Just a Christmas Thought in Passing…..

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

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The tree is up. The wreath is on the front door. The Christmas ham is bought. Most of the Christmas shopping is done—so, let the festivities begin! Most of us still have some things to do for the big day—but I have started to think of Christmas as a season not culminating in just one day of festivities, but many.

The season begins for many of us in late November and goes at least until New Year’s Day. We have so many tasks to do, parties to go to, and special foods to fix—that sometimes in the whirlwind we get a little lost. I had to pause and reflect on what is really important at this time of year—and it is our memories and traditions that connect us to the past, nourish our present, and make us look forward to the future.

In these last few weeks before Christmas I wish you some time to pause and think about those things that are important to you, and maybe pass a little tradition onto your children or grandchildren, or the fellow coffee aficionado sitting beside you at Tim Horton’s.

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  1. Christmas does feel more like a season than a day doesn’t it? I have pared down and don’t do the parties and such any more. I do have more company but it’s closer to the actual holiday. Other than the decorating I try to keep most of the month normal. thanks for the wish of time to reflect.

  2. this is timely, just wait till you read my post for the day (won’t be up for another couple of hours)

    • I will look forward to it (Have you received your chocolate from our looney friend yet?)

      • LOL!!!! You guys crack me up 🙂

      • we are waiting……

      • Ok, email me your addresses right away and there will be chocolate arriving at your door before you know it :). Better hurry, the mail is getting busy with xmas cards and stuff!!

      • I’ve worn you down, you poor girl, but my address is coming–I am shameless

      • I think you might just deserve some of out Lindt stash for your perseverance 😃.

      • I have died and gone to heaven!

      • LOL!!!

      • no chocolate from the looney one ;-(

      • I have worn her down – now she wants us to send her our addresses to her email and she will send us some of her stash

      • 😉

      • I’m waiting……..

  3. Oh goodness, I’m starting to realize how behind I am for this event. Oh well, I’ll have some mulled wine and forget about that part. Happy holidays!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. With this kitchen remodel, I’m way behind with everything this season.

    • there is no behind–this year I am way ahead of the game for me–usually I don’t have the tree up and shopping started until the 15th, much less my Christmas ham!

  5. You are so right – there has to be a balance between craziness and relaxation at this time of year. Sometimes we rush around so much that we regret afterwards not spending more time catching up with family and just enjoying the season.

    • so true, and sometimes we forget to send our friends chocolatem (this is me with my foot tapping)

  6. It is only December 10th and you really have that ALL done? we have no tree, not one present has been bought– nothing has been done. Our tradition is waiting til the last minute 🙂
    Our tradition is simple.. just being together in our warm home with family. Hopefully the kids will appreciate that one day

    • Don’t think too highly of me–my house is a mess and I am behind in my work–and usually I do not even start anything until the 15th
      Being together in a warm house is the best

  7. I love the Christmas season and like to stretch it out as long as I can as slowly as I can, and share the fun with as many people as I can.

    • that is a wonderful way to celebrate–are we stretching it out to January 15th?

      • I think we should.

      • sounds good

  8. I’m seriously behind this year and can only think its because I lack the will to get started. It means there has been plenty of time to reflect on my lazy ways.

  9. i stretch it out til the end of january. i may put away the decorations but the tree stands. i light it up every night. not sure why my trees last that long but i’m glad they do

    • that is a wonderful thing–I may extend mine as my sister is coming to visit in mid-January–You have certainly got the spirit

  10. Unrelated comment here. I have a funny feeling I didn’t respond to your comment over on my blog about our party planning. Oops. Do you still want to me email me the invite? Sorry! (Hark . . . I hear the sound of balls dropping all over the place in my world.)

    • Have not done it yet–will forward it as soon as I do it–hope things are going okay with you and yours

  11. I like your way of looking at Christmas as a season rather than just a day of festivities. Couldn’t agree more! Plus, it kind of takes the pressure off of the actual day since that way we can party for the whole month. 😉

  12. I wish I could make the wonderful spirit of Christmas all year long, but because it only happens once a year it makes it that much more special. Thanks for the perspective, as always!!

  13. This is what Christmas is all about. Family, love, faith, traditions. To give and make someone have the happiest memory there is. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. An early Christmas gift Lou from Cyklopp’s, Rides Again, Gerry & I. Merry Christmas Friend!
    We hope you put your feet up,. take a break, & enjoy.~


    • I am just more thrilled than you can imagine–I love love love it–I will be going back to it many times–thank you!!

  15. What a lovely Christmas thought. It is a whirlwind, and it’s good to stop and take a breath and think. It doesn’t help matters that both my children have their birthdays in December, so finding times to be reflective over the month isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try!

    • you are truly a Christmas girl having your babies in December–as if life were not busy enough! You really need to reflect if you can find yourself…..

  16. I need to get my Christmas hat on soon! With the rebuilding of the house I haven’t really had time to think about Christmas – though I’m sure when I do, it’ll hit me all at once 😉

    • there is still time–for some reason I am ahead of the game this year–but that won’t last long

  17. I haven’t got my tree up or anything yet, I’ve been too busy 😦


    • it is still early yet–you have lots of time–when I was a kid we never put anything up until about a week before Christmas

      • Hubby’s birthday on Saturday (15th) so we always make sure it’s up before then…I’ve just got to fit it in somewhere! Lol


      • You have to show up for my virtual party at some point on the 15th–I will be providing details soon.

      • Oooooo, sounds interesting! Will try honey, but taking hubby out for dinner and then staying out overnight xx

      • oh–that trumps a virtual party anyday–drop by the next day to see who came

      • Might be able to make it due to the time difference 😉


  18. A tree and decorations are up too … shopping and cards is another matter … and your ending made me laugh.

    • I love to make people laugh–either with me or at me. Not sending out many cards this year.

      • Thanks for the news, thus I won’t patiently wait for one. 😉

  19. My tree is up as well, shopping will be finished this weekend and then yes, I can breathe a sigh and really enjoy these holidays. This is a lovely post..thank you!!

  20. Hey, I was just in Canada in September, and I know what a Tim Horton’s is!
    Yes, it’s a busy season! Trying hard to slow down by pausing and saying “no” quite often! Still hard to find sanity though! ~ Sheila

    • I am glad you got the reference! Sanity? What is that? ha ha–there is no sanity in the Christmas season

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