Olives ~ How Could I Forget Olives?


Olives (Photo credit: jurvetson)

I was going through my Thanksgiving menu in my head today for some reason. It is not like me to plan ahead, so this is a good sign for those who will have to eat the meal. I thought about the menu that I have created, and was gobsmacked that  I had forgotten the most important thing: OLIVES. Sure we will have turkey and stuffing and potatoes and corn and pumpkin pie—but how did I forget the Olives?

Olives have been on all my holiday feast tables since I left home and my mother’s table. And olives were on the menu of every one of her holiday meals—or at least Thanksgiving and Christmas, but probably Easter too.

I love olives. The little green ones stuffed with pimento were the ones from my childhood, and I still make sure I have them on my table for the holidays. I guess my tastes have expanded since childhood, because I now like briny black olives, but my hands down favourites are  huge green olives stuffed with a garlic clove. They are to die for (seriously that is what this cliché was designed for, to describe these garlic stuffed olives).

I am going to let you in on a little secret: when I do not have my jumbo garlic olives, but have the little guys with the pimento in my fridge, I open the jar and stick some garlic cloves in, and the next day, these garlic infused olives are also “to die for”. Learned this from my sister who got it from her friend Kathy.

English: Single clove garlic.

English: Single clove garlic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone once asked me if I liked garlic and was surprised at my response that I love garlic. Do I look like someone who does not like garlic—am I too white bread for garlic? (Is there even such as thing as too white bread for garlic?) I get this kind of stuff all the time—I was once told by someone that they were surprised I drank beer. Jeez, I need to get some kind of makeover—admittedly I am a little preppy in the way I dress—but hey, I love garlic and a cold beer. Hope that settles the controversy (though I think it is a controversy of my own making—the mind is a wonderful and complex thing isn’t it?)

I seem to have digressed here—but just so there is no mistake: Olives will be served at my Thanksgiving table. They will also be on the table at Christmas. When I was a kid this was the only time we had olives. Today, I have them whenever I darn well please, but they may not make it to the table in one of my mom’s little crystal bowls like they will this Thanksgiving.

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  1. I never liked olives until I was a grown up. And I am an idiot for being half-Canadian but when is your Thanksgiving? What is the story of your Thanksgiving?

  2. I too love olives, garlic and cold beer….yum!

  3. Olives, what a good idea. I should have them on my table this weekend too. 🙂

    • see I really am useful–I helped you with your menu–they just add that little bit of something – ha ha

  4. Haha olives are one of the few ingredients I cannot stand to eat! But I do appreciate how cool they look on a toothpick in a drink of sandwich 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I will trip someone for their olives.. I love green black, pitted, non-pitted, you name it I love them.

    • me too – have you ever tried the garlic olives?

      • Oh course.. they are sooo-goood!

  6. You’re my kinda gal, LouAnn! I love olives, I could eat a whole jar at one sitting if I didn’t restrain myself. Garlic-stuffed ones are delicious, I also like the spicy ones with the red pepper flakes. And who doesn’t like garlic? The only people I’ve ever met who didn’t eat garlic were allergic to it. Poor things.

  7. I love olives too, and we always had them at Thanksgiving. My grandma served them on a crystal serving platter (all different kinds and pickles) and called it the relish tray. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday meal to this day!

    • me too – kind of harkens back to kinder gentler times with a touch of class

  8. how festive! olives are delicious and i guess also nutritious since olive oil is one of the “good oils”

    i agree the green ones with pimento are great; i’ve become fond of calamatas and big green ones stuffed with garlic or, if i’m feeling spicy, jalapenos!

    • I never feel quite that spicy–but the ones that are garlic stuffed are my favourites

  9. I’ve never splurged on one of those “olive bars” that are popping up in the grocery stores these days, but thanks to this post, I’m going to next shopping trip.

    • the thing about the olive bars is that you can buy as many or as few as you want

  10. Olives, garlic and a cold beer – yum! I don’t remember Grandma putting olives out at Thanksgiving and Christmas, must have been too distracted by the turkey 🙂

    • probably wasn’t your favourite part — though I am harkening back to my childhood–but she began to buy black olives cause your dad liked them.
      saw pics of Sophie apple picking – nothing more adorable in the world

  11. I’m going to try that – my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  12. Yum!

  13. Garlic stuffed olives are the best! Closely followed by fetta stuffed olives

  14. I love olives. All kinds. I just had today, a delicious chicken stew with olives. Yum.

    • that sounds delicious – now after all this fuss, I best not forget to buy some olives today!

  15. Wow, planning ahead. Guess my post about the holidays and getting organized helped. JK. 😉

    I love olives too. Not something I think to eat very often though and there is no special time in my family when olives appear. Perhaps I will follow your lead and add them to my holiday menu. Thanks!

    • they are very festive –;)

    • Yes your post about planning ahead must have stuck in my head–you are a great influence — now I must go vote again.

      • 😀 Thanks!

  16. I’d better add olives to my Thanksgiving table….brought back great memories Lou. Remember the sweet pickles….or bread and butter pickles…I could eat the whole bowl if allowed.

    • Debbie gave me some sweet pickles (homemade) and they are so much better than store bought. Some other commenter brought up the relish tray that her grandma still fixes–I forget to do that–I have two kinds of pickles and olives, so maybe I will make up an old-fashioned relish tray

  17. Wow, you just made me take a ride on the memory train! I love the green olives stuffed with pimentos, and they have always been part of every holiday for me too, from the time I was a small child. Now I’m hungry for olives :).

    • put some garlic cloves in the jar and you will have a really wonderful appetizer too

  18. They look so delicious. A perfect treat for Thanksgiving!

  19. Olives .. YES …. which gave me this idea – wouldn’t an olive tasting to compare different olives be great!!!

    • excellent idea–what would we use to wash them down with? and don’t say water.

      • Suggestions: http://www.delallo.com/articles/wine-cheese-olive-pairings 🙂

      • thank you Frank – just checked it out and found out what kind of cheese and wine to have with my garlic stuffed olives

      • Cheers!

      • I am raising my glass of merlot as we speak – even though it is 7:14 in the morning–but it is 5 o’clock somewhere

      • Here’s a better rationale …. blogging is timeless.

      • I like that — now I am going to quite bothering you and go have another coffee to help with the merlot brain

      • 🙂

  20. I love olives TOO!


  21. I love olives too and I love that idea of making the pimento ones garlicky! I love your phrase too, too white bread for garlic! I really get that one! 🙂

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