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12 O’Clock – January 1, 2013 (Photo credit: ladytimeless)

What a party we had–I will do a synopsis of it soon–but the food, wine, music, and entertainment were fantastic and the hundreds and hundreds of guests incredible!  Now if I can just get Robin to come down off the table, and Vanessa to move over in the kitchen we will have breakfast. While I am waiting for the bacon to cook, I am going share my resolution and a few random thoughts with you:

In the past I have made serious resolutions; quirky resolutions; philosophically based resolutions; and finally refused to make resolutions on the grounds that doing so might incriminate me. This year I am trying a new tactic in the hopes that I will not be one of those statistics that they come out with every year saying that 92.4% of people give up on their resolutions 3.4 days after making them.

Today I resolve to find my bliss. I put it somewhere and I am sure I am going to find it again. I found my brother’s missing Christmas gift the other day (only five days after Christmas) so I am sure I am going to be able to find my bliss. So what is bliss? I figure it is something that I can probably spend the rest of my life discovering as it takes on so many guises: happiness, contentedness, serenity, delight, harmony, and in some corners blessedness. Now wouldn’t it be nice to be blessed?

The Encarta Dictionary says that bliss is “complete happiness” or a “state of spiritual joy”. I am thinking here that I may never need to make another resolution again—just finding my bliss will encompass all those things I want to accomplish. Losing those five pounds that I lost and found again? Bliss. Eating healthy? Bliss. Being content with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book? Bliss. See how it works? No more having to bother to make a resolution every year—this one encompasses all.

~Looking Back to Look Forward~

One of my favourite columnists is Mitch Albom with the Detroit Free Press. He has written some books, and from the sales figures, he is a pretty successful author. But, I find that he writes best in column form. He is succinct, pithy, and at times amusing. His column from Sunday, December 30th is one I am saving, and I am going to share a couple of paragraphs that really spoke to me, and I hope you will find engaging as well.

He said, “When all was said and done, 2012 was completely different from years before it, yet very much the same, because certain things are true no matter how long we live.

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Mitch Albom 。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News stories come, news stories go; nothing is as great as it sounds and nothing is as bad. Technology is replaced by more technology; celebrities replace previous celebrities; science discovers something, then searches for something else.

And the only thing that truly affects your year is how you lived within your own house, how you treated and were treated by your loved ones, and how you helped the people and community around you.”

Then he asked the question: “Judged by that, how was your 2012?”

I think that if we take his observations into account, we are equipped to handle 2013 in perhaps a more thoughtful way. I know that I am guilty sometimes of not treating the people I love most in the most loving way. They get the brunt of my frustration and they do not deserve it. They are the people who are here for me, and will continue to be in my corner. So, in addition to finding my bliss—or actually as a part of finding my bliss, I am going to try to treat my loved ones the way I want to be treated—in effect passing the bliss around a little more.

Mitch is right–the only thing that truly affects us is how we live within our own house and how we treat our loved ones and the community we live in.

Happy 2013, and may you all find your bliss, however you define it!

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  1. This is so fantastic – thank you! And the party rocked!

    • a good time was had by all–am still recovering! may 2013 be kinder to us both!

      • Absolutely!

  2. LouAnn-
    Thank you (and Robin) for a delightful place to hang out last night. AND this post is a great way to start 2013– well, you are always a great place to start my day. You have become that for me(no pressure there eh?)
    I love the Mitch A. quote and you both are dead on the money. I try to live every day with the notion if I died right now, what would be my legacy? And his words nailed it “how you treated and were treated by your loved ones, and how you helped the people and community around you.”
    So thank you for the re-centering and the refreshing thoughts as we begin yet another year… hopefully yours has already started with some bliss.
    my bliss– hot steamy coffee and freshly made coffee crumb cake. Come on over 🙂

    • You are too sweet (now I will have to try harder). So glad you made it to the party and
      hung out for awhile–we are having breakfast at 10 if I can get Robin up–I think it will be almost supper for Vanessa–Happiest of New Years my friend–it would not have been a party without you (and I love your blog too)

    • I only read half of your comment as I had to scroll down and I guess I am not awake yet–bring your crumb cake over here for breakfast and let us continue the party Audra.
      Bliss–must capture it and not let it go!

      • it was a tad too long.. rambling this morning! Babbling away.. ok– have cake will travel 🙂

      • a comment is never ever too long!!

  3. Thank you and best wishes for your year to come. glad to see your party was a success. 😉

    • in large part due to your help–no New Year’s party would be complete without Auld Lang Signe (sp?) and Love Stinks

  4. A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I always wish the very best for you.

    • and I wish more than the very best for you — Happy 2013 and may it be kind to both of us – LouAnn

  5. Great party LouAnn! And I hope you keep finding your bliss as easily as you found the missing present. I think my resolution will be along the lines of remembering to find bliss in the little things like a cup of coffee or a new magazine, a bright sunny day spent in our new sun porch or a nice New Year’s Day glass of prosecco and orange juice and a Downton Abbey marathon. Cheers!

    • I like finding bliss in little things too – and a new mag is one of mine too, as well as prosecco and orange juice. The new season of Downton Abbey starts here on Sunday but I am so spoiled having the first and second on DVD that I do not want to wait weekly for the next instalment–my husband told me yesterday he thinks the third season is out on DVD as it has been playing in Britain since September.
      Glad you made it to the party–2013 is going to rock!

      • I got the DVD’s for Christmas and Im trying to race through them so I can start watching the new season with everyone else. I think I can do it – I’ve managed to watch most of the first season already. There is a line up of people already waiting to watch them when I’m finished with them. It’s more addictive than Coronation Street (which is my other guilty pleasure).

      • I think I came too late to Coronation Street–I too am popular because I have the DVDs

  6. A comment on Mitch Albom. Years ago when my son was nine years old, he found Mitch Albom on the radio.We lived in Houston at the time and I think his show came on in the middle of the night. My son didn’t sleep well and turned to the radio for company often. Without my knowing it, my son wrote Mitch a letter and Mitch sent him a personal letter back. That gave my son bliss for a day.

    • Bliss comes in so many forms–I am so not surprised at this–thank you for sharing!

  7. Hello! I’m a friend of Mr Carl D’Agostino. Happy New Year to you and hope that you will and can truly achieve many or all of your resolutions!

  8. Happy bliss hunting, and I’m so sorry that I missed the party :(. We still have company, and I was busy entertaining all day and night. I would have much rather been at your party LOL!! Sounds like you had a blast.

  9. Beautiful post, LouAnn. It’s so true – being kind to our loved ones is the best thing we can do. Sorry I missed the party – have been healing from the flu and just ran out of steam! Happy New Year to you. I so enjoy your wisdom.

    • So sorry you are sick–so many people are–glad you liked the post–one of the easiest things to say, and unfortunately not as easy to do–Happy New Year and get better — a little whiskey and honey should help!

  10. I so hope that you find bliss and when you do pease let me know where is was sulking/hiding/or just hanging around and you hadn’t realized it was in disguise.

    Just for your info- you and TexWisgirl tied for the number 3 spot of top commenters with 25 comments each. Now did that not put you in a state of bliss? The only problem with that is that 2 men commented more. Number 1 with 31 and number 2 commented 27 times. Both of these guys have been tremendous supporters. One lives in Hong Kong and is a Brit and the other other lives on what he calls a subtropical island.

    So I know, that you of course, did extrenely well and here’s wishing continued success and a bliss filled 2013.

    • I am so happy to be in your top numbers–but am just going to have to beat those two men — call this a challenge–but I am up to it.
      And when I find bliss I will share it with you – Happy 2013!

  11. Great party and a super blog to start the year ~ all the best in reaching your goals 🙂

  12. Happy 2013 and I’m raising a toast to “BLISS”!!!

  13. Very good food for thought on this first day of the new year! Thanks for getting me started on a positive note! Happy 2013 to you!

  14. Here’s to finding our bliss! I love that idea.

  15. Wonderful words to reflect upon — both yours and Mitch’s. Whenever I hear the word “bliss” I think of Tom Ryan and his book and Facebook page/blog “Following Atticus” — in my pawtographed copy of the book, he inscribed “Follow your bliss”! Happy 2013, may you find and follow your bliss! ~ Kat

  16. I kept smiling as I was reading this.You sound like you had quite a New Years Eve.A lot different than mine but fun I can see.Happy New Year.

  17. Great party, LouAnn. Maybe we should throw a 4th of July party next. You know how I love fireworks. However, my head hurts too much to think of loud noises right now.

    • In Canada we celebrate the 1st of July — maybe we should have a four day party! So glad you kept your balance all night–you are quite the dancer–did you ever find your boots? Robin it was serious fun–thanks for joining me and giving me the idea in the first place! Happy 2013 my friend!

      • I’m game for a 4-day party! I’ll stock up on hotdogs and bean dip.

        Happy New Year to you as well. That was fun. You had a ton of comments!

      • So did you and the party wasn’t even at your place–I think it was that table dancing that makes you so popular. So let’s gear up for our four day party!

  18. Hi,
    The party was definitely a success, and I know you will find you bliss in this brand New Year. 🙂

    • and I hope you find yours in 2013 too — I may have hid it in the closet–will have to look

  19. You’ve inspired me to look for my bliss now, LouAnn 😀

    I’m so glad the party was a blast!

    Happy New Bliss to you 😀

    • oh I like that and a Happy New Bliss to you too – very clever, but I expect no less from you 🙂

  20. Thanks so much Lou! Fabulous party, you out did yourself, You & Robin.

    I knew there were lots of reasons I like you, being a Mitch Albom fan is one of the I read everything I can that man writes. Thank you for sharing. Funny to think he was a sports writer who made the perfect metamorphose.

    Bet of everything My Dear Friend Lou for an inspiring 2013!

    • He did well for himself didn’t he? Wishing you the best in this new year and our continued friendship!

  21. Glad to hear you all had a great night 🙂


  22. What a welcome read! Many thanks. In seeking your bliss, you contribute to our world’s bliss. Martin is bang on…hope such positive stuff becomes commonplace. Blessing on all aspects of your 2013.

  23. Thanks for the party …. Happy New Year and best of luck in 2013.

  24. Nice post to start this new year.
    Boy – Lou Ann – you & your friends sure know how to throw a partay! Had a great time – even in that brief visit. I was all over the place just having tons of fun – enjoying the day & enjoying life.

  25. Great sentiment by Mitch. Definitely one we should all keep in mind. Happy 2013! Sorry I was late to the party yesterday. In any case, cheers to a more thoughtful, blissful year ahead!

    • You can never be too late to a virtual party–it will go on and on forever — cheers to you and a blissful year ahead my friend

  26. First things first… I loved the party! It was a real success by all accounts.
    I come from a very dysfunctional family. I’m the middle child, the “peace-maker.” I feel like I’ve spent my whole life loving people and being kind to family members who are not only incapable of reciprocating, but can be darn right abusive. I’m at a point in my life where I want to take care of myself, for the first time. Taking care means walking away from my family, at least for awhile.
    So I’m not sure where my current frame of mind fits in with all of this? I know who I am and that I’ve loved to the point that I’ve become physically sick and run-down. I think there may be a lesson in loving yourself, too. Self-care is difficult, especially for women, since we’re so used to putting ourselves last. I think I’m so depleted because I’ve put myself last on the list my whole life. When you do that, you end up not being able to love/ take care of anyone.
    Anyway, I’m rambling, per usual. I do think that the idea of loving your family is good and right but not everything is so black and white. My situation doesn’t exactly fit this script. Some families have issues that require a different approach…
    Sorry, LouAnn! I didn’t think I’d go on so long. Lol!!!

    • I think you have brought up a valid point–
      Women do need to take care of themselves– Life is seriously complicated and cannot be solved in one little post–I am wishing you and I a better 2013–you particularly because so much of what you are going through is so fresh. LouAnn (hugs)

  27. I’m sure the party was a blast! Thanks again for the invite… a hospital trip got the better of me… will still add an upbeat comment to your post. 🙂
    •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•

  28. That’s a good ‘goal’ to have…It was many ..many.. I’m not sure how many years ago that I read something I think to do with a similar concept.. It said that we were much more polite and respectful to those outside our home than those we live with..even manners ..and I thought about that a lot and realized that I often forgot to say please and thank you’s to my family …and so resolved to do better at it…Diane

  29. Happy New Year! What a wonderful way to look at things. I wish you luck in finding your bliss and loving those around you. Does that include my dog who kept me up all night snoring? Probably. I just gave him a kiss.

  30. Happy New Year!

  31. Wow, that was such a party the other night, I had to spend all of New Year’s day recovering! And thus, didn’t make it back here to comment until today! Thanks again for having me over to sing.

    Great resolution there, it really gets to the heart of it, because most resolutions that people make are really just different ways of wanting to achieve the bliss in one form or another.

    • so in essence I have it covered — thanks so much for your part in making the party such a success!

  32. You put on an amazing bash and here’s to finding our bliss!! 😀

    • it is just around the corner, a little to the right, on the shelf just above our heads!

      • Got it! 🙂

      • Good–now send me some 🙂

      • 😀

      • I like to share–sending some your way!

  33. Mitch Albom is a good writer… those paragraphs are very true. My 2012 was good in many ways, but I’m hoping for even better things in 2013! We can all do better within our homes, I bet. But I feel very fortunate. Hope you have a good 2013!

  34. Happy 2013! May we all find our bliss! What a lovely goal!

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  36. Great post. I’m a little late to the party but a Happy New Year. Paulette

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