My To Do List ~ The Sorry Story

to do list

to do list (Photo credit: ebby)

How did I do with the first “To do” list I posted last week? Since you, my readers are clamouring for an update (okay only one of you asked—but that is all I need), I will tell you how I did. The list will be in italics and my response in a regular font.  I know you can’t wait to see how I made out (yes, Sheldon, that was sarcasm):

1. First things first: I must write my On The Homefront column for the week for my newspaper deadline, which is Monday, and as of 6:45 on Sunday night, have no idea what the topic will be.

This is one of those things that have to be done every week. Yes I completed it, but due to its nature, have to do it again this week. The only time this is ever taken off my list is the week between Christmas and the New Year, as it is a holiday for the whole newspaper staff.

2. Write up council news taken from last week’s council meeting—discounting all the drainage and sewage discussions,…

Again this is something I have to do every week, except for the above noted holiday.

3. Write up the article for the Wine, Writers and Words Workshop.

This makes it way to this week’s list and for Monday’s deadline. Sometimes I have leeway with things that have happened, but not things that are going to happen.

4. Continue doing book work for our company.

Ongoing, and another one for this week’s list—I so hate paperwork and filing, and numbers—I like words!

5. Get everything into files—

I don’t want to talk about it.

Time Management

Time Management (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

6. Get some groceries and plan meals. Sounds easy but it is not. Or not for me. Will let you know how I do here.

This is one of those things that rears its ugly head week after week after week after (you get my drift). I did do it, but it has to be done again in a few days.

7. Get the house in some semblance of order which means get the pile of clothes off the bed and into the closet or drawers. Seriously, I cannot die suddenly, as my bedroom is in such a terrible mess I would be blushing in the next life over what I left behind.

Thinking about having a living will that says no one is allowed in my bedroom after I die except my husband. This is a mean thing to do to him, but at least finally the bedroom will be clean.

8. Email my youngest son, Tyler who is at college and my sister Peggy every day. Expect to hear back from Peggy. Be surprised if Ty ever emails back. (I am one of his free calls on his phone, so we do talk often).

Did this religiously, may have missed one day for each of them. As predicted, my sister writes back, but Tyler calls.

9. Do some kind of  post for this blog every day; keep up with my blogging friends.

So for the first week in a long time, I think I missed posting for a day. It was probably my rebellion due to the fact that it was on the list.

10. Prepare a presentation for my Writers’ Group about blogging.

I was going to email them at the last minute to say I did not do it, but pulled myself up by my frayed bootstraps and did it. It was not really that hard because so many of you helped me out with your suggestions—so I used your responses to provide them with answers from a variety of people, instead of just me. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

11. Work on my October book and an intro to my On The Homefront book—thinking of calling it “The Worst of On The Homefront.”

I did both of these this morning before I wrote up this account of my To Do list so I could say that I had done them.

The good thing about “To do” lists is that you do some of it because you have to, you rebel against some of it (which does not really pay off in the end as you still have to do them), and it makes you do things you know you should. The best thing is that I finally went back to my book-in-waiting “Always October”  with a new twist that will help move it forward, and I got a good start on my “On The Homefront” book by writing up part of the introduction.

All in all, I would give myself an A+. (I am a pretty easy marker unless I am marking other people’s papers.)

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  1. You definitely get an A plus! I’m off to make my own to-do list. At least you have that already finished! I don’t know how you blog every day, your writing “mettle” must be very strong indeed. Happy weekend, Lou Ann and hope you get to tick alot of those things off your list!

    • I blog instead of doing the bookwork I am supposed to do–I think we will be declaring bankruptcy soon (I think I am kidding)

  2. You did amazing! Great job!! You make the rest of us feel guilty though LOL :).

  3. My list is on a pink legal pad inside a folder… I didn’t open the folder this week. 😦
    So see how well you did!
    Of course no job depends on my list. married to the boss…

    • I bet you will be surprised when you open it–you probably did a lot of them

  4. Very good!! You should know that the more you crossed off your list the more my own anxiety grew as I read this. haha! I think there is a direct correlation between other people getting things accomplished and my own perceived sense of falling behind. haha!

    • you have no idea about falling behind — that bookwork I mentioned and did not do–it is critical, so do not think that I did that well–I did well mostly on things I have to do with deadlines and things I like to do

  5. I call my To Do List the Want To DO List. I had to give it a loophole 😉

  6. I remember reading that you should always start your list with #1 – Write list. That way, you can strike one thing off the list right away. Your “I don’t want to talk about it” made me laugh out loud.

    • oh, I like your number 1! Sometimes I write things on my list that I have already done just to have something to cross out. Then there are those other ones — the ones where we won’t go there.

  7. Wow you are rocking that list, you must be so Organised!!! I’m off to try and finish my own thanks for inspiring 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • thank you for applying that word to me — a new experience – organized — I like that!

  8. Instead of To do lists, maybe we should write Done lists. At the end of the day, jot down all the things you accomplished. That way you never have any items on the list left undone. Am interested to read more of your book, Always October.

    • was stymied for a while, but found a new hook that I am excited about
      I love the idea of a Done list –look for it here soon or in a column or both

  9. I’d give you an A+ too! Good work on your to-do list. May you not die unexpectedly due to your bedroom, lol!

  10. I lost my to do list yesterday so trying to remember everything. I know by Tuesday I’ll be kicking myself for forgetting something.. 🙂
    yeah for you on your!

    • why thank you — though I have to move some of the stuff I did not do forward – oh well, got a start on next week’s list- good luck with yours

  11. Well done honey, you did really well 🙂


  12. You are amazing! I’m afrad I could never keep up. Half way through my to do list becomes a to be forgotten list… lol

    • to be forgotten list – love it –some of the stuff on mine I wish I could forget

  13. I’m a list maker. It’s so satisfying to see all those check marks showing that I got something done.

    • it is, isn’t it –it is those things that don’t get the check mark that haunt me (lol)

  14. Congratulations! You did a great job with your list! I’m a list-maker, too, but not as successful as you. 🙂

    • what you are not seeing is that I did not get done a couple of things that really need to be done–but if I am successful with part of the list, maybe I will be with the rest–thank you for your encouragement

  15. Wow – you cerainly deserve an A+ for this – you put me to shame!

    • thank you diane–now on to the ones that ‘I did not want to talk about’

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