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Where is your home? Not necessarily the place you live right now, but the comfortable place you go to in your mind that says “home”. Home is one of my favourite words—it just feels, well, like… home.

Home is the place where you are most comfortable, where you are most yourself, where you are not on guard. It is the place where you can put up your feet, and really relax.

According to Isabel Huggan, in her book “Belonging” there is “no word for home” in her newly adopted country, France. She said that “For a long time this disconcerted me, and I kept running up against the lack of it as if it were a rock in my path, worse than a pothole, worse than nothing.”

But she found a way around it and used some variations in the French language to express “home” such as “notre foyer” which means “our hearth” or “notre maison”, which most of us who have a passing acquaintance with French know means “our house”.  But most often, she says, she uses the concept of “chez” which she says indicates both the “physical location and the place where family resides, or the notion of a comfortable domestic space.”

Home is where the heart is—a warm, if overused cliché, really is an accurate description. Home can be anywhere, as Isabel Huggan discovered. As a writer she can do what she does “anywhere” and has found herself making a “house home” many times. Of her last move to France she said:

“And so it follows that I shall learn, as I have learned in other places to make this house home. Over time, I shall find out how to grow in and be nourished…”

Do you agree with that definition ~ that home, no matter where it is,  is a place we can grow in and be nourished?

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  1. Yes, home can be anywhere…as long as you’re happy, safe and loved.

  2. absolutely positively.. a simple word with such wonderful depth

    • it does have depth doesn’t it – it conjures so much

      • I love my home..in every sense of the word 🙂 a simple warm loving place..

  3. Your second paragraph above describes it perfectly for me. After a hard day at work, nothing feels better than walking in that front door with a sigh and saying “ahh, home!” and all the stress of the day just falls away. After travelling, no matter how wonderful the trip has been, nothing beats returning home. And, home is where my family is and where we have built so many memories. I love home :).

  4. I love this and ages ago I remember researching the concept of home and for most it was as you demonstrate but for others it was a place of sadness. I love being here at home on this farm but … oh sorry just to hard to talk about.

    • soemtimes we have to reconstruct our homes, as they are no longer what they were — I wish you the best in your reconstruction and hope you find some comfort

  5. Love the picture (is that your “home”? ).. So well put this post, home can be anything from a patch of grass to that quiet place in our hearts..

    • yes, you got it–Home does not have to be a place per se–No it is not my home but seemed to display the things I was talking about

  6. My home is my sanctuary. A place where I can rest and be myself. I loved this piece…

    • thank you – I am so glad your home is your sanctuary–we all need a place we are comfortable

  7. I agree because growing up in “my home” there was very little peace. I found that school and the library were homes as that is where I got nourished.

  8. A few friend’s were talking about their ‘home’ and we all agreed it was a refuge. A safe, secure place to be when life gets hard, and a happy place to collect memories. Our homes definitely nourish us!

  9. Home is where my family is at 🙂

    • and that is a good place

      • that’s exactly what i was thinking

  10. Oh yes LouAnn, Dorothy is like a sister to me…red heels notwithstanding….there’s no place like HOME

  11. Home to me is definitely where we can grow, be nourished and feel safe. Great post. 🙂

  12. My definition of home: refuge. Nice post. Makes one think and I do have problems with thinking!

  13. Growing up I never had that sense of home. Others decided how the home was filled, and I had rules to follow that didn’t allow me to feel free to be me in the spaces. Even my bedroom had to be kept in a certain way. Once I moved out at after high school I soon found out what home meant. I could put my feet up on the table if I wanted, I could hand a picture on a wall. Where before I had been on the go, never wanting to stay home, now all I wanted was to be home and learn to feel what it was like to be in my own space, a space that quickly took on parts of my personality.

    I’ve moved all over the country, and it’s the little things that I took with me that made every place home and gives me the feeling that this is where I belong.

    • it is nice to have the freedom to create your own home–and probably even better for you because you have known the lack of freedome

  14. I agree if you let yourself accept change, you can build up a home anywhere 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  15. I have a tendency to resist making other places home because it somehow feels disloyal to my first home. But when I catch myself saying, I’m going home, without a second thought, that’s when I know that place has already become home to me. So yes, I think home can be anywhere and we can even have multiple homes.

    • I know what you mean, I guess some homes we have to be loyal to in our memories

  16. No matter where I am, it should be a place where I can nourish and grow. I would be stunted intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually if it was not so.

  17. They say home is where the heart is but for me it’s where the SOUL is.

  18. A great post that invokes warmth and peace. Thanks…

    • Thank you – that is what home is supposed to be a warm and peaceful place (not that it always is)

  19. Home to me is anywhere that my kids, hubby and pets are. I’ve lived in 8 different houses since 1986, and although some of them have felt more homely than others, I’d move again tomorrow, as long as my family were with me 🙂


    • that is the ticket–hubby, kids and pets–you have a killer combo there!

  20. lovely post. when i was getting divorced by son was 5, my daughter 3. i sold the house so i could take my share and stay home for with them for a bit longer before i had to go to work. my father was dying at the same time and my children were very close to him. i worried endlessly about taking their home from them as well. talking to them about it, my five year old son looked at me and said “don’t worry, mommy, where ever we are is our home because we’re there.”

    • awww that is so sweet–you were trying to do your best by them and it obviously worked–if you were with them,then it was home–what a wonderful job you did

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