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This is a film my son  made for a film competition at  college for Halloween.  He won the competition. As his proud mother I am sharing it with you. I really had to talk him into letting me put this on my blog, but he finally acquiesced.

The judging for the competition was not over until after Halloween, hence you are seeing it in November. November can be scary too.

This is the same son that I posted a picture of a couple of days ago when he was six. He is now 21. I thought it was funny. If you do not think it is funny, do not tell me. Any accolades will be gladly accepted.

Without further ado–I present the next Spielberg, or George Clooney, or Godzilla–you decide:

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  1. I’m not sure how scary, but I laughed my butt off. Your son is very entertaining!

  2. Boo! Didn’t anticipate spiderman in the gorilla suit. I’m looking forward to the day I can say that “I knew” (no no no) “I VIEWED him back when…. “

  3. Well- he is one good looking young man. I can’t comment because I could not get the the speaker on that video to speak… The other commenter said he was funny and when I can get someone to “fix” my speaker, I can always go back and view it. There are quite a few videos that I can never watch re: I can not get the sound to come on. It probably is me and not the computer- I just have no idea how to fix ” the problem!”

    • you want to hear a funny story–for a while I could not get the speakers to work on my laptop–then I discovered my ear phones were plugged in but I did not know it – duh!

  4. That’s awesome.. my daughter just finished college as a film major.. she likes making documentaries’ maybe our kids will meet up on the Red Carpet one day!!

  5. I only got to see a few seconds of the film before a message came on that stated “this film is no longer available.” Congrats to your son for winning the contest. 🙂

    • wonder why–I just played it again to check it out –wonder if it only plays in Canada? thanks for trying

  6. Ty will always be one of a kind !

  7. Too funny! Those are the most creative days.. And I could have used Spidey/gorilla to get rid of a few annoying roommates back in the day.

  8. He has a very nice resonant voice, funny, not scary!

    • not scary at all is it! I love the surprise at the end–but of course I would, I am his mother

  9. I liked it !

    Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 17:35:33 +0000 To: percyhat@hotmail.com

    • thanks Percy–he is a funny guy isn’t he–I particularly liked the way he made his eyes look from side to side–he said that a number of people mentioned that he did not seem to blink

  10. Funny film, and congratulate him on winning!

  11. LOL!!! My favourite part was how scary he made the shipping and handling sound because S&H can be very frightening :). Congrats to your son!

  12. He made me laugh! He’s a cutie!

  13. Hehehehe – such fun, damn I miss my college days! Not a monkey paw, nor a monkey hand, nor a gorilla paw, but a gorilla hand – ok, I got it now. 🙂

    • funny guy – I miss my university days too–amazing that I can remember them

  14. Quite the story teller…I thought it was great….funny ending too..Diane

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