~ Y and Z ~ Or End of Another Challenge ~

T2i - Infinity

T2i – Infinity (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I am afraid I have lost heart with this challenge. If you will remember, about 26 days ago I took on the challenge of writing something every day using the letters of the alphabet. The challenge was at times challenging—some days were good, some days were not. As I come to the end of this, I find myself at Y and Z, with little creative resources left.

Yesterday I wrote a haikuish poem about youth (to coincide with the letter Y) that I felt was a bit misunderstood by some of my readers. The point I was trying to get across was that when we are young we have a voice and it is loud and boisterous and clear, but many times as we reach our middle age of youth, we lose our balance and our voice—we need to be listened to more than we need to be talked to. But it came across incorrectly as a kind of criticism of youth and that is not  at all what I was trying to convey. So with the magic of WordPress, I went to the list of posts and deleted my ~ Y ~ for the day. Oh, that we could so easily delete some of the others things in life.

Z—now that has me stumped. Of course the first word I come up with is Zero, which can be thought of in a negative way as nothing, but just think of six zeros after the number 1 and you have a million—and a million of anything is not nothing. Though I understand that the infinity sign is a lazy eight, I find zero represents something that has no beginning and no end—so I consider it the sister of the infinity sign.  I do not think life begins just the day we are born (or conceived—but this is an argument for our Parliamentarians in Canada) or ends the day we die. I do not know, but if I had my druthers, I would rather believe in the infinity of life. How about you?

So, I have come to the end of this challenge, and am hesitant to take on another. While it did stretch my creativity, I need to snap back, so to speak. My next step: Wake up my muse, as she has been on a long vacation. I  am going to attempt the task of putting together some of my newspaper columns to form what is known in these here parts as a book.  So, while this is not a daily challenge per se  — it should be challenge enough for a while.

Every once in a while if you want to bug me and ask how I am coming along, feel free. As I make progress, I will provide you with an occasional update, and ask you if you think I am going in the right direction. I have always wanted to write a book, and have started several, but the task seems so overwhelming that I think if I bite it off in little chunks it may actually come to fruition.

So tell me what you think? Are you embarking on a challenge soon?


Infinity (Photo credit: bellatujewelry)

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  1. Good luck with your book!! I would love to write a book myself one day and envy the fact that you have started one. You go girl!! I know you can do it :). Myself – well I am almost at one full year of daily blogging and then I want to slow down on my blog a bit so I can get back to some of my other hobbies like my family tree for instance.

    • Me too – have to slow down a bit with my blogging — but neither of us are going to quit – right?
      Thanks for your good luck wishes 🙂

      • No, I could never quit – I enjoy it too much :). Every day leaves me no time for anything else though.

      • Yes, everyday is too hectic – think I am going to do three or four a week for a while (maybe) –

  2. This sounds like a worthwhile and creative endeavor and one I said (way back in a comment some time ago you should do) so great good luck, Lou Ann. I don’t think you’ll need “luck” as you’re a gifted writer so I’ll just say positive vibes coming your way and I do hope you’ll post from time to time. Blogging takes up an enormous amount of time and sometimes you have to get back to doing what you set out to do in the first place. I understand completely and am contemplating that myself. :).

    • Well, Brigitte, I am finally taking your wise advice — if you are encouaging me with your credientials then I really should give it a go–I put a lot of stock in your opinion.
      The daily blogging has gotten to be too much and I think some of the stuff I have been putting out is not the quality I would hope for.
      BTW congrats on getting Freshly Pressed (again, I think)–but that does not surprise me at all!

  3. I will miss your daily blog but good luck with your latest challenge.

    • what a lovely thing to say – I will still be posting 3 to 4 times a week

  4. Long ago I thought about writing a book but I’ve realized it’s beyond me in many ways…The thought process and concentration and organization is too much especially with the cognitive dysfunction and memory difficulties with the M.S. so that’s why I do this blog…but I’m sure you’ll do well…Glad that you’ll still be writing here…Diane

    • well, basically I am just putting together a bunch of stuff I have already written for the newspaper, but because I am freelance I am free to do with it what I want
      it would be like you turning your blog into a book
      -I need to sort and edit, write an introductory chapter–maybe a little explanatory stuff every once in awhile – so it is not like writing fiction

  5. Good for you on tackling the challenge of writing a book. A noble and worthy pursuit.

    I have too many challenges going on in my life now to list and bore you with.

    I enjoyed your A to Z series. Sorry I’ve missed a few!

  6. Biting off chunks sounds very manageable. I know you can do it. It’s always interesting what stops us on our creative projects. If we can figure that out–and see that it’s probably really not true–we have a better chance at success, I think. Isn’t it a pain when you feel the readers misunderstand what you’re trying to say? I have felt that many times and it can be just darn frustrating.

    • well, at least with WordPress, we can delete
      I think you are right about figuring out what stops us–I have a pretty good idea–but I am ready to rise above it

  7. i think a post-a-day challenge is indeed challenging and although i haven’t read each A-to-Z, i really enjoy your musings very much.

    i look forward to your 3 to 4 times a week entries {you mentioned you’ll still be posting a bit in a comment above} and send you best wishes for your book project!

    • thank you – yes I think I will have to wind down a little, but I will still be keeping up with some of my favourite blogs (like you)

  8. My friend if anyone is up for this it is you, I am sure you will be fantastic in this! 😀
    What a challenge!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I’m a great believer in “time chunking” ….. do a bit each day and the job gets done. Let us know how it goes. 🙂

  10. Wishing you a great adventure with your book LouAnn 🙂 I will continue to look forward to reading your blog posts. Cheers,Ronnie

  11. Little by little, anything can be accomplished. Good luck to you with your book!

  12. Good luck finding your muse. I will look forward to reading whatever you put out there.

    I find writing something every day to be hard. Sometimes I have something to write about several consecutive days in a row and then nothing for many days.

    • that is how is it going to be for me for a while — I always enjoy your posts, be they every day or when you get to them

  13. Hi Lou Ann-
    I enjoyed your alphabet blog soup!
    Best to you with your book. Will still catch you when you catch a break to post 🙂

  14. Regardless of how you think the challenge went, the fact that you went for it and finished what you started (I seem to like these kinds of themes!) says a lot. I have huge respect for everyone who takes up challenges and seeing as your next one is a book, all the more respect to you!

    • I was tempted not to finish, but I was so close–a few of the posts were a bit lame, but you are right, I did finish it–so maybe that bodes well for my next big challenge

  15. Good luck with your book. To answer your other question about zero and our lives ending in death I believe we leave a mark with those we love and our love and ideas live on with them.

  16. Good luck with your book Lou. I will read whatever and whenever you write.


    • And I think you are AMAZING too — and I am not just returning a compliment — I truly mean it.

      Thanks so much for encouraging me.:)

  18. Good luck honey 🙂 I’ll still be here, reading when you get chance to post.

    At the start of this year I set myself the challenge of blogging every day and doing a writing prompt every day. It’s been bloody hard I can tell you, and there have been days when I’ve not felt like posting, not had much to say. But, I’m determined to get to the 1st January 2013 which is when the challenge ends. I will NOT be taking on any other challenges after that….it’s worn me out! Lol


    • I can only imagine–I have done a couple of much shorter challenges and near the end I get weary of the challenge–
      The book I am planning is mostly written–I just need to put together columns to make some kind of sense and do an introductory chapter and a few explanatory notes and maybe a finale

  19. I just found your A-Z series. Loved your ideas, your writing style, and the variety. Good luck with your book!

  20. No challenges for me … although I may be tempted to through something in now and then. However, I did say may. 😉 BTW, nice finale.

    • No more blog challenges for me for a while – thanks for the compliment

      • Duh … I meant throw (not through) … but you probably knew that.

  21. I think blogging is the perfect introduction to writing a book. I keep coming up with titles of ones I might like to start…..but alas, none in the making. Maybe I can just stick all my weekly posts into one and make it a book! Whaw La! Book! Good luck with your writing. Good for you for taking on the challenge. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

    • why not I ask with all seriousness

      • That question may just become a future blog post…stay tuned! 🙂
        Smiles, Nancy

  22. Good luck with the new challenge! Can’t wait to hear about how things progress 🙂

  23. Congratulations to you for finishing your challenge! 🙂

  24. I think you did brilliantly with the gauntlet I threw down! I’ve loved following the posts (catching up rather as we’ve been so busy) I do understand about the daily blogging taking up time and it’s hard to keep up with everyone too.
    All the best with your book. It seems to me that you have lots of material already so have fun collating and creating it. I hope you will be blogging about your progress – we will all want to know how you are getting along! 🙂

    • You are very encouraging — have to admit that this blogging is a real habit, and the days I do not blog, I am so sad to see my stats–but I must be more goal-oriented and focus –but I will be sharing my progress — you are right though–it entails a lot collating plus writing a few introductions and an introductory chapter–I have written the introductory chapter before–now I just have to find it
      Thanks for the a – z idea–it worked for me!

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