Pay Attention to the Present

Artwork made for William Carew Hazlitt's Old C...

Artwork made for William Carew Hazlitt’s Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I was reading through the blogs this morning, I came across these words from Alexis on the blog, From Scratch Club. They sum up how I feel perfectly and I thought I would share them with you. It is well worth visiting the site to read the rest of the article:

“We do ourselves, and our families, no justice by ruminating about the past or future.  If the purpose of discussing the past or the future is productive and helps us to heal or to plan, then obviously that should happen.  Otherwise, research has shown that people are most content when their attention is on whatever is happening in the moment.  The best I can do for myself and for my children, today and for every day they are with me, is to pay attention to the present.” ~Alexis, From Scratch Club (Reflections on a Tragedy) Cooking for the Moment

We all have our ways of dealing–and today we are going to find our way back to them. I wish for all of us to “pay attention to the present” and strive to find some light in the darkness.

Alexis found some light by making salt dough ornaments with her children: what will you do?

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