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Just a little heads up. The Virtual Christmas Party is cancelled. I will be writing a lengthier post shortly, but thought I would tell you that out of respect and  broken hearts, Robin and I have decided to postpone the party. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the town of Newtown, Connecticut.

As Maya Angelou said: “Each child belongs to all of us.”

UPDATE: Robin has provided us with an address for Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Drive, Newton CT  06482 if you want to send some words of compassion, encouragement or prayers.


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  1. Yes, I am finding it difficult to function normally because of what has happened. I think it was a good idea to cancel the party – you are great!

    • And you are a wonderful friend–it is just so hard–there is no understanding–I have spoken to God about taking “free will” away from us.

      • Your last sentence has got me thinking about this conundrum. Humans do terrible things to other humans and everyone asks why God doesn’t intervene and the ‘free will’ thing comes up. I feel at such a loss to understand and I cannot reconcile the idea of a loving God with tragedies like this. Cancel this comment if you want – just blathering

      • this is a perfect comment and stays on my blog–I am of the same mind as you

  2. I think we are all stunned. This is insanity.

  3. I feel such pain for these parents. The days ahead will be full of such agony. It’s incomprehensible. I think as a nation we should continue to pray long and hard on this.
    The Maya Angelou quote is perfect. They are all our children.

    • Not only the States are affected–Canadians feel the pain of our brothers and sisters to the south of us; and I have already heard from friend Julie from down under. We are all in this together–and we will all pray together. And I so agree with you and Maya–they are all our children.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your decision LouAnn. Nobody feels like celebrating today. My heart breaks for these familes!

  5. I agree, LouAnn. Not a good day for a party. My thoughts and prayers are with Newtown…

  6. I agree as well. I am going to take the time and put my feelings into words today. Bless those poor families.

    • It is hard to do–I wish you luck–but sometimes expressing our grief and shock help bring us together

  7. I’m sure we are all in shock, and can think of little else other than those grieving families and the shattered community of Newtown.

  8. I am so shocked that his happened yesterday. I was just sitting down and looking at the date last night and wondering to myself “December 14, what does it mean” wondering if there’s a bad memory linked to it for me, or a birthday of someone else I know.. but nothing. and it’s just horrifying that this occurred just yesterday… Maybe someday it will be replaced with something better.

    This just breaks my heart. I’m heart aches for anyone who has been touched by this. My condolences and prayers to all of them afflicted. And yes, each child belongs to us. What you said at the end of one comment is disheartened. Don’t be. This is a hard time, one of many. I loved what one believer said: when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they exercised their desire for choice, so then God sent them down to Earth because in a way, they chose it, until the appointed time to return to Heaven—the place God wants most for us.

    Remember this life is only the period of which we make choices. Which also means we make mistakes. And that’s okay too, as long as we ask God for forgiveness, and learn ourselves to forgive.

    Love & Peace,

    • I am glad you can add a somewhat positive element–it is something we all cling to

  9. Reblogged this on Lila's Twist and commented:
    Something I don’t want to think about, but things have to be acknowledged first before we move on. So I want to take a moment to grieve…

    Sending my love and prayers to all those afflicted by the massacres of the world, in the here and now, in the past, and in the future.

    Peace & Love,

  10. I’m still stunned and heartbroken for everyone affected by this brutality..
    Perhaps we can have a healing New Years party..Until then, let us each lift the other up in peace and healing prayers

    • I like that idea–when we are all feeling a bit less stunned, we should plan a healing New Year’s party–I think that would help us all

  11. Everyone is pretty shaken by this. Trying to process and comfort. Busy life tends to obscure how fragile life is until we are shocked into reality.
    In the 1950’s a deranged man walked onto Poe elementary’s playground where children were playing and set off a large bomb. The scene was brutal and horrifying. It impacted all of us. Life became different.
    From experience, please turn off the TV and take kids outside for a walk someplace pretty. Talk about how yes there is evil, but there is also good. Talk about how some people are sick and do things we do not understand. Talk about how we are only human and cannot understand God’s plan – and that there is a plan. Talk about how important it is to appreciate life, the world, and those around us everyday. (and if anyone tries to hurt you, they will have to come through me first – no idle threat.).
    Horrendous times often give people a chance to step up: good will conquer evil.
    And talk about love.
    (As you can see here, I’m trying to make sense of it all, again)
    Gatherings, good. Parties, we’l do later.

    • Beautifully put – by you trying to understand, you have made it easier for the rest of us to understand. Your advice is golden–thank you for taking the time to make this comment–I am sure it will help me and others-(hugs)
      I agree–gathering, good. Party, later.

  12. […] The recent shock of the school attack is just too much. Read here. […]

  13. Totally understand, and agree.


  14. Thank you Lou Ann for the kind words. Yes, according to the bible we must love and forgive. However, I am sorry but that is where I draw the line. There is much about the bible that has great meaning but the bible also contradicts the writings in many ways.

    Yes, the shooter may be deranged but does that make it alright and that WE MUST FORGIVE? Violence is violence and having worked in the mental health field for many years I have seen many examples. I still believe that someone that is supposed to be insane still has moments of sanity. Those people can still make decisions and their decisons are bases on revenge. (my personal opinion) Oh, well I have gone off on a tangent and will stop here. One could debate this subject and never arrive at an answer.

    It is senseless and hearbreaking for those who have lost loved ones and friends. One can walk, talk, and hug your own chikdren but what does it do for those whose lives have been impacted from now on?

    I will look forward to reading your post about all of this in the future.


    • you bring up some very important points that I am sure we are all struggling with–Robin Coyle has provided an address for the school on her blog–that may be something we can do–write some words of compassion to those who took the brunt of this horrible tragedy–

      • Thank you. I will explore your idea.

  15. LouAnn, have been feeling heartbroken along with so many in the past couple of days. The Maya Angelou quote is so apt. A friend on Facebook’s friend lost his son yesterday in the shooting. It’s hard to even comprehend. Hugs.

  16. Completely the right decision to cancel the party. It wouldn’t feel right to have gone ahead. Too tragic for words.

  17. This is not a time for celebration. It is a time for mourning. I hope we can find some act of courage or inspiration out of this tragedy to celebrate later.

    I can tell from the comments on blogs, the shooting has touched the hearts of people from all over the world.

    • Most assuredly it has — as someone said it is a time for gathering, but not partying.

  18. Reblogged this on Robin Coyle and commented:
    Our virtual Christmas cocktail party tonight is canceled. Our hearts are too heavy. We may do a healing party on New Year’s Eve. Love to you all and be safe out there.

  19. Completely understandable and agreed. Big hugs to all of you.

  20. We all completely understand. I’m still stunned by this senseless act. It doesn’t feel like Christmas or partyrime anymore:(

    • I hope we can get past it a bit–but never ever forget and keep those poor people in our prayers

  21. Last night when I came home it was dark and our Christmas Lights were all on. (They are on a timer) The first thing I did when I walked in the house was turn them off. I think I will leave them off for a few days.
    It just breaks my heart and at the moment I cant fell joy of the season. I feel a sympathetic pain for those parents. It is the least I can do to Honor those children and their families. Our prayers go out to them every day. I think Many of us will remember this for the rest of our lives.

    • I think that you are honouring them by keeping your lights off–it is your way of sort having a flag at half mast out of respect–they need all our prayers and thoughts and gestures

      • Yes since I cant half mast my flag. but Christmas is partly about children, so I feel this is indirectly more appropriate. Thanks.

  22. I wasn’t much in the spirit for a party, this is too painful for words. I have been recalling the feelings I had when my son called to tell me he was being sent into combat. I kept thinking I needed him to come home safe, I had raised him for 18 years, through good times and bad, and wanted to watch him grow into the adult I knew he could be. I felt that to cut his life short at 18 would be senseless. (he is home and safe, for the record), Today all I can think of is how selfish I was then, I had 18 years with him to that point, these families had so much less. My son volunteered for his duty, these children didn’t volunteer for this. I have also been talking to my son since yesterday, our thoughts have been centering on the children who witnessed, and survived the events and what we might be able to do for them as they will be scarred for a long time. Any one have any suggestions that may directly touch the surviving children, I would love to hear them.

    • What a wonderful thought–I am sure there will be some suggestions–most of us are still too stunned to really be very resourceful (at least I am). I understand why you would not want your son to go into combat–we did not raise our kids to lose them–
      I feel so bad about the innocence lost as well as the precious lives

      • How true, the shock at the loss of such young lives won’t leave me for a long time.

      • or me

  23. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the news. The poor families. It’s such a sad event and my thoughts are with them.

  24. ‘Freedom’ is one thing, but when this results in anyone at all buying an assault rifle, or any type of gun for that matter, it’s quite another matter!
    There has been a number of school massacres in the US over the last years. How many does America have to experience before responsible politicians will alter the law? How many more children will quite needlessly have to die? It could be yours? Anybodys, in fact!

    • some good points–hope they are heard by the right people

      • Thanks! I respect the right to buy personal arms, but – firstly I think that people 17-19 years of age are by no way reflective enough to be trusted with deadly arms like an assault rifle. That is an ‘instrument of war’ and has nothing what so ever to do with ‘hunting’.

        Secondly I’d recommend that no such arms could be purchased before you’re passed 25 years of age, and then only by registry with the local police. And if one gets in conflict with the law, I think such weapons should be confiscated for at least three years!

      • you have some valid points here–such a hard thing to contemplate

      • I know! The Amarican Rifle Association will fight any change with tooth and nail, but do you really want another massacre? And posssibly another – and yet another? How far are the American people willing to take this?
        Here in Norway we experienced the ‘Utøya-killings’ last year. And laws have been changed, streets have been permanently closed and the Police have received new tools in their work. Because we don’t want this to ever happen again.

        What has happend with American laws in this particular area over the last three years?

      • It is something that needs over hauling — in Canada we are stricter–but how do you keep guns out of the hands of madmen

      • It’s a real tough question! I don’t think an 18 year old boy is a madman! But he’s filled with hormones that he doesn’t quite know how to handle. Besides today quite a few are using steroids to build muscular tissues and the combination with alchohol is a bad combination. Revenge over something is a very close reaction, I think, and it’s easy to loose any objectivity. Thus: No guns before 25! At least!

        Then you have all the guys returning home with war traumas and feel that the society doesn’t treat them the way they ought to be treated . . .
        It’s really not an easy question, but unless the law is altered on important points, there will surely be new incidents. Then you have the ‘copy-cat-syndrom’ to recon with . . .

      • My point is–if someone is setting out to do harm, they will do it no matter what–laws will not stop them–but on the whole, I think your suggestions would work as they would give the troubled person time to think if the guns were not readily available

      • That’s right! You ought to stop acting on impulse and/or under the influence of drugs/alcohol. It’s to damned easy when the gun and amunition is kept in a drawer.

  25. All of our hearts are with Newton.

  26. Understood.

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