Pay Attention to the Present

Artwork made for William Carew Hazlitt's Old C...

Artwork made for William Carew Hazlitt’s Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I was reading through the blogs this morning, I came across these words from Alexis on the blog, From Scratch Club. They sum up how I feel perfectly and I thought I would share them with you. It is well worth visiting the site to read the rest of the article:

“We do ourselves, and our families, no justice by ruminating about the past or future.  If the purpose of discussing the past or the future is productive and helps us to heal or to plan, then obviously that should happen.  Otherwise, research has shown that people are most content when their attention is on whatever is happening in the moment.  The best I can do for myself and for my children, today and for every day they are with me, is to pay attention to the present.” ~Alexis, From Scratch Club (Reflections on a Tragedy) Cooking for the Moment

We all have our ways of dealing–and today we are going to find our way back to them. I wish for all of us to “pay attention to the present” and strive to find some light in the darkness.

Alexis found some light by making salt dough ornaments with her children: what will you do?

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  1. LouAnn,
    And I would add: and to love our children, and cherish every moment we can with them, as it all starts at home.
    Le Clown

    • Well said Le Clown… It really does start at home.

    • very well said! thank you for that – LouAnn

    • I agree with the other commenters Le Clown, well said. It does all start at home.

  2. Wise words, as long as we remember as adults that we also need to plan for a better future.

  3. So true…

  4. I will go to work today and practice my healing arts. It’s the best thing I can do to help…

  5. I think it is just to enjoy the now…to smile at others, to hold our loved ones close in our hearts and to send out love to all. xo

  6. very true.. trying to shake off the funk. Need to decorate the tree.

  7. I always say enjoy the journey of life. Try to live and enjoy the now.

  8. I like this thought – becuase the present can be full of presents! (I’m not talking material things either)

  9. Living in the present is of course the way to go…The past can maybe help us to learn and some goals for the future are good I think….But we must concentrate on today as you say…Today I will go shopping and buy some gifts for those I love and think about how fortunate I am to have them in my life….Diane

  10. The Buddhists have it right, living in the present moment. When I began to meditate my life began to unfold in a beautiful way.

  11. We will be playing hockey, decorating the Christmas tree (finally!) and watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. All things that will continue to bring us together as a family.

    • those are all great things to do as a family–happy decorating, playing and watching!

  12. Learning to live in the present moment was one of my retirement goals but I often slip into my old habit of living for tomorrow, always caught up in planning for what lies ahead instead of getting full value out of today. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Very wise and profound words to remember my friend

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. The present is our greatest present. The gift of the moment. I so agree with you! Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

  15. I started putting a year’s worth of photos in albums last night. Reliving the precious memories of family together was incredibly healing. It was reliving the past, but it was grounding.

    • So glad you found something to hold on to Robin–healing is good. You are truly a compassionate human being who finds a way to help out come hell or high water–sometimes I think putting yourself on a back burner.

      • I going to hazard that you do the same. Am I right?

      • wel, we are moms and we care a lot

      • Comes with the job. Gray hair and wrinkles are extra perks.

      • perks–then I have lots!

  16. I am continuing to make vacation plans, because life must go on. And we could use some R&R right now.

    • I think that things like this make us embrace life with even more gusto–as some things are so random

  17. Love all the comments.. but we have to love ourselves first so we can give that freely to those all around us..the good, bad and ugly..

  18. Staying in the present is something I’m striving to do. Thanks for the reminder of the benefits.

  19. This is very true. I think we all feel so much better when we live in the here and now. When I dig around in the past or project into the future I get terribly anxious. Why do we do it when we know it makes us feel bad?
    I hope everyone gets their Christmas spirit back, soon.

    • so many times we know what is good for us and we do not do it for some reason–we have to be shocked into it
      I hope with you that we can get our Christmas spirit back too

  20. This is so true, and it’s something I’m often telling my daughter – whatever we’re doing, she always seems to be saying things like “After this, can we…”, and I’m always trying to bring her back to enjoying what we’re currently doing rather than thinking about what’s next.

  21. This is such an important notion. A lot of families (unfortunately) argue at Christmas because they bring up the past or what is going to happen in the future. Enjoy the moment I say! 🙂

  22. This reminds me of a quote: “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.” Fulton Oursler
    I completely agree…best to focus on the present, or if/when my attention is caught by the past, I try to let it be a happy memory. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sheila

    • I love that quote and am guilty of getting caught between those two thieves

  23. I agree we need to focus on the gift of the present and stay present (and get presents!)

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