicken or even gravy to make the dry food a little less dry. He has never complained. Until yesterday. I could not find any leftover meat to give him. Or gravy.

Schedro_ketchup Dansk: Ketchup sælges typisk p...

Heinz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I put the dry food in his dish as he swirled around my feet waiting to be fed. I scoured the fridge for something interesting to put in his food, as he pretty well refuses to eat just dry food. (Spoiled you say? For Sure.) I spied some ketchup.  It was NoName, not even Heinz (which is made in the next town over so I should be ashamed of myself.) So, I thought I would try it. I did not go overboard, just added a nice amount.

I put the dish down. He eagerly went over to it ready to chow down. He looked at it. He smelled it. Then he took a step back, and turned his head slowly to look at me. I told him to try it, it was good. So he moved forward again, trusting me. But he just could not eat it. The look on his face said it all. Disappointment. Hunger. Disappointment again.

He left the room and ran into the living room to sit on his latest favourite perch which is a table by the front door. It was cold out. Kitty Bob does not like the cold—but I think he was thinking that a little bird would be more luscious than what I was serving up.

I took his dish and cleaned it out. I left no trace of ketchup—just poured some more dry food in and left it for him. I am pretty sure he did not touch it. When I told my husband I thought he was going to split a gut. He thought it was so funny that Kitty Bob was so discerning. Then he went to the store and bought some cat pâté to go over the dry food. He is a sucker for the cat. He will do anything for that cat.

So my husband brought home the pâté and put it on the dry food. The cat then deigned to eat it. I believe he may have royal blood. The cat had found his bliss.

So, since this year is going to be the year I find my bliss, I will share it with those around me, and consider it a day well done. If someone in my household is blissful, then so am I.

Have you ever found your bliss in strange places?

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  1. Cats are funny aren’t they. My cats have dry food down all the time which they will graze from through the day. In the mornings they each get a little pouch of pâté in a separate dish which the ask for eagerly. Occasionally (quite often!) I run out of the pâté, so I used to just point at the dry food. While they wered quite happy to eat the dry food at other times in the day, they refuse in the morning. However, I recently discovered that if I put a bit of the dry food into the dish that I normally serve the pâté on, they will then eat it quite happily!

  2. I told my hubby about this post, and he can’t believe that you live near Leamington and don’t have Heinz in your house. He’s a ketchup freak and it has to be Heinz!! LOL. He said to tell you that he does work down in Leamington all the time in the summer, so he can bring you chocolate this summer if you want :). This was a cute post by the way.

    • Tell him I have Heinz chili sauce in the fridge–will that make him feel better? Come down with him and you bring the chocolate–glad you liked the post.

      • He says that does make him feel better bit you need to taste his homemade chili sauce!! Maybe we will bring you some of that too 😃.

      • sounds good–I love homemade stuff so much more than boughten stuff!

      • You should try his homemade brownies!!

      • brownies–oh I love brownies! I dream about brownies–

      • Ok, we’ll bring brownies too LOL!!

      • such good friends!

  3. No, I have yet to find any bliss and probably never will. But maybe I did and still do and I don’t have the common sense to know it when I find it.

    • sounds like somebody is down in the dumps today–find some little blisses–a cup of coffee, a good book, a cute puppy…

      • Your are right. Bliss has totally eluded me this past year and it continues at this very moment to lurk around a corner somewhere. Thanks for the reply.

      • I so know what you are talking about–that is why I am trying to coax it out of hiding

  4. Very entertaining post…..tell John I think it was hilarious you added ketchup to the cat’s food!

  5. My grandson and fam moved to California and left me their cat. It’s the first cat I’ve ever owned that I’ve fed pate to.

  6. Hi,
    Oh that is hilarious, I pictured it all as I was reading, and I had visions of the cat with it’s head up in the air and stomping away. 🙂

  7. I think I’ve had Kitty Bob’s relatives / royal bloodline in my house before. You gotta love ’em. (We’ll maybe you don’t?) haha!

    I think my bliss may be in that pan of brownies that I have cooling on the kitchen counter. 🙂

    • now that is true bliss–so you have had a Kitty Bob or two to contend with too, eh?

  8. Hmmm, I’ve been finding and trying to find my bliss ever since I discovered that term. I found mine today in the simple pleasure of waking up in my comfortable bed with hubby and my two pups beside me. The smell of coffee. Ah, bliss. My pups — well a belly-scratch and some table scraps works every time. I watch them to see how simple finding your bliss really is. :).

    • it is simple isn’t it–so often we look for the big and fantastic when bliss is just under our noses–or with our hubby or pups

  9. To be fair to Kitty Bob, ketchup is a kind of a hit and miss thing! Sometimes you like it and sometimes you just can’t stand it. Spoiled kitties are fun though. 😀

    • they are,maybe I should have given him french fries–then maybe he would have liked the ketchup!

  10. Your cat is adorable. I love him.

  11. I love cats and have had several..and know that look that they give when they are not pleased with you or what you are offering..I had to smile as I pictured it…Diane

  12. Good thing for Kitty Bob – we didn’t see a Doomsday of no more fancy cat food! 😉
    Bliss in strage places…all the time. I’m easy to please.

  13. I’m willing to bet Kitty Bob was upset mostly because the ketchup wasn’t Heinz. Ketchup has always gotta be Heinz, I’m telling you.

    All joking aside, I like the thought that as long as someone in your family is blissful, you should be blissful too. I can easily find my bliss by ending the day with something sweet to eat. 🙂

    • me too–we are on the same page here–and bliss is easy to find if you are looking–I am glad you got that

    • I’m with you on the Heinz too. 🙂

  14. This is so funny. Poor Kitty Bob, having to go hungry because he doesn’t like ketchup. 😀 I’m so glad your hubby took pity on him and braved the winter weather to go and buy the pâté.

  15. you say tomato, i say tomato, you say ketchup he says catsup maybe?
    cats are funny little critters though- happy to hear he found his bliss today and so did you

  16. A day well done indeed!
    Thanks for the delightful story 🙂

  17. Can’t believe you tried Ketchup–but I’m not a big fan of it myself. If in a pinch I’ll use some on my fries, but that is if I don’t have any other dipping sauce and the fries aren’t that good. I know I should skip the fries, but they are fries after all. My cat adopted me 8 years ago and he’s spoiled. I try to remind him that I saved him from the streets. Careful, he doesn’t like this reminder and will bite you.

    • My cat knows not to bite me or he ends up in the dungeon better known as my basement. He bites my husband though–but when he says ow, the cat stops.
      So not so big on the ketchup eh–I love it on meatloaf and french fries (those evil little sticks of goodness)

  18. am I the only one here that thought it was hysterical that you actually thought to give the cat ketchup?
    I am trying to find my bliss… my boss refused almost all of my 2013 vacation requests…what is up with that?
    But this post gave me a good old fashioned chuckle with my delicious cup of joe

    • no one else seemed to find it funny–I too think it is hilarious especially after getting Kitty Bob’s reaction
      Boo, booo on your boss–have another cup of coffee and accidentially spill it on her or him (just make sure it is not too hot–you don’t need a lawsuit)

      • well there are always sick days….grin

      • I like the way you think!

      • workin for the “man” we find our ways, right?

        I would like to add too that I LOVE Ketchup. and if you put on it on anything my children will eat it. Sad but true. That will tell you alot of my station in life ha haa

      • I wish that had been true of my kids!

  19. We have 2 cats so I completely understand! I love that you cater to Kitty Bob!

  20. Love this story!! I have cats and they just eat dry food. I wonder if they would think ketchup is a treat?

  21. My mother’s cat, Murray (named for the dog on Mad About You), is weird. Every morning he eagerly awaits his piece of cheese–a morsel from a Kraft cheese slice. One day, my mother had pulled one of the slices out of the fridge and the phone rang. She sat the still-in-the-wrapper cheese on the table and proceeded with her phonecall. After several minutes, the cat appeared in front of her with the cheese slice between his lips, pawing her leg as if to say, “could you open this please? I’ve waited long enough.”

    • cats are so smart and always always hungry–I think mine would eat himself to death unless it was just dry food–then he would starve himself to death–I am going to see if he likes cheese–he likes coleslaw

  22. How did I miss commenting? One of our cats ate everything, including small bites of watermelon! Our dog Beowulf had to be coaxed to eat cos of health probs and I used to put milkshakes over his dry food, and ketchup too, anything i could try to get him to eat!!
    Have a blissful saturday!

    • Thank you, you too–so I was not that far off with my ketchup–I love your dog’s name

      • He was a rescue when i was in college, 3 weeks old I bottle fed him and kept him in a baby pack while I was in class. He was part malamute, part akita and a little wolf (hence beowulf) he ended up over 100 lbs but was always my baby boy.

  23. […] Finding My Bliss ~ Day 2 ~ January 2, 2013 ( […]

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