U ~ or Six Word Saturday

Saturday (novel)

Saturday (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







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  1. I better get this book – need a distraction! You are a champion.

    • If I am honest, I know nothing about this book – just used it because its title is Saturday – but McEwan, if my memory serves me, is a good author

      • I thought you must have been his agent or something – hehe!

      • I wish

  2. A philosophy that I live by.. though sometimes it would be nice if it was up to someone else.

    Enjoy your Saturday – I’m off to the hockey arena again.

    • I so agree with you – wouldn’t it be nice to blame someone else?
      My boys never played hockey (I don’t have girls) so I know little about hockey stuff–except that my brothers played in leagues until they were in their 40’s. My dad loved to go watch them. They (were) a fair bit older than I so I was in a different time and place then they were–now it seems we are all the same age.

  3. Ain’t that the truth-great post!

    • You replied in six words! You were the inspiration for this post – I read your six words and thought that this was a great idea for Saturday!

  4. It seems some days our choices are out of our hands, however once that choice is made, it is up to us how to proceed. End of sermon. Lol.

  5. I so agree with you, Lou Ann. The most difficult part is just DOING IT. :).

  6. FANTASTIC 6WS Lou!! I think your knocks my firdt onr out of the prk. Great job!
    I al mut ay approve of your reading selections. Both booka nd the author have been long time friends of mine. First love last rires in the mid 1979’s my first, have been a fan since,

    Great choice!!

    • You take me for someone who understands shortforms — btw is as fancy as I get my friend!

      • I am sorry Lou. 6 Word Saturday. I should not do that my fingers go faster than my brain at times.

      • you have a beautiful mind–and if it gets ahead of you – then so be it

      • you are so kind, we could be friends… 🙂 Of course we are!

      • friendships come in all shapes and sizes — this is just one type

      • Thsnkfully so. 😉

  7. So very, very true. And I agree with Heidi in the comments that it would be nice if is could be up to someone else every now and again. 🙂

  8. Short, simple & TRUTH!

  9. The best perspective on doing well in life 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Oh GAWD. The pressure!

  11. I’ve read this one, its a good story, but I’m not a fan. I found all the hospital stuff (something like 6 pages from the time he entered the hospital til he made it to theatre….yes, I skipped bits!) a little boring lol


  12. Well said 🙂

  13. Ultimately that is the best philosophy! (Six words, did you count?) It’s hard to live that philosophy sometimes, but we can keep trying, can’t we?

    • It is hard–but a nice thing to try to live up to–proud of your six words

  14. A philosophy to live by indeed! 🙂

  15. But, we’d be lost without all the others wouldn’t we?!

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