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Note: While I will not be writing any original posts this week–I thought I would “post” (sounds like I am mailing this to you) my weekly column that will be appearing in the Kingsville Reporter this week. So hot off the presses, I present this to you: ( now must get my nose back to the grindstone–I hear the sound of a cracking whip–better go~)

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings ; These are a few of my favourite things.”

I know I do not have Oprah’s status (and money and fame and success) but I do have some favourite things. She does not have the corner on this (although she could afford to buy that corner).

Her favourite things include an Easy Rider electric bike with an ugly lime green helmet; $198 cotton knit cable sweater; some spa products she discovered at David Copperfield’s (when I was at David’s I was not that impressed with them); a $395 pink leather bag from the Tory Burch store, which she saw and just had to have as “she was strolling down Madison Avenue” (I am holding out for a Burkin bag); some soap that only costs $238 for 14 bars, which she gave to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Colbert; a mattress for $2,699 (which she now has in every bedroom of her house—which means her mattresses are probably worth more than my house); an elliptical cross trainer that was originally $3,099 and is only $2,789 with a coupon; and the piece de resistance, and the only thing I can afford from her list of 95 favourite things is a blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar snowflakes. At $42, I could think about it.

A Hermès Birkin bag.

A Hermès Birkin bag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going to be upfront: my favourite things do not include things such “as raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens”. I am a bit less, shall we say, whimsical than that. I mentioned the Birkin bag, which is, according to Wik E. Pedia, “a handbag by Hermès, handmade in leather and named after (British) actress and singer Jane Birkin.” It is “a symbol of wealth due to its high price and elusiveness to the public.Its price range? $9000 to $150,000. Costs apparently “escalate according to the type of materials.” They are fashioned “on unpredictable schedules and in limited quantities” to create scarcity and exclusivity. I am sure Oprah has a few of these, but was afraid to include them in her favourite things as they are out of reach of everyone but the 2% (or is it 1%?). I am including it because I plan on the winning the lottery. Soon. The big one. (Did you know that people who think they are going to win the lottery do not have their feet planted securely on terra firma?)

I have no argument with Oprah–she chooses a bunch of lovely stuff, then proceeds to give it away to some lucky people—I have not yet figured out how to be one of those lucky people, so I have created a list of my favourite things. Much more modest than Oprah’s, it consists of:

1. Anything that sparkles—I think I was a magpie in another life. Sparkly things have a wide range in price—I am not too choosy unless it is gaudy. Now, gaudy does not include an 8 carat yellow diamond (in case you were wondering).

2. Books—all kinds—books you can write in, books you can read for enjoyment, books you can learn from (as long as I am not being tested—went to school for about a hundred years—no more tests!); books with pretty pictures, kids’ books—okay, I think you are getting the idea here.

3. Boy boots. Seriously an odd choice I know. But, my husband who looks out for me and loves, loves, loves Canadian Tire saw a pair of women’s boots (that look like men’s boots) on sale for 60% off. They have laces and felt liners, and big treads on the bottom (I am prone to falling down, hence earning the name grace). Now, they look clunky but are kind of gold in colour (almost sparkly) with black rubber toes. So, my feet will not get wet and stay warm and toasty in the winter to come. So, my boots, while they are not sleek and leather and fashionable, are my new favourite thing.

Oh, and I do like surprises as in “brown paper packages tied up with strings” but you can keep the raindrops and whiskers (sorry Kitty Bob), and bright copper kettles. The mittens though would go with my new almost sparkly “boy boots”.

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  1. Books and boots! I’m with you on those! I love my gold Doc Martens which earned me the nickname Goldenboots when I was teaching. Fortunately the head I was working for at the time encouraged his staff to be themselves! 🙂

  2. I love books and boy boots too – while every other woman on the planet has a lovely pair of dress boots to wear with a dress, I have a big honkin pair of lumberjack boots that keep my toes toasty warm (unless of course, we are going somewhere nice and pride makes me go out in dinky little heels).

    And chocolate. I absolutely love chocolate.

    • how could I forget chocolate? I am happy with my boy boots–but like sleek leather boots opposd to dinky little heels–though you cannot get away with that in warm weather. I have a pair of fake ughs–but they are only for dry cold weathter

  3. Excellent article! I love books and bags of all sorts. I decorate with the books because I have so many and my family calls me the bag lady, although I mostly stick to bags that i have made myself or the reusable ones from the stores. 🙂 Nothing so fancy as a Birkin, although it does look pretty nice. My other favorite thing is fabric. I have stacks of it because I see something I like and buy it without having a plan for it. Back to work for me too!

  4. I fall down a lot as well. Took a nasty spill this summer the day before a two week tour through Europe. Good thing there was plenty of beer on hand to help me through the days. Can you add my name to the books section. I should get a decent pair of boots, but I’m not a practical person.

    • Hey TBM, are you sure it wasn’t the beer that made you fall down in the first place?? LOL Just kidding 🙂

      • Hey now! Play fair and no telling secrets.

      • was it bud light lime?

      • Sorry my friend, but that one I just couldn’t resist :).

      • okay Ms.Looney–are you being smart again?

    • me either – but my husband is–guess he is tired of me complaining about wet feet, and slip sliding away (shades of Art, or is it Paul?)

  5. I like everything on your list, although the boots don’t have to be boy boots. They just have to have little or no heel because in the winter, ice and me don’t get along very well! As for sparkly things, I’m especially partial to sparkly rings, or rings of any sort for that matter. I also have to add electronics to my list because my eyes light up and my heart skips a beat when I see a new piece of electronics on the market. I’m afraid I’m a little bit addicted!

    • nothing wrong with good addictions! my boy boots are kind of cute in a homely sort of way

  6. Just like you, I bought a pair of “snow boots” this year. I have lived in Ottawa for 23 years and I finally bought a pair of proper boots. I don’t think they will become a favorite thing, but my toes will be toasty.

  7. Well I’m going to start calling you “Little O” ..:-) I’m a purse fiend and even own a Prada (trust me it cost enough but I do love it so)..Now boots I can’t wear, it’s too hot here but would love to own a pair just for show & tell..

    • Little O — I like that — we are about the same age–I could be the white bread O with soul
      Prada purse–describe it for me–I need to know—

      • The Prada (and I stress the P) is a tan, shoulder style bag.. soft as cotton and it was a departing gift from my ex husband. Sweet lad isn’t he?

  8. Boy boots, oh how I wish I could find a pair. Like you I need good treads but I can’t find a good pair and lament every winter that I have feet too small to wear mens boots, I fit in the boys sizes and refuse to wear something with characters on them. My list of favorite things always includes books, but this year also includes a new staple gun. As for Oprah, Even though she gives her favorite things to others I can’t imagine what I would ever do with the things on her list, they just aren’t me. Give me a barn coat and boy boots, some craft supplies and tools and I’m in heaven.

    • guess you don’t have a Canadian Tire–too bad–that is where my boots were on sale! I have to admit–I would not mind winning some of Oprah’s favourite things–there is really a wide variety and you could give a lot of them away as gifts.

      • Okay giving them away as gifts is something I could do. I do wish I had a Canadian Tire here.

  9. Books, music and movies. And something to store them all in — I’m running out of storage space!

    • me too–I seem to have everything out and about–books,movies and music–a wonderful trio

  10. Oh gosh- Wouldn’t that be great to get Oprah’s favorite things? Lucky people indeed.
    I like you’re faves. They seem more affordable & attainable.
    I have some luxury items that I would love to have & I dream of having. But – that will have to wait until I win the lottery 😉

    • okay you win the U.S lottery and I will win a Cdn lottery -deal?

      • Deal! 🙂

  11. I kid you not . . .when I read “Boy Boots,” I read it as “Boy Scouts.” I thought, “Uh oh . . . where is she going with this?

    • Robin – now I know I have picked the right co-host — boy scouts –maybe 45 years ago

      • Yeah . . . we’ve moved on the the Boy Scout Troop Leaders. Those shorts are so . . . oh never mind.

      • my husband was a boy scout–he is always prepared–going camping with him you have to take a couple of trailers–but he always has everything we need–we are not going to go there with the leaders, Robin–well, you can–shorts and knees socks–a dangerous combo

      • Knobby knees and hairy ankles. Ew.

  12. Aaaaah I am also attracted to sparkly things but DEFINITELY books 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. I’d like to get on Oprah’s gift list too…Why does she usually give to people who have money? Although I know she is generous in many other ways too…(just not to us lol) Diane

  14. Books, boots, and bags ( a nice leather tote if one could be bought for less than $100. So I am “up your alley” for favorite things as well. I like boots (knee high) too and have 3 pair with sensible heels no higher than about 2 inches- I think. Books are always good as I remember from one of your posts or comments that you have many. so here is hoping that you get all of the things that you enjoy the most.

    Great post. Made me laugh about the excesses of Oprah. Such a waste of money on some or most of the items.

    • the easy rider scooter sure does not appeal to me–like the three b’s – glad you pointed that out

  15. When you figure out how to be one of the lucky people on Oprah’s receiving list, could you let me know? She once gave people Vaio laptops and I’ve been envious since!
    I like sparkly things and books too! Boots, though, I’m not too fond of, haha. I prefer ballet flats, even during winter. My mother tells me I’m mad.

  16. j’adore the Birkin. I also love boots and can count that as a favourite thing that we share!

    Adieu, scribbler

  17. I think Oprah’s list of things is accessible to maybe about 0.2% of the population in my opinion, but hey, maybe I’m just being a little jealous. I love books of all kinds too and boots! My favorite part of winter for sure, although shoes in general kind of make me go a little crazy.
    Oh and dessert. Can’t forget dessert. If it’s sweet, rich-but-not-too-rich, and contains about 1000 calories per slice, I’m probably gonna like it.

    • oh–dessert–that is a good thing–I am jealous of Oprah’s favourite things too

  18. Yeah, I’d love me a Birkin bag too. $20,000 is a bit more than I can afford, but if I win the lottery…

  19. […] This may be my longest post yet. You can thank Lou Ann for this one She triggered a great memory from Rosy’s 2007 archives with her post today. […]

  20. What a fun list! I agree, I do not operate on Oprah’s scale…but whether that’s my loss, or hers, I couldn’t say. Anyway, I like diamonds (agree with your sparkly) and definitely love books of all kinds…the real thing, kindle versions, whatever…I would rather read than watch tv…one of those strange people, I know… ~ Sheila

  21. Books! Yay! I have a Christmas job in a book store and it’s sheer heaven. Except I get a rash every time I pass the Harlequin section. Those aren’t books. They’re kindling.
    One of my favourite things are things with eyes. Stuffed animals. Any inanimate object that has been graced with the illusion of sight. I don’t have contact lenses, but I recently bought a contact lens case because it was two huge eyeballs.
    And, yup. For someone who supposedly grew up “dirt poor”, Oprah sure has lost touch with the real world.

    • I owned a bookstore once and got a rash when I had to put them out (we had a contract) but they were quite the sellers

      I wore contacts once, but never had such a fashionable lens case

  22. I love boots, but now that I’m living in the tropics they’re off my list of favorite things (unless I want to boil to death from the toes up). Now books you can take to any climate! 😉

    • no more boots–but books are still on your list–nice to be living in the tropics!

  23. Can you please gift me with a matching Birkin when you win the lottery and perhaps put some sparkles on it as well?

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