Comforts ~ Day 11 or “I am too Quirky for my Shirt”

Birds in a row

Birds in a row (Photo credit: The Wren Design)

Anyone can be grateful for the beauty of nature, the kindness of strangers, and that they have a roof over their heads and food on the table.  I have a few things I am grateful for that others might find questionable:

1. I am grateful for crazy glue.

2. I am happy that birds do not die when they perch on electrical wires.

3. I am glad that the cat next door is such a tyrant. Makes me appreciate my cat.

Synopsis of today’s post: Short and sweet sprinkled with a little weird and quirky.


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  1. Lol….#3 reminds me of when my kids were small and their friend’s would have tantrums….made me appreciate my kids.

  2. Funny Lou Ann and btw I love quirky and weird.

  3. LOL on #2 😀

  4. I too have always marveled at how birds and squirrels don’t electrocute themselves while sitting on power lines. It is indeed something to be grateful for.

  5. Haha I like your list 🙂
    When I was little number 2 was a great fear of mine!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. They must occasionally do something that is against the power line rules – we occasionally find some crispy birds under ours.

    I am grateful for weird and quirky people. That way I don’t stick out so much.

    • hmm-I wonder what they do?
      I am glad I could be there for you with all my weird and quirkiness – I aim to please

  7. And I am grateful for Duct Tape. After trying a variety of glues, good ol’ duct tape is keeping the rubber stripping securely attached to my car’s window! Yay, self-sufficient success!

    • I will have to be thankful for duct tape in another post — it too, is a lifesaver. The glue though glued my favorite Trisha Romance plate back together – so I am forever grateful for it

  8. I love your blog :). You put into words the quirky and weird stuff that we all wonder about every day!!

    • why thank you – I have a BA in weird and quirky — it was really in Communications Studies and English – but that translates into weird and quirky

  9. How crazy.. I was coming home from work yesterday and I looked up at an electrical wire and there must have been thousands of back birds and I wondered, “how come they aren’t electrocuted”..

  10. I really like the way you are doing this!

  11. Crazy that you should be grateful for Crazy Glue. Me too.
    I love short and quirky posts.

  12. Good on ya!

  13. Quirky does it for me! Loved it – so many little things we can appreciate, thank you for pointing them out. Blessings – Patty

  14. hehe I love this! Quirky is my favourite 🙂

  15. Looks like quirky and weird is a hit with us readers! 🙂

  16. Birds oughta be thankful they aren’t “grounded”.

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