Comforts ~ Day 14 Or Moving Day

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

“Nothing is worth more than this day.”  ~  Goethe

Go gently into this good Sunday. That is what I am going to try to do. It is early—4:21 a.m. and it is moving day. I am going to go gently into this day, knowing that it is going to be a long, busy, trying and emotional day. In a few hours we will be loading up the truck and finding our way back to my youngest son’s home away from home. His house is only two blocks from his college—so today these are the things I am grateful for:

1. Tyler is just a hop, skip and a jump from his front door to the college, which means he can get up a half hour before classes, get ready and get to school on time (unless of course he has to wash his hair).

2. He bought himself a new bike for $40 from a charity store—so not only did he help someone out with his purchase, if something happens to his bike then he is not out much. And it is a pretty darn good bike, though not shiny and new.

3. He will be fulfilling a challenge and reaching a goal. How can I complain about that?

Yes, I will miss him. But this is just one more journey of life. I do not always like the bumpy roads on our journey, but I respect the fact that they have to be traversed.

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  1. Onya!!!

    • Not that I know exactly what that means – but coming from you I know it is encouraging! (lol) 🙂

  2. I love how you look at the positive side of life my friend – best of luck to Tyler 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Well – it is my 18 day challenge — let us see how I do on Day 19! Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂

  3. You’ll be so busy today with logistics, the physical part of the move, and then too tired, you won’t miss Ty until tomorrow. Give me a call, I’ll cheer you up.

  4. Best of luck to your son this year at school, and I will be thinking about you all day today!!

  5. Good luck, Lou Ann. You DO have much to be grateful for on this fine day. :).

  6. This really is a comforting picture. Made me ease in to Sunday morning.

    • We all need to be eased into our mornings – but Sundays just seem to be a little calmer – at least in the morning.

  7. We are doing the same thing today in our household – moving my daughter into a little basement apartment, close to her school. Beautifully written post. Thank you for starting my day out right.

  8. Thinking of you… have done this several times and it does not get any easier with practice.

  9. Ah, those bittersweet moments in life – being excited for our children as they move forward on their journey, but also sad as their path is now detouring away from the nest and us, their parents, for awhile.

  10. Head up Momma.. It will be a lovely day!!!

  11. I can tell that your son is already very wise at a very young age.

  12. Hang in there Mom!

    • I will – hard though it is – we are almost packed up – should be on the road in a half hour–two and a half hours later than what we planned on.

  13. Hugs, my friend, as you gently say goodbye to your boy. As you gently say “hello” to all the new experiences he will share with you. Sweet post.

    • Just got back from dropping him off — went smoothly though I miss him already, I am comforted by the fact that he is doing something and growing

  14. Seems like lots of moving is going on. Here too with daughter and fam leaving for California to live their dream. Moving day will be bittersweet.

  15. Best of luck 🙂 *hugs*

  16. Happy transition, LouAnn. You sound so balanced about it all. Some of my friends nearly expire from separation anxiety. They live out the tyranny of texting their thumbs thin.

    What a great son – trundling down to the thrift shop and finding himself some transportation. You’ve taught him well, mom.

    • I was very proud of him. He was going to buy a new bike but asked me to stop by the shop with the used bikes first–and within five minutes had a bike.
      He just called me and I have to admit it is hard–but I know he is where he is supposed to be. Thanks for your kind words.

  17. I was doing some research for an article on grief and was a bit surprised to find grief work aids for empty-nesters. I wish I could have read it before I experienced it. Of course, we raise them to launch, but when they do, there’s a hole where their room used to be a clutter of clothes and books, where friends were always there and the fridge was always empty. The house is so quiet. Be very good to yourself. Job well done, mom.

    • I know what you are saying as there is a gap that cannot be filled — I think when we sign on as parents we forget that they will eventually leave the nest – I am not surprised there is support for empty nesters, cause it is kind of tough. Thanks for taking the time to comment and encourage 🙂

  18. Good luck!

    • he’s all moved in and I am home missing him — but this too will pass and he will be home for Thanksgiving in October

  19. I hope today is calmer for you. Have you emailed him yet today? Did he write “Back”? I loved that one..

    • Not yet – but thanks for reminding me — I am going to do it right now–let you know if he writes “back” – he is a funny guy

  20. Sending you love to get over this bumpy road. It’ll soon feel a bit smoother, especially when ‘Back’ comes back! I love your Dylan Thomas reference at the beginning – my all-time favourite poet!

  21. and there are some pretty amazing way stations along the road…

  22. Respect and acceptance are good things! ;-D!

  23. Wondering how it went, dropping him off?
    I cried like a baby dropping our daughter off at college!
    PS your son has something to be grateful for, too: a mom willing to let go!

    • It has been a week now and it gets easier–but he is not all that happy about his courses this year, which makes it harder. So sorry about your baby leaving home – but it is something we have to do, isn’t it? (hugs)

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