M ~ Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse in Ralph Bakshi's adaptation

Mighty Mouse in Ralph Bakshi’s adaptation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided that since my sister wrote me in an email that my “M” posting confused her because she was trying to figure out how “M” actually figured into my post about James Bond–that I would do a real post about “M”. So here goes:

My eldest son’s nickname is Mouse. It was given to him when he played basketball in elementary school and followed him all the way to grade 12. He was on every basketball team there was at the schools he attended. Junior elementary. Senior elementary. Junior High School. Senior High School. (Get ready for some bragging: in High School he won Most Dedicated Player when he was on both the Junior and Senior Teams. One is sitting on my bookshelf above where I am writing this as we speak).

He was given the nickname Mouse I think because they thought he was quiet. This confused me. He was not quiet at home. He was not quiet in class, though never a real disruption. He just was not quiet as a mouse anywhere that I came into contact with him. Now he was exceedingly polite to his teachers and his coaches, but he was not quiet. (Have I made my point here–the boy was, and as a young man is not QUIET).

We have an apartment attached to our house which he uses for band practice and just general hanging around in when he is here. He calls it the Mousetrap. His band is called Rodents & Rebels. Now I ask you, how did sweet little (but not quiet) Mouse become a Rodent? I guess Mouse was just not scary enough to go with Rebels.

There you have – my real post starting with a real M for Mighty Mouse–my non-quiet son!

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  1. Here I come to save the day! ♪♫ loved that cartoon. Yeah, I know I missed the point…..

  2. I love this story!

  3. I love reading mothers talking about the children they absolutely adore!

  4. I liked your other M – of course it made me want to know your last name! But a lovely tale about Mighty Mouse!

  5. I think it is Adam’s respectful demeanor that gave teachers the impression he was quiet as a mouse.

  6. Cute nickname for your son. Its funny how our kids turn out. I suspect that you are pretty darn lucky to have your son’s Rodents & Rebels in your life. 🙂

  7. Rodents & Rebels! I am laughing out loud! Go figure. My son’s nickname was Crunchy. He says that’s because he was eating a Nestles Crunch in 7th grade, but I wonder. I remember Mighty Mouse. And the Mouseketeers. Did you ever watch them?

    • I watched them but not often – I did not get home from school soon enough – and my mom was not big on letting us watch tv.

    • I watched them but not often – I did not get home from school soon enough – and my mom was not big on letting us watch tv.

  8. How sweet, Lou Ann! I’m guessing this was a column. What a wonderful story — thanks for sharing.

    • no, but it may turn into one – Mouse put it on his facebook and says it is getting a lot of likes and kidding

  9. What a great name for a band–Rodents and Rebels.
    And how lucky you gave him an apartment to hang out in.

  10. What a delightful tale of your mouse becoming a rodent! They just keep growing up don’t they?

    • I never looked at it like that — it is just him growing up- thanks for the delightful

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