~ J is for Justification ~

Close up yellow rose

Close up yellow rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justification: an odd word. A word that seems to scream: “Excuses, excuses, excuses”. In this case my justification for deleting all the blogs that talk about September 11, 2001 or 9/11 is that it is still too raw.

I cannot let that much pain in today. Though it was eleven years ago—I remember sitting on my couch and watching as it happened. As that second plane crashed into a building that had living breathing people in it. And there were living breathing people on that plane. It is not something I can fathom, nor is it something I want to. There is no good explanation.

Justification or explanation does not make me understand 9/11. There is no reason, or rationalization, no excuse. It is ironic that I cannot read other posts about the day and then I find myself writing about it—almost against my will.

It was a day I hope we learned something from. People were brought together in grief. People today are brought together in remembrance. I just have nothing else to say…….

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