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English: Cute coffee.

Cute coffee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is from my weekly newspaper column–I talk to my readers like they are my friends. I hope some of them are:

My sister Peggy and I try to email each other every day. She lives in Ottawa, so we do not have the luxury of face to face visits often. Sometimes I do not have much to say—but today this is how I opened my little tirade to her (she made the mistake of asking how I was):

“Well, (you can always tell something did not go well, when you start a sentence out with ‘well’) yesterday started off with a bang, or should I say crash—I broke the carafe for the coffee maker, so made coffee by putting a cup where the carafe should go and then pressing up on the spigot thing to get the coffee to come out. That was some fun! Until I got the hang of it I had hot coffee coming up the handle of the knife I was using to press the spigot up. (I now have first degree burns on my right hand). So I went out and bought another coffee maker and started getting it ready to make coffee (this morning), and it did not have all the parts it was supposed to have–so I tried putting it back in its packaging, and of course it does not go back into what it just came out of.

So….I will be taking the darn thing back to the store the way it is and they can deal with it.  I just finished making two cups of coffee using my rather flawed method again today–but used a spoon this time. The coffee ran up the handle of the spoon a bit, but since I am getting better at this, not as much as yesterday. Oh, yeah, and the coffee tastes like sweet dishwater.”

That is how my day began–has to get better from here, right? Just a minute, I need another sip of coffee—yep, warm dishwater (or what I imagine warm dishwater with sugar would taste like).

It is Monday morning as I write this and no, it is not going to be a diatribe about how awful I think Mondays are. I like Mondays. It is the day I usually write up this column and I do look forward to writing another piece of weekly literature. Then I just have to make do with what I really produce, and though it isn’t literature, it does fill up my space on page five.

I am surprised though at how important that first cup of coffee is to me in the morning. I did not even drink coffee until I was in my thirties—before that my caffeine fix was in the form of tea or cola (yes, at one time I did drink cola with my morning bagel and cream cheese or bacon and eggs—try it, it really complements the food).

I am trying to become a tea drinker again for one reason and one reason only: I do not put sugar in my tea. I put a lot of sugar in my coffee—as I do not think I really like its taste—the aroma is good, but the taste without a pile of sugar is too bitter. I so admire those who drink it black (gag, ugh) or with just a little cream (just gag).

Today, I am writing this up without the benefit of a good cup of hot sweet liquid (good being the operative word here)—but I am persevering—I am made of good stock.

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  1. Here’s to morning coffee, the relentless pursuit of it, and a better morning for you.

  2. I do love coffee, especially that 1st morning cup. It’s a bit unsettling though, to realize how addicted I am. Made this discovery of course on a morning I didn’t have it. Wow.

    • that was not a good morning – I get a headache if I don’t have my coffee

  3. I caught a bad flu over a year ago. When I got better, I could stand neither the smell nor the taste of coffee. I still can’t drink it, and I did SO enjoy that morning cup with whole cream and lots of sugar.

    • that is probably a good thing or it would be for me as I want to downgrade my use of sugar–odd how something like the flu can change your tastes

  4. Oh, to start a morning without a good cup coffee, how awful! I am very much the coffee drinker, black please, and squirm to think of having to start the day without a cup. I hope you get a replacement coffee maker soon, or just return your pieces-parts of the one you did get and buy some nice teas.

  5. I do not like coffee though my parents swear that will change – mornings should be started with hot cocoa 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I agree–took me a long time to like coffee–and I still have to sweeten it up like crazy

  6. Oh, what a drag that must have been. There is nothing worse than the upsetting of the morning coffee ritual. I too am trying to drink more tea because I take mine clear but like milk and sugar in my tea.. but I cannot give up that first cup of coffee in the morning. Hope you find the right coffee maker, with all the working parts.

    • me too – what a disappointment–like you I need that first cup in the morning

  7. geeze my post really must have been painful.. sorry. Haa I did enjoy this though but not your pain. I do hope you are back up and running in the coffee maker business?
    I love Mondays cause Mondays are really my Sundays

    • that is as good a reason as any–glad you got to enjoy yours – ha ha (sob, sob)

  8. Wow! I am batting zero today. If you have a burn- immediately place what ever you burned, under cold runninng tap water for a few minutes. Then when you can ease over to the fridge, put some ice cubes in a container that is large enough for the finger or hand. If otherwise then, use a towel and submerge in ice water and place iced towel over the buirned area. It actually has kept parts of me from blistering and it keeps the pain level down so that you are not miserable. Learned this from a physician many years ago.

    As for your coffee maker, don’t buy an el-cheap-o, if you can do otherwise. The higher priced ones should have all of the parts.

    I don’t use a coffee maker and have not in years. Too much trouble, I drink about 3-4 cups of classic Folger’s INSTANT with soy milk and no sugar. Had to get used to that as well- long story involved here but maybe I shoud try writing about that sometime- much, much later!

    • will take all of your advice – thank you so much for taking the time to help me out–the burn advice alone is worth its weight in gold
      I was wishing I had some instant for instances such as this (see what I did there)

  9. “How are you?” is such a loaded question! That said, it sucks to hear that your coffee machine is broken. I usually use the instant kind of coffee so there’s no need for any machines, and like you I use a lot of sugar and creamer. I love the smell but not the taste!

  10. You gotta have a working coffee maker — this is essential! Hope your day became nicer and that you got your caffeine fix Lou Ann!

    • thanks Brigitte – don’t feel like going out and exchanging it today–too cold and wet and rainy and windy–but I am sure you know what I mean

  11. I feel yourt pain. Don’t know what I’d do if I can’t get my hot cup of roasted coffee first thing in the morning. For sure I will have a very bad day.

  12. I hope by now you’ve had your caffeine fix…?
    I love both coffee and tea for different reasons. Coffee is my morning ritual. I can’t live without it. Tea, at 4:00, with a little honey and milk is a wonderful pick-me-up.
    Simple pleasures, aren’t they?

    • I had some tea around 4 today — I find it comforting. Simple pleasure are sometimes the best.

  13. Oh boy nothing can mess up a day than when the coffee pot or any of it’s parts act up.. I had to laugh(sorry) picturing you making those 2 cups.. I love my moring, freshly brewed coffee!!

    • laugh away little girl – I am going to have to do it again tomorrow as I did not feel like going out in the cold, wet and wind for a new coffee maker.

  14. Coffee is a life necessity. End of story.

  15. OUCH – Sorry about the burn.
    I was introduced to daily coffee at work when I was in my late 20s (I say this as if it was a bad drug). I used to drink it all the time quite frequently – with lots of cream & sugar! I started easing off of it about a year ago or so. I drink more tea now & usually reserve coffee for weekends or my work from home days.

    • I was introduced to coffee at work too–and I am trying to drink more tea too

  16. I have a working coffee maker, c’mon over!

  17. I’ve started weaning myself off the daily coffee since I’ve moved and now interchange it with tea. But when it’s a slow, gray weekend afternoon, sometimes coffee is the only thing that complete it. Luckily I only add a bit of cream. 😉 Here’s to hoping you get a working coffee maker soon!

    • thank you — been too cold and windy and rainy to venture out but I am settling with tea

  18. I love coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Short blacks or macchiatos – yum!

  19. When you wrote you were made of good stock, for one horritying moment I thought you were giving up coffee for hot soup!
    Mornings are only possible if accompanied by a good coffee!

  20. I drink espresso straight. No sugar. No cream. I never drank it until I had kids, though. I never needed it until then. But now making that steamy shot in the morning has become a ritual that I do just for me.

    • it is nice to have something you do for yourself, and so much harder when you have kids

  21. Interesting how your family served as the bookends for the coffee story. Thus the last line was an outstanding ending that brought it together.

  22. great post as always. i can’t imagine giving up my coffee. i use a chemex and grind my beans in the morning. it is my morning gift to myself.

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