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A prompt asking us to write the blurb on the back of the book we want to write is what “provoked” this post. I have written a weekly column for over fourteen years now called On The Homefront And Beyond–and before that had a column called Observations. Now I have this blog and write quite a bit of original material for it that could also be incorporated.

What I am presenting to you here is not the blurb from the back of the book, but an Intro. It is quite rough–but you could help me out here by telling me if you would be interested in reading such a book. Without further ado–here are some of my thoughts for an Intro:

“The writer experiences everything twice” are the words on my calling card, which is really just a business card but much prettier printed as it is on mint toned cardstock accented with lavish black filigree. I wish I had been the originator of these pithy words, but I am not.  Catherine Drinker Bowen wrote them in an article in the December 1957 issue of the Atlantic magazine. The full quote is this: 

“Writing, I think, is not apart from living. Writing is a kind of double living. The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in that that mirror which waits always before or behind.”

The mirror in this instance is in the writing itself. If that was not her original intent, that is the intent that I take from it. Writing to me though is not “a kind of double living”, it most certainly is a double living.

The columns that are presented in this book illustrate what she says quite aptly. Many of the things I write about have been experienced, either first hand, through the reading of a book, in my imagination, or vicariously. You can argue that living vicariously is not living in reality, but in my world it is. Sometimes ~ even if I do not experience something firsthand, it is as if I have.

The masthead on my blog says that it is about “Reflections on life: the funny, poignant, serious and quirky”, and it is my attempt in writing about everyday things and things that are not so everyday to reveal life, which at both its best and worst takes in these characteristics. This book is a compilation taken from my weekly column “On The Homefront and Beyond” and my blog of the same name. I hope they will inspire you to pause for a moment and consider your own “homefront” which is really just a metaphor for the platform of our lives.

So tell me, would you read this book? And do you have some suggestions of what I should add to or take out of this draft Intro?

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  1. I would definitely read this book! If you were to translate this to a blurb make it shorter (but I know you already know that!)

    • glad you would read it – thanks for the advice 🙂

      • I think it’s a brilliant idea!

      • brilliant is a good word–thank you Julie

  2. yes i red this book. It’s so nice.. I love to read this kind of books…..

  3. If you have some other books please suggest me i would love to read that books. Thanks.

    • just in the beginning stages — I have many that are still in the works

      • Nice, Means in process. I will wait for it.

      • thank you 🙂

  4. Yes I would read this! I love books that share life experiences and I’m getting to know that you have a sense of humor– a huge plus. Currently I’m reading a book called How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran who is also a columnist. I find people fascinating and love to read about them.

    Now, did you change the batteries in your fire alarm?

    • I love books that share life experiences too.
      As for the second question–are you bugging me–thanks for caring.

  5. I usually read fiction (historical fiction is my favorite… Pillars of the Earth at the top of the list). I have a GoodReads widget on my blog, and I don’t think there are very many non-fiction books in that whole cartload of books. BUT .. that said, I am always open for new experiences, and as I enjoy your writing on your blog, of course I would be interested in reading more. You are so witty, and put a great funny twist on everyday life! 🙂

    • I could throw a little history in for you — thanks for your support 🙂

  6. I would absolutely read it.. I saw someplace on the web where you can have your blog (pictures and all) put into a book format..I think this is a great idea..

    • it most certainly is — thanks for your support

      • I know you can export your blog to save it so editing and such is easier..I learned that over @ WP Support.. One day I may tackle something but in the meantime we’ll wait for you !!!

      • thanks so much for the info–and you, tackle away!

  7. Most definitely!! I think your writing is fantastic, and I find that I can relate so much to everything you write about. I will be first in line to buy your book :). Oh, and I think the intro is fine as is.

    • thank you my friend–now I will not complain about how hard your mystery photos are (maybe a little, but not as much as before)

      • Ooooh, I’ll remember that because I have a really hard but totally cool one for this week :).

      • Umm, is it too early for me to start whining?

      • remember TBM we do not whine–we just provide construcitve criticism (lol)

      • You guys are hilarious :). What would I do without you?

      • we are buds forever

      • The Three Muskateers?? Or may The Three Stooges?? LOL 🙂

      • how about the Three Intellects–I like that–sounds so classy and no one would guess I was a member

      • Oooh, I like that!! It makes us sound so important, and we are all pretty smart aren’t we? 🙂 It’s official then – we are the Three Intellects!! This means that you will guess all the mystery photos correct from here on out!

      • okay then, you cannot be too hard on us–even if we guess incorrectly–we are right

      • Of course you are!! Was there ever any doubt?? 🙂

      • Intellect—that’s a hard one to spell–does that mean I’m out of the group.

      • absolutely not – there are no tests to get into this group–you just have to like chocolate

      • Boom. Done!

  8. I would read the book, it’s sparked my interest and I’d like to know more. Writing is a kind of double life, one that is full of details of made up lives and characters and the reflection of the writer themselves.

  9. I would be interested in reading this…I re-read what you wrote a couple of times to see if I thought of any changes…but with the flow of what you want to say, I can’t see how you could change anything. Some of the meaning of what you want to say would be lost….Diane

  10. Of course I would read it! Your back cover blurb touches all the points, wouldn’t change a thing.

    • it is an intro to the book not back cover blurb–confusing as this may be–but glad you would read it–though I would expect nothing less of you – lol

  11. Yes, absolutely, I’d read it! Beautiful intro. The only thing I might change would be to substitute “inspire you to pause” instead of “make you to pause” in that last sentence. Sounds like a wonderful project, LouAnn.

  12. I enjoy your writing style so I would definitely read this book.

  13. It definitely sounds like a great book. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I personally found the intro a bit too wordy. If it was me, I would maybe go for a slighter lighter touch. Because the book is a compilation of columns, it doesn’t take a big time investment to read it, i.e. you can dip in and out of it whenever you have a few minutes, which is a big selling point when people are so busy these days. Therefore, I would perhaps want to emphasise that more casual attitude in the introduction. That doesn’t mean it has to be surfacy or shallow, it can still contain the deeper reflective meaning that you are conveying, but just with a lighter touch. Does that make sense, or have I been too wordy myself?!

    It’s definitely a book I would be interested in buying though, for personal and professional reasons.

    • thanks for your thoughtful input and I am glad you might be interested in buying it
      I see what you mean by it not being “light”

  14. great intro ~ i’m sold!

  15. Yes, I would definitely be interested in reading your book!

    I absolutely love the writing as double living idea. I had never thought of it quite that way before. I originally started my blog as a way of sharing my year in Japan with friends and family but I soon I found that it benefited me even more than them. It caused me to live life with my eyes wide open, always thinking about how I could write about my experiences in such a way that others could really share in them. I continue to try to live that way. In a sense, I think that’s very similar to the double living concept.

    While I thoroughly enjoyed most of your intro, I agree with Vanessa that it becomes too long and wordy. I would suggest cutting out the second last paragraph entirely as well as part of the last one. I’d jump from the end of the third to last paragraph (“it most certainly is a double living.”) to the second sentence of the last paragraph (“This book is a compilation…”)

    Hope this is helpful and good luck with your book!

  16. I hope this helps and, remember – it’s only my opinion…

    I too think it’s a little wordy. My suggestion is to cut this paragraph altogether (one of the main reasons for this is the inclusion of the word “attempt” because its sound like you’re tying, but not quite getting there):

    “The masthead on my blog says that it is about “Reflections on life: the funny, poignant, serious and quirky”, and it is my attempt in writing about everyday things and things that are not so everyday to reveal life, which at both its best and worst takes in these characteristics.”

    Start the paragraph with the next sentence because it has a lot of punch.

    “This book is a compilation taken from my weekly column …”

    Also, I’d change:

    “I hope they will inspire you to pause for a moment and consider..”


    “They will inspire you to pause for a moment and consider…”

    Other than that – YES, I would read this book 🙂

    • good changes–I am going to take the advice given to me today and use it to clean up my intro–thanks so much for your time and help–truly appreciate it!

      • My pleasure – I really hope you don’t mind me commenting so heavily! 😉

      • appreciate you taking the time and giving me advice 🙂

  17. Let me know when it is on Amazon. . .

  18. I would totally read this book – and in fact, I would quite like to once it’s published 🙂

  19. I think the fact that you’ve built up a community here means that no matter what, most of us will read your book even if its only a sentence long. 🙂 Writings on everyday life can be hard to make interesting sometimes but from your blog, I know it’ll be interesting no matter what. Count me in!

    • oh, thank you, I needed that — I am reading this first thing in the morning, and you have started my day out brightly–I enjoy your blog too — it is always insightful and thoughtful with some fun thrown in

  20. Love it but then I’m already a big fan of your blog so I was already sold 🙂 If I picked it up off the library shelf and had never heard/read of you then I might want to know a little more about your ‘homefront’ before I checked it out.

    • I agree with you–it needs some expansion–intros are usually more than a few paragraphs long, so I think I may skip some of the philosophizing and concentrate more on what the book would be about–some have said I am too wordy–but it is not wordy for an intro–I think it is just a bit too convoluted (please excuse any spelling mistakes–where is that darn spellcheck when you need it?) Glad I put this out there – it has helped me reformulate what my intro should be. Thank you for saying you are a fan, that makes my day–and of course, I am a fan of yours

  21. Honestly – I don’t know. I want to say yes. But – other than kids books – haven’t read a book in years…
    I know…I’m bad.

  22. Swell idea,.

  23. Off course.. I love to read books.. N i read all of comments. For that i am sure that your book loved it… Good work….

  24. How many books you wrote before this?

    • I am a reporter and columnist, and write for magazines–so this will be my first

  25. Very good… Very all the best to you….

  26. Yes! I would read this book!

  27. I would read this book..I am always looking for new books and I do enjoy your blog! Patty

  28. Definitely! 🙂


  29. i have carried copies of two erma bombeck columns in my wallet for decades. one on saying no as a way of saying i love you to your children and one on the regrets a mother feels when her kids are grown. i also have one or two hilarious ones on housework and follow her tip: “leave a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the living room at all times. then if someone comes to the door, you can always say “oh i’ve been cleaning”. the point being, i can imagine carrying clippings of yours in my wallet as well.

    • hey–I stole that from her and did not even realize it — I give out that advice all the time–along with spray the room with furniture polish and use candlelight

      I am honoured that you would say you would carry clippings of mine in your wallet–that is the best thing someone can say to a writer (especially a columnist)

  30. Hi, I love to read books. In fact i have also launch book s. In my fields. But i have one good habit. I always ask who going to launch book How was you feel that time n after release your book. How was get you response n all that.. I can feel some where because i also have my own book that’s y… Any way All the best for your all wonderful books…

  31. OMG Those white things falling up there. Seems you are a victim like so many others this time of year and have been infected with blog dandruff.

  32. Yes, I would be interested in reading a book like that 🙂

  33. A very compelling introduction which makes me want to read further and I love how you really dissect that quote which has truly become yours.
    The only thing that made me pause ironically was the very last sentence, the homefront being a metaphor for the platform of our lives, I thought to myself, isn’t platform also a metaphor? I think its because the word has become writer’s jargon for building a profile and when I think of that wonderful word homefront and relate it to life, I was waiting for something a little more embracing in a warm, comforting way, but that’s just a personal response, so take no notice 🙂

    • I like that you caught that bit of a false note–I can certainly change it up a bit to be more cognizant of what I am trying to get across–see this is critical thinking I can use–thanks so much

      • I think that sentence has so much potential to strike something warm and resonant in the hearts of readers, it was almost as if you’d already written it when I arrived there (I am sure the word in you somewhere) and then didn’t recognize the impostor. 🙂 Bonne Continuation!

      • appreciate your help so much – are you coming to my virtual party on the 15th – invitation is on my blog

      • I will try and make sure to visit, I will be flying from London back to the south of France that day and then directly to find a sapin de Noel which 2 little ones are desperately waiting for my return for – if I get a quiet moment I’ll be sure to visit!

      • you are one very busy girl — 🙂

      • Roll on Christmas hibernation 🙂

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