New Challenge ~ Or Will I Really Be Able to Blog to the Alphabet?


Elmo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ September 1, 2012 ~

Today I started my new challenge without really knowing I was starting a challenge. When I asked all of you in my post yesterday to suggest a new blog challenge – one of you came up with an idea that must have stuck in my subconscious. came up with an idea for me.  This time she volunteered the idea. Last time, if you remember, I stole her idea of three things to be grateful for each day or what she calls her beautiful things.

She suggested I start doing posts that begin with the letters of the Alphabet, and continue it until I reached the 26th day with the letter Z (pronounced Zed in Canada so does not really rhyme with the Alphabet song the way Zee does–but it is a cross we have to bear.) I thought it was an interesting idea but did not knowingly take her up on it, until I noticed that my Haikuish today began with the letter “A”.

So, I am off and running with another challenge. Tomorrow, the letter “B”. Somehow I feel a bit like Sesame Street–so to go with the flow– read this in Elmo’s voice in your head: Today’s post was brought to you by the letter A and the number 1.

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A September Haikuish


Cheers Bar

Cheers Bar (Photo credit: Caitlinator)

An August blue moon

Heralds a fresh new season

Happy Sept 1st – Cheers


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