Comforts ~ Day 13 Or What Is the Rush? ~

August 20 National Day 2012

August 20 National Day 2012 (Photo credit: HatM)

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of people telling me to live in the now, enjoy the present, don’t look back, don’t look too far ahead…you know the drill. But, what I am not sick of is the fact that they have a point.

It is August, it is still summer, yet our minds are jetting off to school, and thinking about Thanksgiving (after all in Canada it is in October, and early this year even for us) and Halloween. I am surprised the Christmas hullabaloo hasn’t started yet. It is only August 25th, people!  Let’s slow down, roll the clock back to today’s date and simmer down.

I have a friend who tried to buy some lawn chairs the other day and was told at the hardware store that they are now putting their winter stuff out. It is August for goodness sake—and in this area we could have warm weather for at least two more months. Last Thanksgiving I remember cooking a turkey on a day that reached temps in the 80’s (or high 20’s for those of us in Canada who think in Celsius—I still have to convert.)

Today I am going to be grateful for

1. The fact that we really have almost a month of summer left. It does not stop at Labour Day. Now summer is not my favourite time of year, and I admit I have been trying to rush summer along to get to my favourite season, but for now, I am going to stop, and live here, today, in August.

2. Not having to don a coat and mittens and boots to go out the door. Just put on a pair of flip flops and go!

3.  The fact that my AC has frozen up. This gives me even more of a chance to bask in this lovely season of summer.  (I am ironically grateful for this.)

So, what was this post about? Live in the now, enjoy the present, don’t look back, and don’t look too far ahead. (Here I am, being ironic again!)

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  1. I LOVE your irony!!!!

  2. Lucky you to still have summer sunshine. Here in the UK we have had 2 days of solid rain. Our Summer this year never came……..

    • last year our winter never came – but not too many people were sorry about that
      rain can be wonderful, except when it isn’t- come visit me!

  3. Good advice….live in the now. It is beautiful here today, I will enjoy today and try not to think about tomorrow….but tomorrow will be such a fun day, going on a picnic with my granddaughter….stop!

  4. I don’t know what makes us do this. Want something else than what we have, especially the seasons thing since there’s no way, no how we can control that. This is a great reminder Lou Ann. I’m going to go paint my office and do that NOW instead of wondering what I’ll do once I finish it….:).

    • I am going to try and take my own advice too – but painting my office is not in the cards – will be continuing to pack for Ty’s move tomorrow–so it is off to the laundry room I go! (be here, be now, be in the laundry room – not too poetic!)

  5. I know what you mean about the A/C – while I enjoy having it on the hot, hot days – if I didn’t have it, I’d probably throw on my swimsuit and head for the lake to chill. Or take up residence under the willow tree with a good book. Modern convenience means that we don’t always experience summer and enjoy it the way we should.

  6. I’ve been thinking this for a couple of years already too. What’s with the rush…I love the fall & winter holidays. But – let me enjoy & live the summer too. I think it’s all about sales & money though.

    • but we can take better control, don’t you think?

      • Yes – we can.

  7. Just yesterday, while pumping my own gas I paused and made myself reflect how much better a task it was in August compared to January when the snow is blowing sideways.

  8. I saw Christmas cards in a local shop this week! Now that really makes me mad! My Mum always used to say, don’t wish your life away and I agree!
    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    • your Mum was very wise — someone said that to me when my kids were young, and they were so right

  9. I am going to live in the now today for sure because I don’t know how many of these beautiful warm weekends we will have left (I love Summer). So, see ya. I’m going out on my deck to read a good book and demolish a bowl of icecream!!! 🙂

  10. I groaned out loud when I saw Thanksgiving decorations in the drugstore yesterday. What!? It is only August. Please people. Time flies fast enough on its own, thank you.

    • It does – I love the fall and Thanksgiving, but all in their own time

      • Exactly.

  11. Wow do I agree with you. Hallmark stores already have their Christmas ornaments on display, as do other stores I’ve been in. Hobby Lobby, a national chain (I think) is fully decked out for the fall and for CHRISTMAS with wreaths, garlands and trees. Makes me more than a little crazy. And if you don’t follow their lead, you could find yourself ‘without’ just like your friend with the lawn chairs. I feel like they are always pushing us into the nest season.

    • I am not ready to be pushed — I had a store once and we never pushed the seasons like this — maybe that is why I had a store once….

  12. This is an awesome post my friend 😀
    If we don’t live in the now, where are we?

    Choc Chip Uru

    • always trying to catch up or plan — neither of which are my favorite things to do

  13. As for me, I keep wondering where the summer’s gone when it seems like we haven’t had a single weekend to just chill out and relax.

    • I know, I know, I know – I think that is why I don’t want to declare it over yet

  14. I usually live from day to day and am surprised when Thanksgiving rolls around, then Christmas, then the next year…..and the next and the next.. all in the blink of an eye!

  15. I’m rushing towards summer here on the underside of the globe, but this is a good reminder that the end of winter is suppose to be a snuggly time.

    • that is a nice way to look at winter — that is how I like to think of it too 🙂

  16. That’s the problem with modern society….. people are too caught up with “staying ahead” that they overcompensate and then we get ads for pre-ordering Thanksgiving meals from restaurants at this time when its still sweltering outside. Definitely a good reminder to enjoy the present.

    • it is almost as if we celebrate ahead of time – by the time we get to Christmas Day, it is like the joyous holiday is over — I want things to happen when they are supposed to happen, not a season ahead of time

  17. Oh Yes! Enjoy the Presents of Presence! xoxo

  18. I love the fall season. It tells me that the end of the year is near…plus it gets just a hair bit cooler here in South Florida.
    Live in the now, enjoy the present, don’t look back, and don’t look too far ahead…seems to be a cliche, but it has good reasoning behind it.

    • it does doesn’t it – I love fall too-and here in southwestern Ontario it does get cooler – no more 100 degree days with matching humidity

  19. We seem to have a habit of doing that…waiting for spring to come, then summer…then not let summer end…..then at least to keep fall for awhile before the dreaded cold and blustery days of winter…Life would be a lot smoother if like you said we just went with ‘today’….Diane

    • We do seem to find that harder today then we did when things moved a little slower. We almost don’t enjoy the season or time or holiday we are in, in our rush to move forward.

  20. Ah, what comfort! Another person who still thinks in Fahrenheit. I’m constantly getting the raz about that.

    • I get it too from my more Canadian friends and family–but I live on the border and we still get fahrentheit feed from the States. We were not brought up with it in school, so I think it is hard to mindbend. Glad I have a soulmate in this (lol)

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