~A Definition of Life~

Satana (Marvel Comics)

Satana (Marvel Comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It’s all very hard, but there’s a lot of collateral beauty along the way.”

This quote is in Adair Lara’s book, “Naked, Drunk, and Writing” (a wonderful book for all you writers out there). She does not take credit for it, saying that she read it somewhere. But I find it a very apt definition of Life. Life is hard, no doubt, but it is accompanied by splendour.

There are a few things that make life, shall we say ~ challenging. But today, after seeing the devastation wrought by Sandy (the name should have been less friendly—something like Satana) I am grateful for what I have.

We had a few hours without electricity, which makes me aware that I was merely inconvenienced. There are people who are in danger and in the dark, and it may take weeks for the situation to reach any kind of remedy.

There is no understanding the ravages of nature—it is not something we can do anything about. We can learn from what has happened—we can prepare—but these things are a fact of  life at its hardest.

I saw people going through garbage for food. I saw people lined up waiting to get gas. I saw people surviving with nothing. And I saw people helping people.

I see the media drawing attention to things that may be otherwise undetected. I see celebrities trying to do something to help those afflicted “Rise Up”. I see people who were not touched by the devastation helping people who are.

I really do not know how to end this—so I am going to leave you with a couple more quotes that may in their own tiny way help:

“Life is like an impromptu recipe—you make the best out of what ingredients you have on hand.” ~Laura Kalkadian, from American Cookery: A Novel

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life…It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” ~ Melody Beattie, author

From what I can see on the news, people are making the best of their situation–people are forming families of neighbours and friends to help them through, and they will Rise Up again. But it is not going to be easy and there will be, right beside the good–the bad and the ugly. People on the whole, will make the best of what they have, will share, and strangers will be turned into friends.

How are you dealing with the aftermath of Sandy?

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  1. I feel for all the people and the animals that have been impacted by the storm. I thank God that I live where I do and that I am safe. I can only donate and pray that all those people can find the strength to endure and to survive.

    This is a very nice post.. Thoughtful with compassion. Insightful quotes.

    • thanks so much – I like that you are doing what you can–I saw some dogs reunited with their owners today and it was such a happy homecoming

  2. We were soooo lucky here!! I saw something on the internet today that warmed my heart. Some people down in the battered area who had power had put an extension cord out to the street with a power bar attached to it and a note telling people to help themselves to their power to recharge their cellphones etc. i love hearing stories like that :).

    • me too, people are generous aren’t they? and I am sure there are hundreds of stories like this–

  3. Just finished watching a few news clips and there are Still a lot of folks out of power, water, etc. Hopefully, things will get better soon rather than later. Enjoyed your post – the human spirit will prevail!

  4. I read of those affected my friend, it feels helpless that all we can do is sit and donate…
    A very sympathetic and beautifully expressed post 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Love the quote by Melody Beattie, I used it yesterday on my post as well. As for those without power, homes or food and water we can only hope help gets to them quickly. What many may not realize is how cold it is right now in this part of the country. Temps are in the low 40s and even down near freezing in some parts.

    • just proves that great minds thing alike–or I plagerize (sp?) without realizing it

      • Lol you are welcome to the quote. I share 🙂

      • I went back and looked and you used the whole quote–don’t know why I only have partial – it is in my book of quotes where I write down quotes –must have been too lazy to write the whole thing out

      • Lol, you did miss some good parts of it, but I’m sure everyone got the idea. I too have pages with quotes written down. I’ve been slowly transferring them to a file on the computer to eliminate having to read my hand writing.

  6. So many people still without power, and it’s getting cold! The gas lines are the story of the day. Hours and hours to wait and MAYBE get some gas. I know lots of people who are now rationing time with their own generators because they are running out of fuel. The story continues ……

  7. I live too far away to physically help, but did make donations to the Red Cross , helped get the word out on that and I pray each morning for those affected by this devastating storm..Brings back memories of Katrina 😦

    • those are not good memories

      • nope.. but am pleased to say The community is rebounding and moving forward which the “Sandy” folks will do too..that is the bright spot!!
        have yourself a great weekend!!

  8. Many inspiring stories coming out of tragedy. So many heroes, acts of kindness and generosity. Humanity at its best. My hope is power will be restored quickly and the rebuilding can begin.

  9. A few summers back, the power in my area went out for 5 days. By the fifth day I was depleted and basically homicidal. Most of my homicidal feelings were directed at the electric company. Ha!
    The idea that people have had their homes ripped apart and destroyed, that they are lacking food, water and basic supplies makes me incredibly sad. There’s nothing much worse than feeling a sense of powerlessness in our lives, waiting and wondering and surviving. It is depleting emotionally and physically. That level of stress is big and bad and can bring down even the healthiest people.
    I think in the past decade we’ve been confronted with more natural disasters than when I was growing up – don’t you think? Maybe we should think about keeping supplies of food and water that will get us through these tragedies. I’ve heard that Sandy type storms are predicted for the next several years. It’s time that we all thought about our own level of preparedness and when these events occur we can help our neighbors and ourselves.

    • it does seem like there have been more devastating storms in a shorter amount of time–your suggestions make perfect sense and I think we should be prepared to help ourselves and others

  10. Adversity often brings out the desirable in people. It’s heartening to see it.

  11. Most everyone said it so I’ll just reiterate your sentiment that often, after a terrible ordeal, the best thing to do is to just make the best of the situation. So far, it seems like most people get this and are also moving forth with compassion to help each other out. Love all the quotes, especially the one by Laura Kalkadian.

  12. What a great quote.

  13. I’m in Miami. Know all about hurricanes since early 50’s. Making a written gratitude list from time to time helps us see things in meaningful perspective.

  14. Well said. I believe in times such as this, we are all in it together.

  15. I was thinking along the same lines earlier this week. I am in northern VA and we were only inconvenienced here. I cannot believe how devastating this storm has been in such a populated area!!

    • I would say that the damage and devastation are amazing, but I usually save that word for good things–just unbelievable what people are having to go through

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