Your Party Invitation Awaits

You are all invited to a Virtual Christmas Party!

christmas 2007

(Photo credit: paparutzi)No party is a party without a disco ball!

Date: December 15th

Where: Virtually Here

Why: It Is Christmas!

Theme: Come as your favourite author or character in a book.

Co-hosts: LouAnn  and Robin

Bring: Your favourite appetizer from the 1970′s

Music Provided by: Rodents and Rebels (my son’s rock and roll band).

Special Entertainment: Margaret Atwood. She promises to be festive!

Headliner: Vanessa Chapman  will be singing a song chosen just for the party.

Requirement: Description of your favourite author or character’s outfit,  your 1970’s appetizer recipe, and favourite song request.

The UK's favourite bird

Not really Robin! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robin Coyle (you probably remember her as the hostess of the first virtual cocktail party) and I have put our heads together to create some other fun activities to make this party rock—so choose one or two (or as many as you want) and be prepared to comment on them or provide a  pic on party night:

1.Provide a photo of an ugly Christmas sweater or if you are up to the challenge — provide a photo of a beautiful Christmas sweater;

2. Show us a photo (or stick drawing) of your favourite author or character in a book;

3. Don be shy—show us a photo of you dressed up as your favourite author or character;

4. Tell us  the worst line you have ever read from an annual Christmas newsletter;

5. Describe your best or worst Christmas memory (depending on your mood);

6. Tell us the title of your favourite Christmas themed book;

7.  Tell us about a Christmas tradition you want eradicated from this flat earth.

8. Create your own video or stand up or whatever your imagination conjures up. There will be kids at the party, so choose accordingly.

There you have it—choices galore.

I will be serving some shrimp cocktail in champagne glasses with cocktail sauce and champagne cocktails to toast the night with. So be there or be square!

English: A shrimp cocktail.

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  1. Won’t be there but can you send a shrimp thingy to Miami please.

    • will do–but what are you up to young man that you cannot come for even a half an hour–with your artistry you could provide us with some real talent–alas–we will miss you–but the shrimp is on its way

  2. Sounds like fun! I hope I can make it. 🙂

    • drop by even if it is for just a while–and provide us with a good tech hint or two–you make it interesting so that even I understand most of the time

  3. Wow! It sounds like a good time. I may bring some Lipton’s onion dip and Lays chips. Is that 70’s or 60’s?
    Looking forward to it!

  4. Sounds like fun! I will try to stop by if I get a chance.
    Lots going on these next few weekends with the kids & holiday activities.

    • you can come early or late if you need to fit it into your schedule

      • Oh – Thank you, Thank you!

  5. I’ve never been to a virtual party, Christmas, cocktail or otherwise…so I’ll have to stop by to see how it works. Thanks for all the hard work of putting this together! ~ Sheila

  6. Woo! Can’t wait for the party! Headliner? Me?! Aaagghhh!

    That’s an inventive list you guys have come up with there, I hope people will join in, it’ll be such fun to see!

  7. Having a hard time doing any of my pre-party homework with that shrimp cocktail staring me in the face!

  8. This does sound like fun. Unfortunately I’m unavailable on Saturday. Apparently I have to go shopping all day until I get everything done. I abhor shopping, especially during the holidays. Ugh–not looking forward to it. I may have to stop in two pubs for each store. Might be an interesting Christmas morning this year when people open their gifts.

    Have fun at the party. I bet it will be a blast. the first author that popped into my head is Dorothy Parker. Not sure I know any apps from the 70s though–do tortilla chips count?

    • Even if you are not around the day of–you can comment the day after (I won’t tell anyone) and I love the idea of Dorothy Parker and tortilla chipss–everything counts if it comes from you

    • Reply #2 – good luck with the Christmas shopping –buy everyone a gift card and be done with it (unless of course you have little kids to buy for–but that is what Santa is for-lolol)

      • Gift cards or cash. I’m leaning towards cash. Now I need four different currencies. I’m pretty sure I’ll pop in to comment–might be a day or two late–is that fashionable. I considered bringing raw bacon since Parker used to eat it–she didn’t know how to cook. Makes me ill thinking about eating raw bacon.

      • Four different currencies–that should be fun (not). Fashionably late would be wonderful–maybe we should make it a weekend party. You can bring raw bacon–but I hope you don’t mind if I pop it in the oven for a few minutes now do you. See it is just this type of thing you need to share with the party goers.

  9. […] (You’ll get to see a video of me singing at On the Homefront’s virtual party this Saturday. People will be joining in the party by providing recipes and entertainment and […]

  10. Very cool idea. Too bad my little video has mild profanity!

    • it is very mild–and we will just have the little ones leave the room (ha ha)

  11. I hope the party is still going on when I finally get there! Or will I be left helping to tidy up like I think I was at Robins lol


  12. It sounds like an awesome party!!!

  13. I have my costume all ready! Don’t forget to pay your homeowner’s insurance. I suspect the party is going to be rowdy.

  14. […] charming LouAnn over at On the Homefront and Beyond stole copied loved my virtual cocktail party idea and forced begged invited me to co-host a […]

    • stole? copied? why yes I did, and had to get down on both knees to beg…………..

      • I hope you get my sense of humor! You didn’t have to beg one bit!

      • I do get your sense of humour–that is why I knew you would be a great co-host–that is what we need at our party and you have delivered already–I love your intro so much better than mine!

      • Not a dern-tootin thing wrong with your intro!

      • aw shucks, thanks–but yours was quite zippy and zesty (that is my full repertoire of z words except for zero)

      • Love “Z” words.

      • me too

  15. I can’t wait! Like others, I can’t figure out how this works… .

    • just come and comment on the night of the party and enjoy the other entertainment from other bloggers

      • I can’t wait!!

  16. What a fun idea! Can’t wait to see it in final form.
    BTW – in case you missed it, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    • I am honoured that you would think of me- thanks so much– it is always great to be recognized and appreciated

  17. I’m coming, too! Okay if I mention this party on my own blog? Maybe I can rope in some more guests.

    • would love you to mention it–that would be wonderful and put your own twist on it! thank you and can’t wait to see your costume

    • Thank you so much for all your support–as you may read today on my blog, Robin and I are cancelling the party–our hearts are broken about the tragedy in Connecticut–I am disappointed but it is not appropriate to be fun and festive today–

      • Just updated my blog with the new info. I’ve also included the school address that Robin gave on her blog so that people can send a card if they want to.

      • what a good idea–appreciate your help!

      • You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do.

      • 🙂

  18. It sounds interesting and fun..we just come visit and comment right? I am excited to be going to my first virtual party…I just hope we are back by then. I already have you on my calendar 😀

    • the party will be ongoing so come anytime–yes you are part of the party when you comment and read the other comments and listen to and view some of the entertainment some of them may provide–can’t wait it see you

      • I am waiting on pins and needles!! 🙂

  19. I’m coming, too. It’s my first virtual party.

    • should be fun–can’t wait to see you there–you can bring an appetizer from 100 years ago if you want (not one that old–a new rendition of an old one-lol)

  20. I’m just about partied out and a few still to go, so best not to expect me, but I applaud the sentiment.

    • but mine does not take much effort–just drop by for a look around–you only have to virtually dress up (lol) This is one heck of a busy time of year so if you can’t make it, I understand

  21. I have it all penciled in my Not-very-full social calendar.. Can I bring pigs-in-a-blanket?

    • perfect choice–see you then

      • 😉

  22. I’ll be there!

  23. Hello Lou My friend,
    Gearing up for your party of the season and am so curious. i have to ask you this because I have never been to any cyber party. (that i know of anyway.)..
    Can i ask you this, are we going to post our own activities that we choose just like a regular post linking to your party somehow? I hope by me asking you this does not spoil a thing?

    Thanks sweetie for any details you ca share with us.

    • you can do whatever you want–if you want to post a link to your blog that would be just great — but comment on the party blog and then link to you–entice the partygoers (hope this answers your question cause I am none too tech savvy–but I trust that anything you do would be just great!)

      • You did fantastic drawing me a bit of a picture thank you Lou!
        This sounds like it will even be a learning experience for the likes of the two i of us, you see I am so not technical savvy either,

        it is nice to know someone is on the same page as I am, I receive lost of help and try understand, but I should face it.. not my thing.. Thanks again Lou!

      • I will be tech savvy for a couple of weeks since my youngest son is coming home from college on the weekend and he is my computer genius–he is my go to IT guy

      • Good for you Lou~
        I think every lady should have an IT guy in their life. you are blessed yours is your son.

  24. Preparing for the party – (note on today’s post) Getting the dancing shoes out.

  25. […] (Here’s the address, in case you forgot) […]

    • thank you so much for promoting the party–cannot wait for the big reveal!

  26. […] this is a participation event. All you have to do is swing by LouAnn’s blog on Saturday (please read the party invitation first) and leave a comment. Or you can go by and just read her blog that night or the next day — […]

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