~ D ~ Or Who Wins?


Just Another Fractured Haiku

119/365 - dunce

119/365 – dunce (Photo credit: foreverdigital)

Dunce cap perched on head

Joke is on you teacher dear

I got out of math

Actually the joke, in the end, was on me. I am still math challenged even though I never really did stand in a corner with a dunce cap.


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  1. Without the explanation, I’ll get lost. Haha. Poor me. Oh well, this is fun. It perfectly exudes humor. 🙂

  2. I actually did well in maths, but am still math challenged as an adult. I’ve quite possibly forgotten more than I ever learned, at this point.

    • You know what the real kicker for me is? I keep my husband’s company books. (lol)

  3. I’ll say that I am ok in math b/c I home schooled my grandson and had to really study math along with him to get it right. It was just as if I was in math class all over again…lol

    • see, that would probably be good for me–to have a do over with my math skills – good for you to home school–I admire people who take that on

  4. Perfect post with kids going back to school. I wish I could’ve been excused from math by way of a dunce cap.

  5. I used to get out of Maths whenever I could too! Loving your haikus! 🙂

    • thank you for that – I wonder why some people get math and some don’t

      • Well, we’re good with words so we can’t be good at everything! 🙂

      • too true – thanks for putting it in perspective – don’t want to get too greedy

  6. Math has always been my biggest challenge!

  7. Ugh. Math. Nuff said.

  8. So funny… reminds me of Fractured Fairy Tales (my favorite segment of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show)
    I found math a little more understandable at the age of 42 ….. sometimes I think our brains are just not ready for it all!

  9. I am really enjoying these!

    • Thank you – “e” is giving me a little trouble – but I will just have to forge forward (f may not be a problem!)

  10. Math, yuck, must be in the genes.

    • I think so – we were (and are) much too creative — as I mentioned to someone else, numbers do not tend to bend

  11. When did dunce caps stop being used? Sorry, I just suddenly thought of that because I often see references to it but rarely an actual use of it (both in fiction and real life). That being said, math is definitely not my subject either. Must be a thing for us creative-types. 😉

    • It was never used when I went to school – I think it could be called emotional harassment
      I think you are right about math and creative souls–we just can’t make the numbers do what we want them to do–I so want my bank account to be in a more positive place (lol)

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