~ A Little Early Snappy, Happy Ever After or A Little Magic in the Air ~

Cover of "A Family Christmas"

Cover of A Family Christmas

Ever notice how Christmas comes at the right time of year? When it is at its darkest, and starting to get cold and dreary? Even without snow, Christmas lights brighten things up a bit. Last night we had a light shower of snow and it is gently snowing right now, adding a little frosting to the still warm ground. Just that right festive touch for getting into the spirit.

One of my favourite little Christmas ditties is “We Need A Little Christmas” by Jerry Herman–and these lines just seem to embody the season we are about to embark:

“For I’ve grown a little leaner,  Grown a little colder, Grown a little sadder, Grown a little older, And I need a little angel, Sitting on my shoulder, Need a little Christmas now.”

We seem to make Christmas into a hassle with endless lists of things to do to make it merry and bright, and sometimes lose out on the magic of the whole season.

I read an interview with Santa in the book, “A Family Christmas” compiled by Caroline Kennedy, and the word magic was used no less than six times in answer to various questions.

Asked how reindeer fly, the jolly elf said that they are fed a magic mixture of corn and oats that only grows near the North Pole.

Magic was also the one word answer he gave to the questions, “how do you fit down the chimney”, and “how do you get into a home that does not have a chimney”.

How does he fly around the world in one night? Santa says it takes “a combination of lots of practice, judicious use of time zones, and of course, a little magic.

And how does he know who has been naughty and who has been nice? You got it: Magic.

What is magic? I have a two part definition: it is the suspension of disbelief; and the belief that there are things that happen we cannot explain. (It could be argued that this is also the basis of faith—but that is a topic for another place and another time.)  The best dictionary definition I found, (among many) is that magic “is a supernatural power that makes impossible things happen.”

Right now, there is a group of people who want us to only believe in those things we can prove—Darwin is their main man, and they only want to deal in things that can be substantiated. I have no argument with these people—in fact I think it is easy to follow this dictum as it takes us out of the world of imagination, into a world of grounded thought.

At various times in my life, I too have wanted proof positive, but have come to the conclusion that it does not exist. I like to think that there are things that happen that there are no easy or worldly answers to.

I am not talking magic as in the world of potions and spells, enchantments and bewitchments. I am talking about magic as inexplicable and astonishing, miraculous and exquisite.

If reindeer do fly—it is magic. When Santa makes it down the chimney unscathed-it is magic. By the way, when he does get to

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

English: Santa Claus with a little girl: a magical moment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

your house, he made it very clear in his interview that he likes all kinds of milk except buttermilk, and loves all kinds of cookies, but most especially Christmas cookies.

Santa’s  favourite colour is red (who knew?); he has hundreds and hundreds of elves; and can remember without hesitation the names of his reindeer. And yes, he does count Rudolph as one of his reindeer.

When asked how old he is, Santa replied: “As old as my tongue, and slightly older than my teeth.”

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth so to speak. And what is it that Santa wants for Christmas? Without batting an eye he says:  “Peace on earth, goodwill towards all people.” Now where have we heard that before?

Do you believe in Magic?(Wasn’t that a title of a song from the 1960’s? The Barefoot Baroness  would know.)

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  1. What a wonderful post and, yes, I believe in magic, absolutely!

    • me too! I think it is a cousin to hope

      • I was brought up with Jesus and Aslan and used to try to walk through walls. When my mum finally broke it to me that there was no such thing as magic I sobbed myself to sleep.

      • your mom was wrong–but not about the walking through walls part – ha ha!

      • ha!

  2. Looks like we are both getting in the spirit!! Loved this post.

  3. Of course! Doesn’t everyone? Great post, LouAnn.

  4. I believe, I believe!!! 🙂

  5. I agree.. sometimes there is just NO explanation. Lovely post.

  6. Loved your post LouAnn and this LuAnn also believes in magic!:)

  7. there will always be magic in christmas. each ornament or santa you unwrap to decorate the house or the tree brings back all those memories of small children with eyes filled with wonder and gifts given with love and received with delight. if that’s not magic i don’t know what is.

  8. You have put me in the mood. thank you

  9. Yes, I believe in magic. The subject of Santa is something I plan on writing about soon, so don’t want to give too much away now. This was a great post!!

  10. I don’t know about magic – I do believe in miracles though…I guess that’s like magic.

  11. I love the ‘magic’ that is produced and that the spirit it instills in little children and grown adults…at Christmastime . The true meaning will always take precedence for me at Christmas…but look at a child’s face as they gaze at a Christmas tree with all the lights or at Santa’s face as they get their picture taken with him or even as they look at the Nativity scene and told about the baby born that special night. For me it is ‘magic’ in that sense………….Diane

    • what better magic is there than that? The true meaning of Christmas is borne out with the festivities –after all as it says at my doc’s office– Jesus is the reason for the season

  12. I love “We Need a Little Christmas” because they sing it when it is no where near Christmas time. It is from Auntie Mame, right? They sang it to evoke the spirit and magic of Christmas.

  13. Of course there’s magic!

  14. I love Christmas….the hustle and bustle, the lights, the decorated tree, the food, family and friends, it is a magical time of year.

    • it is isn’t it – did you get your tree up? Jime is going home right now to call you

  15. Magic/ of course there is magic, just as strong as my faith I also believe in the power of magic.Believing and Magic go hand hand in.
    There are different kind of magic too but at the core of each is the magical love that we share between us all. I think that is some potent energy.
    Yes Lou, There is a song like you are thinking of. I would like to have it in a post for you at Cyklopps, Rides Aging when you are back from your week sabbatical

    Have a great week my friend Take Care of you too ~

    • you are a magical kind of girl — magic in the spiritual sense–see you in a week and I will check out my song at Cyklopps

      • Awe.. Lou you always so the most special things to me. Thank you.
        Your song will be a delight to do, I am looking forward to doing it.
        Your song post will be my first [erosional & emotional on. How wonderful of a gift Thank you! I will send you a link when you get back ~ hugs to you my friend.

      • bye for a few days

  16. Of course I believe in magic. Now I need to tap into some on Fridays.

  17. Our earthly existence would be far more depressing without magic. Thanks for a great post. Now to get my pumpkins off my front doorstep.

  18. Thanks for the reminder that Christmas is magic. I’ve been tangled up in endless lists and trying very hard to answer my kids’ questions with that one word answer that Santa gave. But I’m having a bit of trouble with the suspension of my disbelief. Next time I answer my kids, I’m going to look them in the eye instead of calling the word ‘magic’ over my shoulder as I rush from one chore to the next. Maybe if I see the twinkle in their eyes, Christmas will be magic for me again.

    • kids can renew our magic can’t they — we do rush around at this time of year, don’t we

  19. I believe in magic, LouAnn. Oh how I believe! Thanks for reminding us…

  20. Beautiful post! Yes, I believe! At some point, I realized that believing and understanding are not the same thing, and I can have belief – faith – without understanding everything. Or, to use your word…magic! ~ Sheila

    • that was my problem too-when you no longer need to understand I think you have reached the next level

  21. Where’s the LOVE button? My favorite songs (Do you believe in magic? and We need a little Christmas a la Auntie Mame!), coupled with MAGIC and a beautifully written post! SOOO happy that you showed me the way via your comment on my latest post. Thank you! Hugs to you! xoxo I feel that magic of the season brewing in my toes,and starting to warm me up to my knees… 🙂

    • then you have started making my season brighter all ready — so glad I could help!

  22. […] Lou’s closed her beautiful post with a question directed to Cyklopps Rides Again, If you do not know this blogger please see her @ https://onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/a-little-early-snappy-happy-ever-after-or-a-… […]

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