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18-05-10 I Can Be Changed By What Happens To Me...

I Can Be Changed By What Happens To Me… (Photo credit: Βethan)

“If someone tells you who they are, believe them.” ~ Maya Angelou

“Hopes sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” ~ Helen Keller

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  1. Love the Helen Keller quote!! Hope is so important :).

  2. Well there I go again. If I had wanted it to move it would have remained. Your blog is so easy to leave. I hit the return key a little too hard. The quote by Ms Keller is such a good one. It speaks of her life.

  3. I like the quotes – though I wouldn’t always agree with maya Angelou’s.

    The related links are a new addition. Is that a plug-in?

    • they are provided when you post at the bottom right of the page–it is the first time I have used them
      I know what you mean about Maya’s quote but for some reason it resonated with me–as so many times we overlook what a person is trying to say

  4. I love Helen Keller’s quotes. She is such an inspiration. I write down my favourite quotes in a little not pad and use them in my scrapbooking albums. Thanks for the link. I hadn’t realised there was a children’s picture book about Helen. I will look out for it in the library as I think my daughter would really like it.

    • glad to provide it–and you are right about Helen Keller–she was truly amazing

  5. I hesitate on the 1st quote. One too many bad experiences with trusting people.
    Helen Keller was such an inspiration!

    • I did not take it as a trust issue–but I understand your point taken from that perspective

  6. Good ones!

  7. Belief and hope–two simple concepts when you really think about them, but so hard to master

    • condensed like that they are simple but not simple to achieve–very good point(s)

  8. Hi LouAnn, I am interested in finding out the context of Maya Angelou’s quote. Do you know where it came from initially? My initial reaction is the same as RoSy’s but I can also meet the quote from a different angle. Curious:)
    Cheers, Ronnie

    • I met the quote from a different perspective–in that sometimes we just do not listen, but I understand Rosy’s point too–do not know the context–sorry

  9. I appreciated the May Angelou quote. I’m the trusting and believing sort.

  10. I’ve heard the Maya quote before and like it ~ I interpret it in a couple of ways, finding the balance for myself in the center {hopefully!}

    If someone is bragging about themselves I don’t believe their words but I believe they are showing me who they are.

    On the other hand, there was a great interaction in the documentary “Don’t Look Back” about Bob Dylan ~ a hanger-on in Dylan’s hotel room was drunk and got in Dylan’s face. He said “you’re a big noise, I’m just a small noise”, to which Bob replied, “if you say you’re small I believe you.” That has always stuck with me.

    • what a well thought out comment–I agree with you that braggards show us who they are–and the Dylan exchanges is fascinating–thank you for this

  11. I remember the quote as being “if someone SHOWS you who they are, believe them.” Hmmmm…..

  12. Love this. Especially that scrabble photo. Thanks for the inspiration today 🙂

    • you are the first to see the scrabble photo for what it is and comment on it — I liked it too

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