What If There is No Tomorrow?

Polysyllabic Profundities:

“If the Mayans merely ran out of time, material and energy to continue their calendar beyond December 21st, 2012, I will be back to pontificate on many more polysyllabic profundities.  But if the Mayans were right and there really is no tomorrow – what would you want the world to know before you departed this life?”

Aztec Calendar vs Oreo Cookie

Aztec Calendar vs Oreo Cookie (Photo credit: ArtJonak)

I seem to be deriving post subjects from my fellow bloggers a lot of late–but so many of you are so wise, it is difficult not to be inspired. The above quote is from Susan, a fellow Canadian and she certainly asks an interesting question. Like her, I do not believe the world is going to end tomorrow, and that the Mayans just lost interest in extending the calendar for some reason–but what if? Here are a few of the things I am pondering in answer to “what if”?
1.Should I go upstairs and wrap all the Christmas presents that are currently residing in a variety of plastic and paper bags–or wait until Saturday when I know it will be a worthwhile endeavour because I am still here.
2. Should I hug my boys and husband a lot today and write a little email message to all those I love just in case?
3. Should I buy a bottle of bubbly and toast my life?
4. Should I finish the laundry?
5. Should I eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may die?
6. Should I reflect on my life and only consider the pros today…the cons can wait until Saturday?
7. Should I tell all my friends in the blog world a big Thank You for all the fun we have had together? Thank you.
In answer to Susan’s question– what would I want the world to know before I departed this life?

Okay here is my answer in one breath:

I would want the world to know that though life has been series of  ups and downs, with lots of in-betweens, I would not have missed the wonderful times though they were dispersed with the not so wonderful; I am lucky to have had wonderful parents; I have the best siblings (and their mates) in the world; I love all my nieces and nephews; I married my high school crush and we continue to this day to be in love; I am blessed with two sons that I love to bits; I cherish my friends and fellow bloggers; and I am happy to have been able to express myself in words….

Though I do not believe that the world will end tomorrow–this little exercise was a worthwhile way of climbing out of the reality of everyday life and into the realm of gratitude.
Also, I choose the Oreo cookie.
                                  I ask you: What If?


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  1. I guess I would just want it known that I did my best.

    • And that is all we can ask of ourselves! You have done your best in the most trying of times

  2. Awwwwww 🙂

    I spose I would just want the world to know that I loved and was loved.

    See you tomorrow 😉


  3. Wonderful sentiments Lou. Hard to add anything thing to it….I guess I would have to say, that love is the best medicine and if that doesn’t work, a glass of wine couldn’t hurt. btw I love the snow falling on the page.

  4. I would say, “wait, wait, I have not had near enough time to get TBM even close to being organized. I need more time to work on her :). Or, I might reveal the fact that I am actually an alien from the planet Chocolatis who has been here on Earth scoping out the locations of all the chocolate making facilities to take over as my planet is running out of chocolate. My big question is, are catastrophic events considered formal events or can I dress casual?? Talk to you tomorrow!! LOL

    • dress casual–you may as well be comfortable and I hear St. Peter does not stand on ceremony
      poor TBM — if the world ends she and I will both be unorganized

  5. I would certainly thank all of my fellow bloggers as well that have given me the encouragement to keep writing (you being one of the ones at the top of the list!!). Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    • I am glad you found it–I was going to let you know–thanks so much for your post and the great idea for a post of my own. I do not take part in the awards but like to feature some of my favourite bloggers in my posts–and your topic today made that very easy.

  6. I loved this post, LouAnn! It warmed my heart and made me laugh. The Oreo cookie… Who knew it was so profoundly deep and mystical? haha!
    Your end of the world love note is so happy and sweet. What a rich full life you’ve had! I couldn’t wish that life on a nicer person 🙂
    Blessings to you, my friend!!

    • That is the face I show the world–do not be fooled–but I am glad you liked the post–Blessings to you too

  7. What if..? I would somehow contact all my loved ones and tell them I love them…I would sit with my husband and our little doggie and just BE together. I would look forward to the future with God…I guess that’s not earth shattering but at this moment that’s what I think…Diane

  8. Although my pragmatic side of what if says if so, there’s nothing I could do about it anyway, so don’t worry. Then again, some red wine and a toast to friends I know physically and electronically.

    BTW – off topic – Christmas party at my place … starting Christmas Eve, actually starting the night before for the Aussies … ending, who knows when. Hope you can attend … and your friends here are welcome, too! … and you also know I can throw a party. 🙂

    • I will be there-thanks for the invite–should I come wearing bells?

      • Bells are always welcome here.

  9. If there is no tomorrow – I don’t have to pay any more bills!
    I’m holding off on wrapping gifts. Only because I’ve been so busy with work & other after work activities. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I won’t be working tomorrow though – will spend the 21st & the rest of this year at home with the fam!

    • I am thinking of having an unwrapped gift Christmas this year–save a lot of work–though I do have quite a few bags

      • Bags are great!
        I think I’m going to go cheap on the gift wrapping this year. I spent more on the gifts that usual. So- I’m brown paper baggin’ them – LOL
        (I’m serious!)

      • good plan and it is environmentally friendly

  10. I’m just wondering if I should clean my room.

    • I think we should party and if our rooms are still here tomorrow–we should clean them

  11. I hope it doesn’t, I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Saturday! 😉

  12. Tonight we eat chocolate, drink lots of wine and put off packing any more boxes until the day after tomorrow!

  13. Lou Ann, how are you my friend? I’m with you. I don’t believe in this world-ending thing but I am so, so grateful for love — that’s all that matters really. Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed holiday season. xxoo

    • So glad to hear from you–have been thinking I should get off another email–wishing you the a blessed holiday too and hope things are going the way you want and need them to

  14. If it all goes tits up, when will it be? GMT? EST? whatever time it happens to be in the area where the Mayans lived?
    Here’s waht i want on my headstone.
    ‘Often misguided, frequently wrong. Did no real evil.’
    things to do? Hug the boys and their father, your high school crush, as if there really is no tomorrow. do it every day, without fail

    • love your epitaph and will take your advice–thank you

      • I’m just a softy at heart

      • you are and I love that

      • Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to maintain

      • it will be our secret!

      • Phew! Maybe too late though. Shards of Dubois accused me yesterday of being Pink and White and fluffy! Me! I ask you, what sort of reputation is that for a hard rockin’ old cynic like me?

      • it just shows the many facets of your personality–embrace it

      • Oh all right, you talked me into it;-)

      • see, you are a softy!

      • Damn1 Ya made me!

      • ha ha–you are not the Scrooge you pretend to be

      • No I’m much worse in reality

      • I do not believe this

      • Damn! Ya made me AGAIN!

  15. If not for that Oreo cookie, I would’ve believed that we were doomed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!

    • the cookie is very important to our continued existence – ha ha

      • I’m counting on that cookie! We’ll talk about that tomorrow, if tomorrow turns into today.

      • well tomorrow is today–are we safe yet?

  16. Reblogged this on Out of the Crab Bucket and commented:
    Fantastic picture!

  17. What if the world ends tomorrow? I’d say, “Well that was a good run at life, Robin!”

  18. If the world ended right at this moment– I am ready. No doubts, no regrets– full of love

  19. That was a lovely, touching post. I could write a deep meaningful answer, but I won’t! – If the world ends today, I would want the world to know that we should have taken those who believed the world was going to end more seriously! (That’s a bit meta isn’t it).

    You would like the cake my daughter and her friends made yesterday then, it was a yellow cake with whole Oreo cookies embedded in the cake itself, I’m not sure how they did it actually! I can’t imagine it was baked with them in, so they must have pushed them in when it came straight out of the oven still warm, I don’t know! Anyway, they then covered the whole cake in whipped cream and raspberries, then when you cut into it, it was a nice surprise to find the Oreos in there!

    • Oreos reign (as you are in the UK aren’t you)–over here they rule. You are so funny–if the world did end then we should have taken those who predicted it more seriously! ha ha
      That cake sounds so good–enjoy a piece for me–

  20. It is a good excuse not to bother with the laundry. 🙂

  21. That was so nice, and I am glad we are all here, although I did tell my friends I will see them later either here on earth or on the flip side ~ in heaven! Either way I had confidence that even if the world may have ended our eternal life will go on. BTW You can never go wrong by choosing the Oreo – take it from me, I am the cookie connoisseur!
    Merry Christmas ~ Patty PS lets hope there are oreo’s in heaven. 😉

    • I am sure there are oreos in heaven–God has good taste!

      • 🙂

  22. Great post, the Oreo at the end made me giggle.
    Well, it’s about 3 pm on the End of the World Day and I still haven’t done the laundry. Guess I’d better get on that now, huh.
    If it was my last day, I would tell people thank you for their kindness and support and love.

    • yep-guess we better get back to the to-do list–I like your last day thoughts

  23. Fun post! I would echo your list…I’ve experienced so much more good than bad in my life, and even the bad times have helped me see things I would have missed, without the clarity of the negative. And I would take the Oreo too…not too much into ancient prophecies! ~ Sheila

    • hey, if they couldn’t even finish their calendar….ha ha
      I must admit though, I have had enough of the bad–I think I am ready for just good for awhile

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