Q ~ The Loneliest Letter?

Scrabble game

Scrabble game (Photo credit: jcolman)

Q does not always need U. According to that source that is not given much respect, but that many of us go to because we are lazy, Wikipedia, “the only modern-English words that contain Q not followed by U and are not borrowed from another language are qiana, qwerty, and tranq”.

I was very disappointed to hear this as I was going to write a poem in honour of Q—and I think I will share it with you anyway, even though its premise is not correct:

Q cannot stand alone

Without U to keep it company

A scrabble Q is the loneliest letter.

So I must change it to:

I thought Q could not stand alone

Without U to keep it company

But I was wrong

But a Scrabble Q

is still the loneliest letter

Without U.

So my poetry is not lyrical, nor does it rhyme, and it really only makes a statement broken up to look like a poem—but if I say it is a poem then who can really argue with me?

I think Q is a very sociable letter—as it needs U about 99.9% of the time in the English language. Just like people who, according to Barbra Streisand: “need people”, most of the time Q needs U.

English: Screenshot of Barbra Streisand from t...

English: Screenshot of Barbra Streisand from the trailer for the film Hello, Dolly! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, I know I am not writing great literature here, but if I was, who would read me?

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  1. haha If you say its a poem…. ITS A POEM! I found out playing Words With Friends that you can use qi ….. too lazy to look up why though.

    • so we will add that to our list – and I agree — like who is really going to argue–it is not worth an argument!

  2. I think Q did a great job on this post!

  3. Ha! Very clever, Lou Ann. it’s a poem. :D.

  4. I will not ever look at the letter Q the same way again..:)

  5. Haha I have never heard of the words without a u therefore q stands with u 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. That is awesome!

    When I play a Scrabble Q, I always find it necessary to quone something. 😀

    • so you are using Kramer’s definition and not Seinfeld’s?

      • You have to use a medical dictionary!

      • Kramer thought it was a word and Seinfeld didn’t in a game of Scrabble

      • Oh yes. I love that episode 😀

  7. I love your poem (surely a poem is in the eye of the beholder or the eye of the poet! You are the poet – you say what’s a poem!) but now I really want to know what qiana means – going to look it up now. 🙂

    • let me know – the only one I found was qwerty

      • “Qiana is described in U.S. patent 3249591 as a polyamide fabric having improved resilience and silk-like hand, combined with superior wash-wear performance.” Well, fancy that!

      • one more down – good for you – fake silk

  8. You make me want to play Scrabble! I used to be on Facebook ONLY to play Scrabble with people around the world, then it got really distasteful in the privacy dept. so I cut my account.

    Woe, Scrabble…

    I remember as a kid learning what “POQ!” meant when someone yelled it at you – “piss off quick!”

  9. I like the idea that q needs u. Q is a very companionable letter. Love your poem.

    • companionable – I like that – glad you like my poem errr… statement errr…. poem

  10. A poem like yours is the kind of poem that I mostly love.

    • you mean poems you can understand? they are not very in vogue though (lol)

  11. I always get the q in scrabble and it generally doesn’t work out well for me. I’m still smarting from being beat by a 7 year old.

    • it happens doesn’t it – I have trouble getting anyone to play with me and I love the game

  12. a poem of Q
    written by U

    I like it! But not in Scrabble. 🙂

  13. Oh, the things we learn from each other. I just learned new words today, thanks to you. 😀 And as everyone says, that IS a poem.

    • ah gee, thanks — a poem is just a bunch of words tossed together to make sense I guess

  14. I love this idea of a lonely letter – poor Q!

  15. Love Qi in “words w friends” and love Barbra. And love the way you linked them both. 🙂

  16. I love this, a great smile was written in between the lines..
    I also like that Q needs U
    not to be lonely and blue
    your words ring true!
    I really like this one!
    Take Care…

  17. I’ve caught up! Thank you for an entertaining time! 🙂

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