Happy Christmas Eve!

Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church...

Nativity scene. The reason for the season!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woke up at 3. Read the final chapters of a book I needed to finish. Got up at 4 and decided to finally bake my Christmas cookies and bars. My 21 year old son who has odd sleeping habits was awake, so he helped me, making the chore much more jolly. I put on a  little Christmas music and we measured and mixed and dotted the thumbprint cookies with seedless raspberry jam, added the chocolate chips to my never fail Toffee Bars, and put a frozen pizza in for my son’s breakfast.

By my very nature, I do not like to be in the kitchen for more than 30 minutes at a time–but at this time of year I make a little more of an effort. I still have some chocolate caramel fudge to make, and am having a ham for Christmas Eve and prime rib for Christmas Day, and…… a brunch for my other son and his girlfriend tomorrow morning (something I just found out about–but my husband has volunteered to make pancakes–so that with some bacon and fried ham {leftover from tonight} and a little fruit should cover it). I think I spend more time in the kitchen at Christmas then I do for the whole rest of the year. I am trying to look upon this as not a chore, but as making memories ~ it makes the tasks so much easier.

I still have all my presents to wrap, but I think most of them will get the wrapped in tissue and bag treatment, with a few officially wrapped just so people can tear a little wrapping paper off for good measure. I may even throw on a bow or two.

Yesterday, I cleaned up the office, which is also my dining room and found the top of the table. I cannot believe how nice it is in this room now. It was well worth the effort. Now we can have our Christmas feasts at a table rather than on our laps.

I am busy–but who isn’t? My food will be simple, my gifts will be wrapped (somehow in some way), the stockings will be stuffed, and I will relax with my favourite glass of rose (my newfound favourite drink–silky on the tongue with plummy overtones and like heaven with dark chocolate.)

Reprise album The Soupy Sales Show (1961).

Reprise album The Soupy Sales Show (1961). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A random Christmas Eve memory or two:

1.I remember when I was a kid there was a local program called the Soupy Sales Show and on Christmas Eve Soupy kept us updated on where Santa’s sleigh was in relation to where we lived, so we could get to bed and not catch the big Elf putting presents under our tree. I still remember watching the program with great concentration–I did not want to do anything that might deter the big guy from coming to my house.

2. Another Christmas Eve, when I was about eight, I heard footsteps on the roof over my bedroom and then jingle bells, and my sister and I were sure Santa was at our house. We squeezed our eyes shut and held our breath–we did not want Santa to know we were still awake. Why we did not venture out to find him in our living room I will never know–I think we were indoctrinated to believe that Santa would not leave us anything if we caught him. Found out later that our big brothers had climbed on the roof over our bedroom to keep the magic alive for us. And they did. I still believe in Santa Claus.

Do  you still believe in Santa?

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  1. I love your morning 😉

    • Got a lot done and it is not even 7 yet. Going out to make the fudge now.

      • I am getting ready to go to the grocery store..gack

      • good luck–I like going to the grocery store and liquor store on Christmas Eve because you get to visit people coming home for Christmas

      • well now I like to go first thing so I do not have to talk to anyone… nice eh?
        But I am going to go for a nice long walk, alone, very peaceful this time of day. Reflective

      • sounds lovely and you do not have to get too dressed up to be reflective! Happy Christmas Eve good friend.

      • you too Luanne and thanks for starting my day so nicely– as aways ;0)

      • Audra–I love your name–and visiting with you–:) – Lou

      • sorry I spelled your name wrong!

      • no worries at all–never apologize to me — you are too good a blogging friend to have to apologize – Merry Christmas!

  2. 3am??? Are you crazy woman? And I thought I was an early riser :). I think it’s great though that you and your son had that time together. Those are special memories!! You know what I remember most about Christmas Eve as a child? We used to get together with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, and as we were driving over to the host’s house for that year, we would listen to the Norad radar Santa report to see where he was in the world. I will never forget that feeling of excitement as we listed to the progress reports. I also remember our midnight Christmas Eve church services. It was mostly a carol service, and at midnight they would turn off the lights and we would sing Silent Night by candle light. It was so magical! Good luck with your last minute stuff today and Merry Christmas my friend!!

    • such wonderful memories–I know, tracking Santa is so much fun–I have only been to one Christmas Eve service and it was magic–Happy Christmas Eve my good friend!

      • Hey, I forgot to tell you what my big job will be today (since my hubby does all the cooking – not to make you jealous or anything). I need to stake out all of the Boxing Day websites because online the sales start tonight. Yipeeee!! Shopping with no crowds 🙂 LOL!!

      • listen you – I am jealous on so many levels–one being my budget has been busted so no boxing day sales for me–I will just sip my rose

      • Don’t worry, my bank account is pretty much drained too, so I won’t be shopping much :). Hey, make sure you don’t sip too much of that rose or the dust kangaroos might start to attack you LOL!!! By the way, I love fudge just so you know!!

      • well, send me your address–getting rid of the dust kangaroos right now-I feel so mean, as they look so comfortable

      • LOL!!!

  3. I’m up early but not as early as you LouAnn 😉 Sounds like a terrific start to the day. My daughter would love pizza for brekkie.
    Wishing you the happiest Christmas. Glad you found your table top!

    • He “forgot” to eat last night–kind of slept through supper–I am glad I found my table top too–just finished the fudge if you want an update
      Merry Christmas Eve anna – Lou

    • oh gah…forgot about Santa…
      I do love the idea of an inner santa as I grow older and more curmudgeonly by and by it keeps me from turning all scrooge on the madness that is our current ‘culture’ and the commodification of what was once a very simple thing. Tapping into the inner santa as the days festivities begin.
      How ’bout that fudge recipe??

      • mine is so simple–it is a rendition of a Rachael Ray recipe- I pkg chocolate chips; 1 pkg butterscotch chips; 1 can condensed milk–and a little vanilla–she adds currants and nuts–I did not this year–but have in the past. I just throw them in a sauce pan and melt and stir–probably not the proper way to make it–but it turns out deliciously.

  4. “Do you still believe in Santa?”

  5. Soupy Sales! We loved him! My husband still imitates White Fang. Loved reading about your traditions. Merry Christmas and looking forward to reading you in the new year.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful post and yes I believe in Santa!

  7. I certainly believe in Santa…To naysayers I say the ‘spirit of Santa’ can remain with one always…As a Christian as long as my children knew the true meaning…the birthday of Jesus…I saw nothing wrong with incorporating ‘Santa’ as part of the season as I had when I was a child. The excitement and joy that it brought and still brings to children is a joy to watch and experience. …Merry Christmas! (Maybe I’ve said that before but twice is okay)…Diane

    • twice three times, I like them all and Merry Christmas to you and I am glad you believe

  8. Yes, I do believe in Santa! And I remember Soupy Sales tracking Santa’s sleigh. I love that memory! Thank you, LouAnn. Have a wonderful day!

  9. I love the story of your brother climbing onto the roof. Merry Christmas!

  10. And I thought I was up early today at 4 am! But the great thing about insomnia is all the stuff you can accomplish before breakfast. Love you memories. My dad used to rattle some jingle bells outside our bedroom windows on the front porch so we’d get ready for Santa. Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Most definitely! The magic is alive and well in our house! Merry Christmas!

  12. I remember those jingle bells on the roof….and really believing Santa was up there….still do. Remember Poop Deck Paul giving the weather reports to Santa, so he could maneuver Essex county safely?
    Great memories Lou.

    • maybe I am getting my memories mixed up- never the less they were good memories even if faulty

      • No your memory is intact…we watched both Soupy and P. D. Paul. .

      • oh good–love ya

  13. […] Happy Christmas Eve! (onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com) […]

  14. LouAnn,
    Merry XMAS Eve to you, and yours… We are here today at the in-laws, creating memories of our own with our kids (“remember when Clown Dad was on the laptop while we were drinking the spiked Eggnog?”).
    Enjoy this day, and thank you for sharing your memories.
    Le Clown

    • and thank you for sharing your new memories in the making–Merry Happy Le Clown!

  15. […] Happy Christmas Eve! (onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com) […]

  16. Absolutely believe as Santa is a positive spirit that threads all human cultures. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Merry Christmas to you too Frank–and I like your thought about Santa as a cross-cultural spirit

  17. Merry Christmas honey! 🙂


  18. Enjoy the day and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    • I hope you do too-right now I am so tired I could almost sleep through Christmas – my thoughts are with you my friend

  19. I love that last bit about your brothers keeping the magic of Santa alive. I definitely still believe in the spirit of Santa, although I’m not sure I like how commercialized and packaged he’s become….. In any case, I’m just going to kick back and take this time to slow down, relax, and (of course) indulge. Merry Christmas. 🙂

  20. Hope your Christmas was a really good one. 🙂

    • Hope yours was too – happy Boxing Day

      • No Boxing Day in the USA. It’s a shopping day though. 😀

      • I guess it is a holdover from Britain

  21. Your holiday sounds wonderful! I’m sure everything turned out beautifully, and your extra kitchen time was well worth it!
    This was an off year for us, in almost every way…mostly due to my husband’s work, but also due to the fact that our kids were not able to be with us…a newborn kept our daughter and her family in place, and our son has a new job and is not able to take vacation yet…but still, we managed a tradition or two, and an exchange of simple gifts. It really is about the heart and the thought, more than anything else. And Santa? Well, I find myself believing all over again, every December. ~ Sheila

    • Every Christmas is different–I find I can make mine seem ideal–and in many ways it was, but as with everything there are a few snafus

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