~ Grave Concerns ~

Coat of arms of the town of Kingsville, Ontario.

Coat of arms of the town of Kingsville, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that many of you have never been to a municipal council meeting in your lives. Well, truly you have not lived until you have attended one. As I am a “municipal reporter” (sounds so official doesn’t it?) I have attended hundreds of these meetings over the years. They tend to run 3 1/2 to 4 hours now, as they have been cut from three meetings a month to two in my town of Kingsville.

Admittedly, a lot of the things I report on are rather mundane, but not particularly mundane to those affected by the story–be it about drains, sewers, a new subdivision, business development, or neighbours really mad at other neighbours for building a fence that blocks their view of the lake.

This being Halloween week got the best of me and I just could not stop myself from trying to zip up a news story about weeds in the local cemetery–and it was published on the front page of the Kingsville Reporter! Without further ado, here is me having a little fun with the story:

Weeds (TV series)

Weeds (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)NO, NOT THIS KIND OF WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Council Wants Weeds Controlled at Greenhill

Weed control at Greenhill Cemetery is a topic of grave concern to Kingsville Council and a report presented by the Manager of Public Works…at the October 22nd meeting did not provide them with a satisfactory solution.”

Now if you did not catch it–I said that the topic at the cemetery was of “grave concern”. Truly, I am easily amused.

Have you ever written something you knew was silly in an otherwise sombre story?

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  1. Lou Ann,
    Like you, I sometimes “break myself up!” This was fun. Thanks.

  2. Hahaha!

    • I told you, I am so easy

      • Stop it – now I am ROFL

      • ROFL?

      • I got that from another blogger – it means rolling on the floor laughing which can mean laughing from hysteria, glee or frustration (well that is my interpretation!)

      • I like it – now I have to remember it–hope you were not laughing from the frustration of my lameness

      • No way!

  3. When I worked as a reporter I had several occasions when I used the wrong word and spell check missed it…such as “Department of Pubic Works.” But at least I didn’t make the same mistake as one sports editor who was supposed to write that a ball landed “into the waiting arms” but the computer changed it to “waiting anus.”

  4. Oh my! I needed that laugh. I am meeting myself coming and going today. One guy is here helping and another is one the way. Speaking of weeds in the cemetary that are of “grave” concern made me laugh so hard. Today is the day among other things that I had decided to rid the bedroom and other parts of the house of my deceased husband’s “too much stuff” that includes too much clothing. So it is of “grave” concern for me to get the job done today so I can move forward instead of being bogged down with too much “baggage.”

    • good luck with that – it cannot be easy – glad I gave you a laugh in the midst of this

  5. What a funny story! So, what was the public’s reaction??
    Have you read ‘The Shipping News’? The main character is a municipal reporter.

    • not yet–but I want to–because I am freelance, I work from home–so will get no public reaction until I go to the grocery store

    • I agree. I love all of Annie Proloux’s (SP?) writing. Forgot that tidbit!

  6. Hehehe us easily amused people live a happier life 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I got it. I like it! 🙂

  8. Love it, you are not the only one easily amused! We don’t have much of a problem with weeds around here in our cemetery, it is well cared for. We cut through it on the way to town when I have the little ones with me to avoid having to travel the bike path along the street. This year the little ones after helping in the garden take it upon themselves to right any planters and pull weeds they see in the cemetery (after checking that it is truly a weed).

    • teaching them early–I am not sure if I know the difference between all weeds and flowers

      • Me either, but enough that I can pick out some weeds, enough to keep them happy

  9. Too funny Lou…it will be fun to get the feedback from the locals.

  10. In college, writing for the school newspaper (I was the sports editor and editor-in chief) we would write things for fun. I remember writing something (in the middlle of a story about a dreadful women’s basketball game) like; In the second half, Cal-State Hayward was just executing their offense and Simpson (Yes, I did not refrain from Bart and Homer jokes) College looked like they were being executed. That pissed off a lot of anti-death penatly people who wrote in.

    Also, I had to report on City Council. I would research before the most juicest topic on the agenda and call the people involved and let a pissing contest start. That would amuse the hell out of me.

    • see what fun we can have? that is what happens when journalists have a sense of humour

      • If only more reporters took real journalism seriously. Patrick’s word, “research,” is lost on most news staff these days. And a great sense of humor is never lost on readers, either! Amy

      • Thanks Amy-research is something I loved doing and still do this day even though I am not in the journalism field. I have my B.A. is Mass Communcation, but do not work in the field (Sorry, TMI).

        I always had fun. When covering some stories, I tried to look for the off-beat side of things. I remember having to cover a weird charity softball game with the Oakland Raiders right before training camp. It was Jon Grudens first year. It was like 105 in the shade and nobody wanted to be there. I got the normal quotes like “We are happy to this” (Now, that was B.S.) and “Looking forward to summer camp” (Yeah right) and then started on the off-beat, like what Raider cheerleader got the most flirts, which Raider ate the most Hot Dogs, etc. Now that was amusing myself

  11. I like your sense of humor Louann. Keep it going. 🙂

  12. Always good to look for the humor in things. It seems our Town Council meetings our as rip roaring funny as yours! haha!

  13. I didn’t even catch that until you mentioned it and then I laughed. We must have the same ‘easily amused’ strand in our DNA. Hey, makes life a lot more interesting, don’t you think? 😉

  14. This was so damned funny, and we need a laugh now that the 24-hr news feed is all about erections… er… elections. Damn that Spell Check – it doesn’t know “panty” from “pantry,” nor “manager” from “manger”!

    • ha ha –cannot wait until Tuesday–I am Cdn but our tv channels are inundated with election stuff and proposals–in Canada we get no say about proposals–only Parliament does and we have to work through our members

  15. Writing with a humorous twist are the first things I’ll read..
    Do you sign autographs in the store? (Superstar 🙂

    • if asked – I will (lol)

      • 🙂

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