~Thanksgiving Trilogy~

1. Thanksgiving Sunday:

Fall colours

Fall colours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We eat the first meal today

Leftovers tomorrow.

2. Can never decide

Which meal is better ~ today

Or turkey sandwiches?

3. Love the leftovers on

Thanksgiving Day when the mess

And cooking are done!

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  1. Definitely food on Thanksgiving Day. Leftovers are a close 2nd – if there are any left πŸ™‚

  2. That is such a cute summary of thanksgiving eats πŸ˜€

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. My husband always said food is better the next day!

  4. Sounds like Christmas !!!

  5. I love that first taste of turkey when carving it for the table and you steal a piece and dip it it the simmering gravy……yummmmm.

    • good idea–must incorporate it into the festivities–I always find that a glass of wine helps my creativity when I cook too

  6. The feast that keeps on giving. I love the family dinner, but you really can’t beat a turkey sandwich the next day.

    • with green onions and olives on the side, and a little cranberry sauce and potato chips and a coke–that is my next day treat–whicch reminds me, need some green onions and chips–well have to go out for milk so might as well make the trip worthwhile!
      Happy Thanksgiving – again – are you having your feast today or tomorrow?

  7. If we have hosted Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey sandwich the next day is better! I can actually relax and enjoy it because the crazy rushing around of the day before is over with :). We had our dinner yesterday, and it was a great success! Hope yours today is wonderful too :).

    • Yes, I am in the rushing around stage right now–then there will be the lull while the turkey is cooking, then the stage where I say–why didn’t I just make chili, then I will have a glass of wine and all will be well (but just one glass–I have no tolerance these days). Anyway–enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

  8. OH, now I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal…and time to start planning!

  9. The leftovers are my favorite! πŸ™‚

  10. Y U M.

  11. how fun that today is thanksgiving for you! best wishes to enjoy food and family

    • thank you – tomorrow is actually Thanksgiving but lots of people have the big dinner today

  12. I used to prefer the leftovers the day after as the pressure of getting everything ready at the same time left me harried, but now I no longer make Thanksgiving dinner my son and dil do. I simply make the 100 mile drive and get to spend time with my adorable youngest grand daughter while the food is prepared for me.

    • sounds like a good deal to me–I try to channel my favourite Food Channel chef to get me through–it doesn’t work, I still get harried – after fixing Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I have decided we are having chili for Christmas!

  13. For me it’s the food on the actual day that’s the real draw. After that, leftovers are nice but they don’t have the novelty that the day before does, or the whole presentation of all the food on the table at once. I hope you enjoyed!

    • you are right–the presentation is nice–having the table full of harvest food is great–but next year – chili!

  14. Hope you had a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Frank – we had dinner on Thanksgiving Sunday so today is leftover day

      • Gotta love leftovers. Several years ago we were in Vancouver (to catch a cruise ship) on Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚

      • so, did you partake in an early for you Thanksgiving?

      • Nope … we spent the day seeing the city …. thus we were surprised how relatively normal the city seemed. Not sure if we realized that it was Thanksgiving until we arrived.

  15. Leftovers are the best! Do you have cranberry sauce with the turkey?

    • most definitely and I have learned to make it from scratch, which to most people is not all the impressive but I am a reluctant cook

  16. I like your Thanksgiving week! I have such mixed feeling about Thanksgiving, being a vegetarian in a carnivorous family. Waking up to the smell of roasting turkey is somewhat akin to waking up to the smell of roasting people in my twisted brain. But, after I discovered quinoa and eggplant casserole, I started bearing the holiday a bit better. And of course, pumpkin pie. Always pumpkin pie.

    • I love eggplant–that is not a bad switch-hitter – but it must be hard for a vegetarian —

  17. Ah, hot turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce! Mmmmm!

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