Christmas Dreams Meet Reality ~ A Collision Course?

Cover of "The Best Christmas Ever"

Cover of The Best Christmas Ever

As I sit down with my first coffee of the day (stirred not shaken) I am contemplating all that needs to be done before the big day.

I always have such grandiose plans in my head—everything will be wrapped to perfection preferably in the most environmentally pleasing way possible; the house will be clean and neat as a pin (really, how neat is a pin?); and I will pull out all the culinary stops and serve food of such delight I will be written up in Gourmet magazine (which I think may be defunct).

It is not too late to face the reality of the situation, but since I am somewhat pragmatic and know my limitations, here is what is probably going to happen:

1. The presents will get wrapped, but mostly bagged as that is easier and I will probably be doing it on Christmas Eve. No need to rush. I did buy an extra package of scotch tape just in case though. I am thinking I should bona fide wrap at least one gift for each recipient and bag the rest.

3. Did you notice I skipped number 2? I think it was the one where I polish the silverware for the Christmas table. Yes, I have real silverware. I inherited it. No, I will not be polishing it until I can afford a butler to do such things.

4. I will be neatening up the house and spraying some furniture polish around to give it that clean smell. I will get the vacuum out—and possibly use it. It is a beast though and after a while I just get tired of using it and close the doors to the rooms that I do not get to (usually the bedrooms upstairs).

5. I am on a quest. It is going to be quite an adventure. I need to locate the top of my dining room table which is now covered with all manner of things—some last minute Christmas shopping which has not been delivered to my bedroom which is covered in bags where I have hidden the presents in plain sight; book work, a purse, a calculator, mail, books, newspapers, Christmas cards, receipts—okay, you get my drift…

6. Food. Okay we are having ham on Christmas Eve and prime rib (because it is on sale) for Christmas Day. There is still much shopping to be done in this category—I always overbuy food for Christmas, but is there really such a thing? My mother always had lots of food in her house, and I try to maintain that tradition. She though actually cooked and prepared the food—I have to realize my limitations: I think like a gourmet, but cook so the masses will not starve.

7. I have all the stuff to make cookies and fudge—so Saturday is reserved for a baking spree. I do it for my family—I derive little pleasure from the making of it, but much from the eating of it—so I keep that firmly in mind.

I do love Christmas, and as the devil is in the details, I have to take care of my devilish duties in order to get to the good parts. Should I reach my financial potential, I dream of coming up with the ideal Christmas and dispensing my elves to do my bidding. Until then, I will do my best, and then enjoy—for is that not what this season is all about?

So what Christmas dreams do you have—and which ones will you realize?

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  1. My dream is a simple…..happy faces around the dinner table on Christmas eve.

    • that is a wonderful dream–but you have the happy faces because of all that you put into it–admit it

  2. Prime rib?!?! Where’s the turkey?? LOL Not to make you jealous or anything (tee hee), but my hubby will be cooking the entire Christmas dinner, so I’m not stressed at all! Gotta love him :). And by the way, I love the “spraying some furniture polish around”! That is the best idea ever!! Don’t worry LouAnn, I know your Christmas will be just perfect surrounded by your family, and you would have even had a chocolate present from me if you had sent me your address :).

    • what is your email address–you tell me and my address will be off to you in a flash
      I AM INSANELY JEALOUS- my husband has so many good qualities, but cooking is not one of them

  3. When I was married Alison and I had themed food at Christmas, along with another couple/ One year I did Chinese (a mere 17 dishes plus rice and noodles), Alison did an Indian theme (she cooked a really mean curry, always from scratch), we had a South African…. you get the drift. So ignore anyone who says it has to be turkey.
    My Christmas wish? Not to have to eat any turkey

    • I did turkey at Thanksgiving–I hate cooking turkey–I always think I am going to kill everyone with underdone fowl. I love the these idea–my theme is easy and hopefully tasty.

      • And if it all goes wrong, open another bottle of wine, and nobody will give a fig

      • I like the way you think!

      • I’m nothing if not pragmatic

      • and wise

      • Not sure about that. you may be overstating things.
        I do like a glass of wine or ten though. It’s always worked when I’ve had a culinary disaster

      • That would certainly dress up a disaster wouldn’t it

      • Never failed me.

  4. I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping. There won’t be much this year in that department. I have tons of cooking to do…turkey, duck, ham. Sunday I’ve set aside as my baking day. Somehow the ‘traditional’ cookie baking, once reserved for my mother-in-law, got passed on to me. As long as I have copious amounts of wine to drink while the family laughs and eats…I’m happy. We’ll all be together and that ‘s what counts.

  5. I feel your pain. I don’t have to half as much as you and yet I’m still behind. I do enjoy fudge. Keep me in mind for leftovers. And I’m with the those who don’t like turkey. I never liked it. Ham and prime rib–now that’s the ticket. Happy holidays!

    • Just brought the prime rib home- showed it to my husband-cheered him right up!

  6. My whole family works a Christmas lunch for people who are alone for Christmas, so for me, I am still trying to figure out when we will actually “do” Christmas ourselves. lol. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!!

    • what a wonderful thing to do–that is so what Christmas is all about–Merry Christmas and blessings in the New Year for you do

  7. Merry Christmas LouAnn….make sure you take some time to relax and take it all in!!

  8. You are at the stage in your life where you are a lot busier than I…Having attained the age and the fact that our place is too small to have many here…. we now go to our children’s homes for Christmas..I usually bake pies for dessert but that’s usually all.

    While we do have the presents etc to buy…this year we did do a lot of bagging and Christmas Boxes…

    We’re kind of hoping next year to spend with our daughter and family in Illinois (if they’ll have us and the weather cooperates for traveling)

    So when I was at your stage in life I pretty well did what you are doing…exactly what does have to be done and not do what does NOT have to be done to enjoy the special day…Enjoy!….Diane

    • I am trying to work that out and decide what can go by the wayside–you enjoy your Christmas Diane

  9. The dream of the ideal Christmas, the Currier and Ives one, and the reality of throwing the presents in bags always makes me laugh! Yet, each Christmas we try for things to run smoothly, to taste delicious and look beautiful. I have yet to experience that particular Christmas, and after all is said and done, maybe I wouldn’t even like a perfect Christmas? Leave the vacuum in the close and enjoy yourself, LouAnn. You deserve a fun and relaxing day. (yeah, sure, right, like that’s gonna happen. LOL!)

    • I hate the vacuum and cleaning, and am none too fussy about cooking–I think I lack the domestic gene. Christmas will be Christmas whether or not I am ready–wish you could visit, you sound like you would be a wonderful friend in person

      • I wish I could, too! I know I would just love you and your wonderful family. Enjoy these coming days…
        Maybe one day we’ll get the chance to meet in person – oh, how I’d love that!

      • I would too–we will just have to be satisfied with this for the meanwhile Lisa

  10. My silver is gleaming. The butler works magic with silver polish.

  11. My list feels endless, but it’s not. Some straightening here and there, another pass over the bathroom before the guests start arriving. With my son arriving whenever he gets out of work each year on Christmas eve (he’s a retail manager) I have finally given up on a hot meal when he gets in. Our Christmas eve dinner will be sandwiches, chips, fruit and for the little ones I made sure to have yogurt on hand. Easy as pie, wait make that easier than pie since I have never been able to make a pie crust 🙂 In the end, no one will care if we didn’t get it perfect, so why worry about it.

  12. Kids are great silver polishers. I crack the whip, they polish and whine. The husband is cooking dinner, I’m cleaning house and making another batch of your cookies – we have some rolled in wax paper right now in the fridge. I think I’ll make sandwich cookies with jam in the middle ( or icing) this time. Enjoy your prime rib – I think it’s a great choice for dinner.

    • I am so glad you used my recipe–I have hidden my new dishcloth–it is too pretty to use, or at least right now–maybe I will bring it out on Christmas Day
      I used to polish silver for my mom at Christmas–I thought it was fun then

  13. How easily we set ourselves up for failure with unrealistic dreams when all that really matters is that we spend the time with those we love! I hope you can relax and enjoy the noise and chaos that is a family Christmas without worrying about the details that no one will notice anyway.

  14. I think the weeks leading up the holidays tend to decrease our hopes of achieving any grand goals…. Not that I don’t try, but at some point, you just kind of have to accept what’s going to happen and what’s not. Still, as you say, the important thing is to just enjoy the moment. Eat some extra ham and prime rib for me! 🙂

    • that sounds like a very good plan and you are rightt–it is not the grand goals I need to achieve

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I have an award for your blog and it comes with a STAR!!!!



  16. Glad to know that I am not the only one who over-does the food at Christmas. All kinds of everything. And then more of that!

  17. I am tired just reading about all you have to do! Merry Christmas LouAnn. 🙂

    • halve it and halve it again–and that is all I will be getting done. Merry Christmas LuAnn

  18. Sorry for the belated Christmas wishes, but I hope yours was wonderful!

  19. Love this…your “financial potential!” I hope to reach mine too! ~ Sheila

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